Ye listened to the shortness of four tones and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Now the other party has no time to bomb even if they kill all their people. The outcome is decided. Ye Qing took off her headphones, cut her hair, stretched herself, grabbed the table mineral water and drank two times. This is very easy to rely on the chair to continue watching the game.

Big honey knew that Ye Qing had won the game when she saw that she had a plan in mind. Her team would qualify from the group and eliminated the first-class strong team, Laoyu. This is definitely something to celebrate. She couldn’t help but be excited and shouted at Ye Qing with her hands on her mouth, "Ye Qing is good!"
When she sat down, she thought about how to celebrate after the game. At the same time, she also decided what the team could achieve in the end. She would give each player a bonus. Although the game was won, it still made her realize the importance of strength. If the I club was strong enough today, it wouldn’t be so difficult to play. Ye Qing’s command ability will definitely win easily, and it won’t make her look so scared and scared.
"It seems that the ice cream team is going to win the qualifying. It is a foregone conclusion that the story of the old fish lost a little unexpectedly, but it may not be a bad thing for them. I believe they can learn a lot from the ice cream team, especially the dumping city has given them a good lesson, which is very good for their future development." loli explained with a smile
By the end of the game, everyone can see that the story of Laoyu is dying. I club is already winning. The story of Laoyu has been killed. Those people can’t bear to look at the screen at all. They obviously gave up the game and took off their headphones one by one. Their faces are very depressed.
The game is still going on. Yong 2 was killed by the I club people not long after killing Ye Qing, and Tian Feng continued to kill two people in a row with great power, killing all the I club people. Unfortunately, before he could get to the front of 4, he was directly rushed by the explosion airflow of 4 and almost flew.
It’s over! I club beat the old fish in surprise, and the story stood out from the group. Cold-blooded people took off their headphones excitedly, then got up. hands in the air roared in the sky and Ye Qing smiled faintly, and then tidied up his keyboard. Although his heart was also very excited, the surface was very calm. The game was not optimistic as soon as it was played, but he won by his own efforts.
Cold-blooded, after they were excited, they all rushed to Ye Qing, then surrounded him and threw themselves around him one by one. It was really because of his excellent performance that the team members were truly admired and grateful to him.
"Captain, you are so awesome that we actually won the old fish story and won several points! This is just like dreaming! It’s incredible! " Cold-blooded and excited, the captain shouted very sincerely. After this game, he really regarded Ye Qing as the captain of the team from the bottom of his heart. At the same time, he was also sincere about Ye Qing’s command ability. If he were in charge, it is estimated that the game would be lost in suspense.
"it was a fantastic game. We won the first-class team! I am naive to think that all this is not true "feeling is also very excited tunnel.
Dong Laoer is relatively calm. He has always known Ye Qing’s ability, and he has always followed Ye Qing’s lead. Ye Qing said that if he can win the game, he will definitely win it. Ye Qing said that he will not give up the game, so he will try his best to play.
After the referee announced the results, Ye Qing walked from their seats to the audience, and Da Mi had already got up to meet them. In this scene, Da Mi couldn’t restrain her mood and rushed directly into Ye Qing’s arms. She put her hands tightly around Ye Qing’s waist and then said emotionally, "We won! Really won! "
Ye Qing raised her hand and stroked her hair. She whispered in her ear with a smile. "Yes, we won! The victory of this game is my gift to you! You fight! " Big honey smell speech is not shy, but her heart is full of sweetness.
The word "you fight" is enough to impress a woman, but she doesn’t care about other people’s eyes. She looked up and stood on tiptoe and kissed her lips. People around her suddenly felt an uproar. It is normal for couples to kiss each other at such an exciting moment in foreign countries, but no one will be surprised, but in China, it will make people feel that it is really a bold thing. Although it is past the time when you have to quickly change channels when you see the kissing scenes in a TV play, it still takes great courage to kiss in public.
"Big boss is unrestrained!" Meteor stunned eyes are coming out of the cold-blooded and affectionate. Two people also opened their mouths. Dong Laoer cheered. "Come to french kiss! Big boss is great! Don’t be afraid, boss! "
Big honey, after all, some girls are reserved and blushed by the people around them, and then they shrink shyly in Ye Qing’s arms and bury their heads in his chest. Ye Qing tightly hugs her charming body and then says to Dong Laoer and others, "Why don’t you leave and leave food?"
