"no! Timid! Even dare not say a word with you these beautiful women "Ye Qing is very honest tunnel.

Chen Yue suddenly laughed. She knew that Ye Qing liked her, but that was a thing of the past. Now Ye Qing can’t accept her. She has figured it out herself. This reunion is just to see Ye Qing, and there is no other idea.
The two chatted for a while, and then someone came over under the leadership of the monitor. People wore a pair of black sunglasses, which were very fashionable and avant-garde and handsome.
Several girls have been talking about it, saying that this guy is so handsome. Ye Qing took one look and felt a little familiar, but he just couldn’t remember the name, but one thing is certain that he and this guy are definitely unfamiliar.
In high school, Ye Qing didn’t know many people well, but he still had a little impression of those so-called man of the hour. This guy should be one of them. The man sat down in a position and took off his sunglasses very smartly. "Hello, classmates!"
After that, he threw the car keys in his hand on the table at random, seemingly inadvertently, but Ye Qing felt that it must have been intentional or something, and there were several circles where the logo was placed. Everyone who knows the car knows that it is an Audi key, but he doesn’t know which one.
Immediately someone is very envious of tunnel "yo Qin Wenyong audi? Well mixed! "
Qin Wenyong smiled faintly and was very modest. "Just a few hundred thousand cars are just so-so. It’s far from you classmates!"
Hearing this, Ye suddenly felt sick. I felt that this guy was too able to pretend to be B. I wanted to show off and pretend to be very modest, but the tone and expression could not conceal the heartfelt superiority.
As soon as his voice fell, a classmate arrived, who was also a male classmate. He looked more mature than Qin Wenyong, but this person almost moved like Qin Wenyong after sitting down, that is, he casually threw the car key in his hand on the table and pretended to say hello to his classmates. The key was there, and it always seemed to attract other people’s attention.
Ye Qing glanced at the key with a Mercedes-Benz logo. Look, this guy’s car is not cheap either. The Audi next to him seems to be suppressed by this person’s momentum and has become low-key. Many former publicity efforts have converged. Ye Qing can’t help but want to laugh. It’s really a show off. After the reunion, the taste has changed and it has become better than who. Show off the conference.
Before he despised the two men enough, another classmate arrived. This is the last one who came and was also a male classmate. When he sat down, he actually moved the car keys in his hand to the table and glanced at it. It should be a sports car and a Ferrari.
Three keys on the table looked like an exhibition of car keys, and some students chatted around the car. Female students were not to be outdone. They deliberately put their handbags on the table to find something to show off. Their bags were Gucci or lv deliberately raised their hands and pretended to show off their wrists and wore an Apple watch.
Chapter 199 Show off the wealth conference (2)
Ye Qing was really drunk watching a group of classmates perform. I couldn’t help feeling deeply sorry for coming to this classmate party today. I might as well sleep at home. Why do you want to see this group of actors show their poor acting skills when you have nothing to do?
Chen Yueqian will probably be as vain as these students, but times have changed. She has experienced too many things and her mood has already changed. She whispered to Ye, "Do you think this occasion is a bit uncomfortable for you?"
"Well, it’s a bit" Ye Qing low tunnel
"I’m one of these people who came to the reunion so tacky that it’s not interesting at all," Chen Yue said with emotion.
"Ah, now the reunion should be like this. Everyone wants to prove himself in front of old classmates, especially those who were not so good at first. Now they suddenly mix up and definitely want to be down a peg or two." Ye Qing is very naive
"I actually came here today to see you and chat with you for a while. If you don’t come, I will definitely not come, so the class reunion is boring." Chen Yue is very serious and tunnel.
Ye Qing looked at her face and asked with a smile, "Now that you have seen me and talked with me for a while, haven’t you achieved your goal?" Then you can go home! "
Chen Yue was teased. "Since I’m here, I have to eat my meal!"
Just then, the class clapped their hands and said, "All the students are here. Now everyone can move freely. We are going to play here all day today, fishing, playing cards and cycling around. The scenery here is also very good. Always arrange your own free combination!"
Immediately after the monitor finished speaking, someone got up and invited familiar friends to play cards together. In fact, now the basis of class reunion is to play cards together, really sit together and chat or walk very little. Even if you sit together and don’t play cards, you will bow your heads and play with your mobile phone. It’s not interesting at all.
Soon, some students assembled to play mahjong, and three people fought together. Ye Qing, the landlord, sat still. He didn’t like playing cards and didn’t want to go out to visit Chen Yue. Naturally, he just sat still and grabbed a handful of melons and slowly ate them.
At this moment, the classmate of Ferrari sports car walked beside Chen Yue. If one tunnel, "Chen Damei hasn’t seen you around for so long, right? Why don’t I drive and go to Happiness Merlin? "
If the former Chen Yue might be moved and then experience a Ferrari sports car, but now her mentality is already different. She waved her hand and said, "Sorry, I won’t go. I want to sit and have a rest."
Ferrari classmate was a little embarrassed and didn’t expect that he would be rejected. You know, although he was not rich in class, he was also a man of the hour. He liked others a lot and chased Chen Yue, but he finally failed to catch up with him. Now he is rich and feels more confident, and when he was studying, girls were less materialistic. At that time, girls liked handsome guys for their looks, but when they entered the society, they generally became very realistic. They were more concerned about their boyfriends’ financial strength, whether they had houses or cars.
Ferrari feels that he is now a man with a house and a car, and his career is successful. Compared with most of his classmates, he wants to get along well. After all, everyone just graduated, and there are not many people who can reach his height. It is precisely for this reason that he thinks that Chen Yue should not refuse him again. That’s why he invited Chen Yue to contact him. Who knows that Chen Yue refused him?
He’s really walking beside Chen Yue. It’s not that he doesn’t leave or that he’s embarrassed to the extreme. Ye Qing has a bad impression on this guy, so don’t say how overbearing and annoying this guy was in those days. Just say that today this guy’s car keys show off his wealth and he wants to pick up girls. Yuzryha Qing is very despised.
"Class reunion should be a part of everyone’s classmates getting together separately. Why do you still come to the party for a private appointment? Since the sports car has come, it is better to spend more time looking at your car. If someone scratches it, it will be terrible! " Leaf tilting tone insipid tunnel
Ferrari classmates couldn’t help but get angry when they heard Ye Qing’s words. They felt that Ye Qing was satirizing himself, and before seeing Ye Qing and Chen Yue talking happily, he had been jealous for a long time, which allowed him to seize the opportunity to teach Ye Qing a lesson.
He immediately cold hum a "I ask Chen Yue you what things? I scratched my car. What’s your business? Even if I was hit and scrapped, I always felt that it was not just a car. It was a big deal to buy another one. "
"All right, let me mind my own business." Ye Qing’s stand stand hand is very authentic, and he doesn’t want to irritate this guy. This time, he came to the class reunion to see what changes an old classmate had, and then he recalled that there was no need to rock the boat in his student life.
Seeing that Ye Qing has no temper, Ferrari classmates can’t find an excuse to send it. He looks at Chen Yue’s low tunnel. "Let’s talk for a while. I haven’t seen you for a long time, but I have always remembered you!"
Chen Yue is very authentic. "Remember why I don’t owe you money."