Four generations smiled and said, "I’m glad to see Lin, too. Your teacher was not there at that time. It was the teacher. I’m sorry you didn’t protect you properly. It was the teacher’s fault."

Lin smiled and shook her head. "Nothing. It was my own choice. I chose to die at Kakashi’s hands. I didn’t want to be a teacher. The thing is that I didn’t expect Tuotu to be so extreme before he died. I apologize to the teacher for what he did and hope you will forgive him."
Watergate smiled and shook his head. "He didn’t do anything. I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize him, which made him go further and further in the dark. If you really want to apologize, it’s also the teacher’s first apology. After all, I am your teacher and I failed to protect you properly. It’s my dereliction of duty. I have always felt deeply sorry for you and your death. Now you are all right. It’s really ai."
Watergate said and turned to look at Daitu and laughed. "Daitu still refuses to forgive the teacher?" Are you still resentful that the teacher failed to recognize you or are you blaming the teacher for failing to protect Lin’ an and let him be taken away by Wuyin Village? "
Watergate, these two words are in the middle of the heart, thinking "hate?" It is true that I should hate him and blame him. He is so powerful, but he can’t protect the people around him. Lin can’t save me. I should hate him, but he is my biggest admirer. He has done his best. Should I really love him? Or that person I hate the most is actually myself. In fact, I really don’t hate you anymore, Mr. Watergate. I really hate myself. I am weak and not strong enough. If I am strong enough, if I have the strength now when Lin is in danger, Lin may not be fine. "
I finally sighed, "I hated you before. You didn’t save Lin. You didn’t recognize me. You are so powerful that you are my most admired and respected person, but you made my mind withdraw from your image and destroyed it. At that time, I really hated you, but when I was with Lin, I found that the person I hated the most was actually not you but myself. Maybe I was wrong at the beginning. I’m sorry, teacher. If you want to kill me, I won’t fight back."
Watergate looked at him with his eyes closed and his heart was full of mixed feelings. This student looked at him as an orphan when he was a child. Watergate took special care of him like himself, and his personality with him was also very similar to that of his three students. In fact, Watergate was the most painful one. Watergate was sad for a long time. It was the first time in his life that Watergate felt his own strength. It was also the first heartache in his life. Because of the death of Watergate, Watergate wanted to fight as soon as possible, how could he run around desperately?
However, it is also neglected that Kakashi and Lin ‘an let the people in Wuyin Village take advantage of it. Although Watergate later made Wuyin Village pay a very heavy price, it did not return Lin’s life. This is the second pain in Watergate’s heart.
The third and last heartache was that I failed to protect Jiu Xinnai and Naruto and put them in a crisis. Although the first figurine brought soil, if he had recognized it as early as possible, then maybe it wouldn’t happen again. Shuimen had no so-called resentment about bringing soil, but he was deeply self-reproached and annoyed.
Watergate looked at Daitu and said, "Daitu’s teacher has three major pains in his life, one is that he failed to save you, the other is Lin’s affair, and the last is Jiu Sinai and Ming Min. This is the biggest pain in his life. Now you and Lin are both alive, and Jiu Sinai and Ming Min are all well. The teacher is really angry, but the teacher is more distressed. I’m sorry, it’s the teacher’s fault."
Houshuimen put his hand on Tui’s shoulder and said, "Tui’s teacher didn’t blame you for not taking good care of you, so I’m really sorry that I’m not a qualified teacher or a good elder."
With soil slightly one leng, he didn’t think it was his fault that he killed Jiu Sinai, and he almost destroyed Konoha Watergate. Instead of blaming him, he blamed himself.
Watergate sighed with emotion, "Teacher Jiraiya told me that people either broke out in silence or died in silence. I tried my best to fight the three wars because I couldn’t save you. When Jiu Xinnai died, I didn’t break out, but I chose to go to the grave with her. You also took you to Kakashi and Lin died. This is good and bad. The teacher didn’t hate you or wronged you. After all, you were a 14-year-old boy. Your fault was that the teacher failed to teach you well, but the teacher believed that my students were the best students because of you.
Watergate’s words made Tui’s eyes wet and he shed tears unconsciously. Tui was a little hoarse and said, "Teacher, I’m really sorry that I failed to live up to your teaching."
Watergate smiled and patted Tui Shoulder and smiled, "Welcome back Tui". Kakashi and Lin were also excited. This said that the teacher had forgiven Tui fault or Konoha Uchiha Obito had not organized Tui.
Lieutenant saw that the four of them were laughing around the enemy and suddenly felt deeply insulted. The inferno had been bullied like this, so the lieutenant made the attack. Anyway, now he wants to escape, and he can’t escape.
The general around the lieutenant said, "But the generals are all powerful people with power and artifacts. How can we win with these low-level demons?"
The lieutenant angrily grabbed the general’s chest coat and growled, "What do you think we can do? How can we continue to run away? We are surrounded by those strange trees that will make the vitality young. If we rush out, we will be killed by those trees. Choose between humiliating death and glorious death."
The lieutenant’s words completely silenced those who opposed it. Yes, resistance is death. If you don’t resist, you will die. Since they are all dead, then there may be a glimmer of life, although it is very slim.
Lieutenant, those people who met were silent and said, "Before the battle, they should have consumed a lot, especially the yellow hair. He faced the generals and hundreds of high-order demons (forbearance level) by himself. The guards should have been a spent force. We still have a chance. Now I have to attack these four people to death, and the small one outside is hard to support."
I have to say that the lieutenant’s consideration is still reasonable, but he doesn’t know that the Watergate body has such disadvantages as Kyubi no Youko, and the soil-carrying body has some flesh and blood of the dragon. These things make them at the peak at any time, which is not something that can be taken by the general war of attrition.