"Go, go, let’s go to the bridal chamber!" Meteor and others continued to boo Ye Qing immediately, and then ignored those guys who were walking outside with big honey in their arms, but before they reached the door, they were stopped by a man who broke away from Ye Qing’s arms and looked at that man with a big heart.
Chapter 259 Unpleasant interview
"Excuse me, are you the ice cream team commander?" The person who stopped in front of Ye Qing and Da Mi politely asked Ye Qing, who was shocked when he heard the news, and then he reacted. The ice cream team refers to their team. They have been referred to as the I club for a long time and forgot that the English name of their team translated into Chinese is ice cream.
In front of Ye Qing, there is a girl with long hair and pure as a junior high school student. Although she looks very young, her figure is very tall and her chest is towering. It is still cold in this day, but this girl wears a winter skirt and black tights to wrap a pair of beautiful legs beautifully, which makes people look heart-pounding.
Big honey gives birth to a lot of vigilance against this girl in front of her. It is because of women’s nature that when they meet beautiful girls, they always worry about whether their boyfriends will change their minds, like the new and hate the old. The most important thing is that this girl is pure as water, and her temperament is just like turning over Su Yanbing, but she looks even smaller than Su Yanbing.
Ye Qing had a stunning feeling when she first saw this girl, and at the same time she felt deja vu. Her expression and temperament are very similar to Su Yanbing, but her appearance is very different. Besides, it seems that she and Su Yanbing are not too different in terms of figure. After all, Su Yanbing is a model and naturally has nothing to say.
Hearing the beauty question, Ye Qing nodded a little confused and asked, "I am the city of dumping people. What can I do for you?"
In fact, loli can see a lot of Ye Qing’s shots in the studio. Of course, she knows that Ye Qing is the entrance to the city. This question is just unnecessary. Her purpose is to start the topic. At that time, Ye Qing was sitting during the game. At this time, he couldn’t help but sigh in front of loli that this guy is so tall and looks very strong and masculine. But she is not the kind of girl who is infatuated with flowers. She has no heart feeling.
"I’m gv commentator loli. Nice to meet you. Can I give you a simple interview?" Loli sound is soft and delicate. A beautiful woman explains first, and then, since it is an explanation, the sound must be good. loli sound charms her. People who have no self-control, such as Dong Laoer and Meteor, are all tender.
Leaf dumping is good, but I think her voice is very nice. I immediately have a good impression on this person, and Da Mi is beside him. Where dare he show admiration? He hesitated for a moment and then looked at Da Mi’s eyes for her advice.
Damei was relieved to hear that loli was gv’s commentator. She was most afraid that loli was a Ye Ye fan or admirer, so her position would be very dangerous. But since she was a commentator, there wouldn’t be too many opportunities to meet and contact. Even if she met, she would do an interview in a public place like today.
Dami is a boss who is good at operating the team and also good at promoting and making famous. She knows that this interview is actually very important for Ye Qing if she is not mistaken. If she is not mistaken, this interview is expected to be broadcast in gv’s popular program "Fire", and all fer will be able to see this interview and understand what miracle Ye Qing has created in today’s game. Once this interview is broadcast, Ye Qing will become famous and the corresponding I club will become famous.
After Ye Qing became famous, it is estimated that many professional teams will come to dig the corner. If it is the former big honey, she will be worried. But now she is not worried at all. Ye Qing promised her that she must be interviewed by Yuzryha, so she nodded at Ye Qing and her eyes were very firm.
Ye Qing saw that she nodded and agreed, so she smiled and said to loli, "Can you interview here?"
"Yes, it’s right here so that you can feel the scene. Are you ready?" Loli asked with a smile, Ye Qing nodded, and loli gently shouted "camera preparation"
The cameraman gave her an ok gesture, and then loli whispered, "What’s your real name, Mr. Dumping City? I want to see this game. The audience and friends really want to know more about you. Is it convenient to disclose it? "
"My name is Ye Qing."
"Then I’ll call you Ye Qing in this game. What did you think before the game? Have you ever thought about winning? " Loli is worthy of being able to hold the key when explaining the interview.
