Chu and put the heart patted him on the shoulder and smiled. "Don’t be so frustrated. This matter is affected by the Xu family, not your family. There is no loss in your family, but you will get a trustworthy name! No loss! "

The wry smile is good. Some people will praise their family for keeping their promises, but at the same time they will laugh at their pedantry and stupidity, so their daughter-in-law will welcome them in.
Besides, Xue Shi, the second lady of Meng in Xinyang Houfu, is talking to her wife in the drawing room. Every sentence is a sigh of Xu Yizhen and a sigh of Meng Shi’s hook, which makes her angry more and more.
The lady had the idea of breaking off an engagement. Hearing Xue Shi’s provocation, she was even more impatient.
When Xue Shi saw that the temperature was almost the same, he sighed with words, "Theoretically, my aunt, who is a relative, shouldn’t say this. Alas, I am also a helper who doesn’t help my relatives, my aunts and nieces to do such a thing. It is also very uncomfortable for me in my heart! It’s true that my aunt and niece have wronged you, madam, and no one can say a word of no even if you want to break off your engagement! "
This words to the lady heart lady mind more active up and laughed "oh? Mrs. Meng Er, do you really think so? "
"Of course, of course!" Xue Shi hurriedly nodded with a smile.
The lady was a little contemptuous of her and said, "Isn’t it Tingting?"
Xue’s face smiled a stiff smile and said, "You can’t hide anything from madam. Of course, there are reasons for this. I am a mother, and my daughter is determined. I can’t help it, but I also hope that she will meet a good and virtuous mistress in the future, and this day will be easier! My niece is really like that-alas! "
Madame’s face is slow. That’s good.
Xue Shi sighed and said faintly, "It is said that parents are poor. Let’s be parents who don’t care about their children and who are willing to be wronged by their children?" Don’t you feel wronged by my niece’s family background, people, talents and looks? "
Madam, a mass of anger is burning in her heart and she snorted coldly.
Not wronged? Why not be wronged! I’m dying of injustice!
How wonderful her son is! How can she decide such an unreliable daughter-in-law! Thinking of what happened in Rongchang Houfu two days ago, my wife still felt a twinge of fever in her face.
She has never been so humiliated in her life, but she has been dragged down by her future daughter-in-law.
Besides, she doesn’t like Xu Yizhen very much. She always thinks that her manners are a little too frivolous and meaningless. How can she deserve her?
I really don’t know what medicine that sycophantic took to make my son insist on marrying her!
Sure enough, young people are not reliable in doing things!
Xue Shi said that he knew that his words were right. She was more happy and volunteered to laugh. "If my wife trusts me, I’ll talk to my aunt about letting the Xu take the initiative to break off their marriage." In this way, everyone looks better at each other! "
When the lady’s eyes lit up, she showed a sincere smile and smiled at Xue Shi. "This … isn’t it hard for you!"
She’s worried about quitting her marriage! Although Xu Yizhen lost her virtue, it’s always a bit too cold and inhuman to break off an engagement.
She was correcting it, but it happened that Xue Shi’s words were solved.
"It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult!" Xue Shi busy laughed "this is should be! I beg my family to have a good mistress in the future so that Ting can live a better life … "
Say it with a sigh
The lady immediately said, "Don’t worry about me! My son’s engagement will never happen again! Young people don’t understand the truth of marrying a wife and marrying a virtuous man. I will personally take it this time! "
"Then I’m relieved!" Xue’s beaming compliment laughed, "Madam’s eyes are of course excellent!"
I feel extremely excited at the thought of being fair, justified and naturally humiliated. Where can I sit still?
Busy busy to leave the lady immediately went to Xu Guogong mansion 184 Chapter 184 Xue Shi encouraged.
Meng’s mother and daughter are worried about whether Xinyang Houfu will send someone to break off an engagement every day. It is self-evident what it is like to live this life.