Seeing the inferno stirring around, Watergate came to Kakashi’s side and put his hands on Kakashi’s shoulders. At the same time, Watergate entered Kyubi no Youko mode, and suddenly a very strong force broke out from Watergate.
After Watergate broke out and entered Kyubi no Youko mode, a force broke out from Watergate, not to mention from Kyubi no Youko, and it was sent to Kakashi. Kakashi’s body came to have Kyubi no Youko Yang, and now Watergate Kyubi no Youko Yin also entered Kakashi’s body, and the two Kyubi no Youko forces of Yin and Yang blended. Kakashi suddenly felt that the amount of chakra was actually more than ten times stronger.
Kakashi’s body, Kyubi no Youko, was busy laughing. "Kakashi, I didn’t expect Watergate to give you my yin force. Now I feel that I am much stronger than before. Now you should not be much weaker than that Uchibo family, and with this yin force, I can recover chakra by myself. I don’t need chakra’s support, so you can fight hard. Now you have my strength of nine lamas, which is enough to support your fighting needs, or you are already a strength of Kyubi no Youko people."
Kakashi was stunned when he heard Kyubi no Youko’s words. He didn’t expect Watergate to be such a surprise for him. Kakashi has always used his magic to exert his loss because of the lack of chakra. Now he has become a pillar force in Kyubi no Youko and is famous in chakra. Kyubi no Youko has completely solved Kakashi’s worries. Now Kakashi has the confidence to face the enemy.
Chapter four hundred and forty-five Surrender?
This is a massacre directed by four generations of Huo Ying Namikaze Minato, starring Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito supporting role Nohara Rin, thousand-handed Nawaki and a group of slaughtered extras inferno.
The strength gap between the two sides is so big that there is nothing to make up for it. Even the sea tactics are consumed, but people are consumed. This is the most direct sense of the adjutant. Until this moment, he didn’t know why General Bai would be so fearless.
Surrounded by thousands of hands, Nawaki cloth tree world arrival, if there are demons who want to escape, they will be entangled in these trees to absorb their physical strength. This is the solution, and Kakashi and Tui seem to have a heart in mind. In these tens of thousands of inferno siege, they never forced to avoid cooperating with harvesting heads, especially with Tui. When they cooperated with Kakashi, they handed Hei Bang to Kakashi in advance, and Hei Bang was inserted in the left shoulder. Then Kyubi no Youko chakra merged this wound with Hei Bang.
Seeing Kakashi with soil, Cao Cao laughed. "Aren’t you afraid that I will control you?"
Kakashi laughed. "Ha ha, I believe you said it again. Even if you want to control me, you can’t do it. Well, here they come." Kakashi was ready for the war and smiled and prepared to cooperate. At the same time, he gave Kakashi the eye-turning visual sharing and the power of heaven through Hei Bang’s soil.
For the first time, Kakashi and Daitu made it feel wonderful to share the ability of the eye circle. Kakashi and Daitu seemed to have two kinds of scenes at the same time, but they didn’t feel a sense of disobedience at all, as if they were born with such ability.
Looking at these inferno soldiers, Kakashi and Tui nodded at the same time. Kakashi reached out with one hand and said, "God’s Luo Tianzheng". Suddenly, a repulsive force emanated from the center of Kakashi. Suddenly, those soldiers who rushed to the inferno went belly-up. At this time, Tui used Vientiane Day to lead them to suck back.
Kakashi seized the opportunity to "Shenwei". In front of Kakashi, a black hole appeared. This black hole was so small that there was a black spot. Kakashi looked around and this spot moved. Kakashi turned around and this black spot also moved around. Those soldiers who were irradiated by this spot were cut in half by horror. The blood of the inferno soldiers spilled all over the earth, which solved hundreds of infernos.
Not far away, I watched the Watergate with Lin Flash. "This move is really just right. And that is the entrance of Shenwei. Kakashi Kaleidoscope sharingan’s ability can open the door of Shenwei. I actually thought that compressing the door to a minimum would directly become a cutting tool. This can be called a cut."
Lin smiled happily. "Kakashi is so powerful. Although he was very powerful before, now he looks worse than before."
Watergate laughed. "Former Kakashi chakra never brought enough soil to him. sharingan is a double-edged sword. sharingan made Kakashi a copy ninja. Kakashi copied thousands of ninjas, but because Kakashi was not owned by Uchihiro, his sharingan method closed, which made Kakashi have to consume chakra all the time. This also led to Kakashi’s consumption in chakra, which greatly restricted Kakashi’s action."
Watergate looked at Kakashi admiringly and said, "But now Kakashi is different. Because Kyubi no Youko has made Kakashi chakra reach an unprecedented height, sharingan’s consumption is worthless to Kakashi."
Tuotu was also shocked by Kakashi’s wave of exercises. Although hundreds of inferno soldiers were destroyed as soon as they were killed, those inferno soldiers continued to rush without fear.
Step on the "Uchihiro inflammation world" with your feet on the ground.
Suddenly the ground stretched out four walls of fire, which surrounded Kakashi and the earth, and the inferno soldiers who rushed into the wall of fire were directly vaporized by the high temperature.
Watergate praised, "It’s really powerful to bring soil. It’s good. It’s good."
After Kakashi recovered, he directly printed the word "Leizi", and immediately from Kakashi’s hand, a strong current flowed around and spread. Those inferno soldiers who didn’t dodge were directly turned into black charcoal.
Kakashi said, "Bring the soil to make Shenwei and I will cooperate with you."
With soil nodded and then began to use the great power, a strong absorption from the kaleidoscope of soil sharingan.