Ye Qing is a little nervous in front of the camera. After all, this is his first interview, thinking that after this interview is broadcast, fer will see that he can’t say anything wrong, or he will definitely get a scolding.
"I didn’t think much before the game, and I didn’t know if I would win this game. I wanted to play every game well, no matter who my opponent was." Ye Qing’s answer was quite correct, but he didn’t reveal his true thoughts at all
Loli didn’t expect this guy to answer so tactfully in the first interview. She wasn’t very satisfied with this answer. She thought that this guy must have thought about whether he could win the game before the game. She smiled and showed white and neat teeth. Two dimples appeared on her face. She said, "You won the old fish story in this game. Do you think this is a surprise?" Or do you recognize that this is a weak team defeating a strong team? "
Ye Qing smell speech is a little unhappy. I don’t know what. He always feels that this girl seems to be deliberately belittling their team when she talks, but he is not good at arguing with other girls. So he said, "I don’t think winning or losing is a common thing for military strategists. No team can say that it can beat opponents every time, even if they are weaker than them! This is not an upset. It takes me a lot of effort, so defeating my opponent is the inevitable result, so I am not a weak team. Can you see myself from the game and how can I judge? "
"This small is quite old!" Loli secretly said to herself with a smile, "If we judge, then I think your overall strength is really not as good as that of the old fish story. Don’t be angry. This is our opinion, but you finally defeated the old fish story. You played a key role in it. This is a great objection. Your performance is really good. I wonder if you want to develop the team better in the past?"
Loli’s last sentence directly changed the color of big honey’s face. She didn’t expect this explanation to dare to ask such a question in front of her. She used to be the kind of person who had a hot temper and knew her personality very well. She quickly put her arms around her so that she couldn’t move, and then gently said to her, "Don’t get excited in public. I’ll handle it."
Big honey bit her lip and looked at loli viciously, almost bursting into flames, but loli still smiled like a spring breeze as if unaware, looking at Ye Qing, hoping to get his answer. Ye Qing said to her very seriously, "Sorry, I have never thought of this. I will stay in the I club and I will grow up with this team and win the championship together!"
Loli obviously didn’t expect Ye Qing to think this way. She blurted out in surprise without any intention, "You can only win the championship when you stay in this team?" After she finished this sentence, she suddenly realized that it was a bit abrupt in the interview. Look at the expressions of several other people in the I club, and they all glared. Even though they had a good impression on her at first, meteor and others were very angry.
Ye Qing also snorted and turned around to see that this interview would end in discord. loli quickly shouted, "Wait a minute. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything else. I think your strength should be better developed. I don’t mean any harm. Please give me another chance?"
Ye Qing saw that she was sincere and looked back and saw that her face was full of sincerity. She really didn’t look like a schemer and she looked like a little sister who had done something wrong. Ye fell in love and stopped. "I can continue to be interviewed by you, but I hope you won’t ask me if I will leave the team again and don’t belittle our team, okay?"
"hmm!" Loli nodded hastily and then turned to the cameraman and said, "Delete that paragraph in the post-production!" The cameraman nodded, and Ye Qing saw that she was sincere and relieved many sidewalks. "If you have anything else to ask, just ask and I will answer you truthfully."
"Well, there is one more question at the end. Are you sure to win the game?" Loli asked Ye Qing. I didn’t expect her last question to be such a problem without nutrition, so she said, "No one is sure of the game before they know the result. It’s always after the process. Who knows the result?" Ok, let’s go first. Thank you for interviewing me! "
"It shouldn’t be me. Thank you for being interviewed by me. Goodbye, we will definitely meet again!" Loli smiled and said, Ye Qing looked at her face, and a thought rose in her two dimples that maybe it would really be goodbye!
Ye Qing and Da Mi walked towards the door. loli looked at Ye Qing’s back and muttered, "He is really a strange man who is willing to stay in a weak team. How can a player with such talent be buried like this? It seems that I have to get in touch with him privately and listen to his real thoughts."
Loli thinks what Ye Qing said today is because everyone else in the club is present, and he can’t express his true thoughts. Maybe he will be much more real in private!
Chapter 26 on coffee
Coming out of the competition hall, honey bumped her arm and said, "What do you think of that female commentator?"
