Knife head "om" a fried commander was also in the note yourself to play off this time.

He is going to ask more questions, especially the leader mirror image has disappeared in the turn.
What now?
Knife suddenly felt that something was very strange. We just flew to Camellia Star unnoticed to inquire about the news. Why did the Snow City Police Department set a trap in advance to wait for ourselves and Red Ice to step on it?
Is all this secretly arranged by the grassroots empire?
The knife suddenly shivered at the thought of this, which was simply terrible.
"Let’s go back to Flaming Star, now!" If the grass-roots empire really stays in Camellia Star, then now he doesn’t want to stay too long in sl12 area at the cost of the whole ship.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Knife fall
Can the knife go? The answer is no!
More than 30 workers in the lobby of the general control center in sl12 District are working in an orderly way in their respective posts as usual.
They are different from the residents who live on the planet. Residents work during the day and rest at night, but they can’t relax their vigilance at night because they guard this area and protect the planet.
Suddenly, the red light in the control hall flashed wildly and the alarm was loud. All the workers were surprised and raised their heads. There was an emergency.
Less than two minutes later, the door was pushed and a group of people came in angrily. The first middle-aged man’s hair was a little gray, but his spirit was still hale and hearty.
This is Davis, the head of sl12. His tone is dignified. "What’s the matter?"
A worker immediately reported that "a high-level illegal invasion enemy has invaded the reconnaissance database and we are trying to track it!"
Davis can’t help but take a gasp. How bold the other party is!
Hacker defense measures are not the best, but no matter how high the level is, hackers usually dare not come and cause trouble at will, because once they track down your clues, they may dispatch starship fire at any time
Davis, the highest officer, is naturally very decisive. "Inform the major ships to stand by and prepare for departure at any time; Send an application to the federal government to request fire; Join the Camellia Star Police Station to see if they have any major actions tonight; All units immediately enter a state of combat readiness … "
After a series of orders were issued, they became busy.
Jiang Hua is also busy, and his hands are faster. He wants to complete the data guidance in three minutes, and he will be exposed if he exceeds three minutes.
The so-called data guidance is the classic "stealing the column" and "misdirection". Simply put, the intruder is Jiang Hua. He deliberately made a noise to find that an enemy is invading. At this time, the tracking system will start. What he has to do is to guide the tracking system to the No.2 spacecraft of Tianlong Force in three minutes and let the knife be his scapegoat.
If his mother is still alive, he can directly paralyze the entire system of Kunpeng spacecraft without using the knife to kill people.
I can’t help it. The river is far from my mother!
In fact, in less than three minutes, in one minute and forty seconds, the workers enlarged the big screen in the center of the control hall. "Sir has successfully tracked down the invading enemy."
Davis looked at the screen and looked unusually serious. "This is the Kunpeng spacecraft of Tianlong mercenary forces. No wonder they have the guts to invade! Have you received the receipt for the request? "
The worker immediately nodded, "the federal headquarters has approved the application to grant our district fire to dangerous enemies!" "
Davis was shocked. "I ordered the No.3 Prism Warship to enter the port for inspection and warning. After three times, the fire was allowed to kill."
This is another experienced man. He knows the dangers of Tianlong troops. It is very risky for ordinary flying ships to intercept. A starship Kunpeng spacecraft can intercept even if it wants to fire back at the prism warship.
One minute later, the Kunpeng spacecraft was also an alarm, and the mercenaries were in a mess.
The console expert said nervously, "Boss, a prism warship has been dispatched from sl12 area and is coming after us quickly!"
"What did you say?" Dao can’t believe it. Looking at the main screen, I can see a huge ship with powerful shape and domineering in the depth. It looks like a trilobite wrapped in armor.
There’s a signal on the screen. This is the warship commander calling out.
"This is the Kunpeng spacecraft of Tianlong Army in front of Prism 3 in sl12 area. Attention, you are suspected of invading sl12 area. Please put the spacecraft into the port to cooperate with the investigation and warn for three times. If you don’t turn back, we will launch an attack."
"Fuck!" The knife was angry, and he finally realized that he was being stared at by the grassroots empire.
Damn it, I’m so fucked up. Do I have the ability to invade? Of course, you can’t expect anyone to believe this!
"Reply to them, we are willing to enter Hong Kong for investigation!" Shaking with anger, he is still more rational. The little Kunpeng spacecraft is still playing against the prism battleship. That is the living reality: "Mayfly shakes the tree!"
If you don’t invade, you won’t be afraid of your investigation results, and you will have to let us go eventually!