Leaf to listen to her tone with a hint of sour then laughed "very general can’t compare with you! Less in my heart! "
In fact, he didn’t say the last sentence, but he said the last sentence. Big honey immediately faced a black Chen. "You mean it’s not the case in other people’s hearts?" Do you think her temperament and manner are a bit like a person? "
Ye Qing smell speech zheng, he knew that big honey also see loli temperament and expression with Su Yan ice extremely similar, but looks a little surprised, but it is also unforgettable. At this time, Ye Qing’s mind is still flashing her Zhang Canruo peach blossom smiling face from time to time, and it seems that her music is still lingering in her ears.
He was slightly distracted and then said to Big Honey, "Like who? I really don’t see what star she looks like? " Naturally, he pretended not to see that Dami snorted, "Don’t you think she feels like Su Yanbing?"
"Su Yanbing? Not so much like Su Yanbing, who is a little taller than her and much more mature. "Ye Qing is very serious and tunnel. Of course, he can’t admit this fact, otherwise Big Honey will be jealous and he doesn’t want to get into trouble.
"Forget it. Who does she look like? It’s none of your business anyway, is it?" Big honey curled her lips and said, Ye Qing nodded her head quickly. "Yeah, even if she looks like Fan Bingbing, she doesn’t have it with me. To be honest, you look good, which is what I like best. And now I want to realize my dreams and feelings as soon as possible. I don’t want any changes. It’s enough to have you!"
Big honey couldn’t help but be very moved when she heard his last sentence, so she took his arm and said, "I believe you, I won’t be in a mood again. I will try my best to help you realize your dream. If you need me, I will always be by your side!"
Dong Laoer emerged from behind smirked tunnel "good disgusting! Could you please be a little smaller when you say this? My goose bumps are falling all over the floor! "
Big honey suddenly blushed and blushed. She stamped her foot and said, "Dong Laoer, don’t you want your salary this month?" When she was in a hurry, she also shouted Dong Laoer to Ye Qing. She smiled and said to Dong Laoer, "Second, you don’t want this ear. What is it when you hear something you shouldn’t listen to?" Shall I tell you? "
Dong Laoer immediately shrank back and said, "I didn’t hear you continue." Ye Qing smiled and put her arms around Big Honey’s shoulder and said, "Where are we going now? Going back to the hotel or going shopping? "
"Go for a stroll. If you chat too much in the hotel, you can watch it. After a while, we will have lunch and have a game. I don’t know which team we will meet. After qualifying, the team is very strong. Come on!" Damidao
"Well, then go shopping!" Ye Qing turned his head and looked at Dong Laoer. "Let’ s go to the sea and feel the prosperity of the 10-mile foreign market, Laoer!" Dong Laoer is a little careless. "There is nothing to visit the sea, and there are no features in several major concessions, but there are only a few foreign houses. There is nothing to see. I want to go back to the hotel and sleep, and I have enough spirit to have a good fight in the afternoon."
Ye Qing realized that Dong Laoer was a rich second generation. Naturally, he had been to a metropolis like the sea many times, and he had no interest in hanging out. So he said to Dong Laoer, "Then go back to sleep and I’ll call you at lunch!"
Dong Laoer nodded and walked in the direction of the hotel. Ye Qing went to the meteor and other people and asked, "Do you want to go shopping or go back to the hotel to rest?"
The meteor thought for a moment and said, "Let’s go for a walk. I haven’t been to the sea well this time. I got a new mobile phone and can take photos and send them to Weibo!" "
Cold-blooded and affectionate people are different from each other. "We won’t go shopping. Let’s go back to the hotel and have a rest. Just remember to call us when we eat." Then they looked at the meteor in a low tunnel. "If you have to be a light bulb alone, we won’t stop you. Let’s go back!"
The meteor just reacted. It turned out that these guys wanted to create a chance for Ye Qing and Da Mi to get along alone. It’s ridiculous that they didn’t react and almost became a light bulb. So he immediately coughed, "I suddenly remembered that my pants haven’t been washed yet. I’m going back to wash my pants. I won’t go shopping today!"
With that, the meteor ran directly after the two men, cold-blooded and affectionate. Ye shook his head naively and then said to Big Honey, "Since these guys are not going, are we still going?"