I heard that Mrs. Meng has come, and both mother and daughter are black. I don’t want to know that Xue Shi must have come to see a joke. Where will I see her?
"Just say I didn’t let her go back!" Montessori black face way
Who knows that the words sound just fell and Xue Shi has pushed aside to stop the servant girl from coming in and laughed. "Third sister is so rude, but we are relatives of our first aunt. How can we give me the runaround for such reasons!"
Montessori coldly stared at Mammy Parker.
Mammy Parker wry smile stand hand, she can’t stop!
Montessori saw that everyone had already come in, knowing perfectly well that it was not so easy to let her leave, so he snorted and sneered, "First-in-law aunt? Relatives So you also know that we are relatives of the first aunt! When you did that, you would have killed this mutual affection! The word relatives will never be said again! If you have anything to do here, just say it and leave! "
"Third sister is so angry!" Xue Shi a butt sitting sneer at a way "your own good deeds have been exposed with me and what gas? Hum, at the beginning? If it is true, it is not necessarily who is more wrong! How dare you! "
You!’ Montessori was so angry that his chest was sluggish and his calm face gave Xue Shi a hard stare that he couldn’t wait to tear her mouth alive.
Xue Shi cold hum a way "your mother and daughter hurt my Ting, if it weren’t for you, would my Ting fall to this point? Do you think I would like to come to your Xu family? Hehe, don’t flatter yourself! Now who doesn’t take a detour when they see your home? I was entrusted by Xinyang Hou lady lady to come here! "
Sitting next to Montessori, Xu Yizhen, who has been hanging his eyes for silence, immediately looked up at Xue’s face in a panic and tension.
Montessori heart is also a surprised busy pinched her daughter’s hand to make her calm color sneer at a way "are you? You are my own mother. Who are you? She has something to say. She will ask the old mammy around her to come to you if she doesn’t come in person. Hehe! "
Xue Shi’s anger turned red and he was ashamed. "Hehe, someone is so ashamed that there is no edge! My own mother? Can Third Sister still call her own mother? Third sister, listen carefully. Madam, let me tell you about this marriage. That’s all. Third sister, if you want to save some face, take the initiative to send someone to break off your engagement! It’ s even less beautiful to save being recognized! "
Xu Yizhen and monteggia cried at the same time.
Xu Yizhen turned pale and shook his head desperately. "Impossible! No way! My brother likes me so much that he won’t agree to divorce! "
Xue Shi "scoffed" and sneered "Hey, Jane, you can’t say that! Marriage has always been arranged by parents. What do you mean by this? Maybe you still want to settle down with the world for life! "
"Shut up!" Montessori angrily interrupted Xue Shi’s words and said, "You can’t be too poor for an elder to say that, Jane!" Sister-in-law, please go back I don’t believe you! Hum, who knows what your heart is! I won’t believe it unless Xinyang Houfu people come in person! "
You want to give up this marriage so easily? It’s not the same thing that Xinyang Houfu is too Xu Guogong’s house!
She can never compromise so easily!
Besides, she would never take the initiative to leave her family. Since Xinyang Houfu wants to leave, they can do it themselves!
I want to take advantage of everything, but there is no such thing!
Xue Shi didn’t expect his triumphant words to fall into Montessori’s ear and actually hung up the hook with cheating. He was so angry that he was so angry that he said, "Third sister is really confused! I dare say such a thing if it is not true? If Third Sister doesn’t believe me, there’s no way to make it. I’ll just go back to my wife and say that Third Sister refuses to return, and she has to stay at home! "
"Don’t you dare!" Xu Yizhen suddenly got up and said angrily, "Aunt, don’t be a dirty lie!"
Xue Shi sneer at "a dirty lie? I’m just being kindly told by my wife. I’m also asking you to leave some decency. You don’t know the people’s hearts, but you have a rake! I said, Third Sister, how can you be so clever and confused? Is precious girl so worthy of family life now? Even if she is forced to be sent to the house in the end, hehe, Jane, will the day after tomorrow be better? Oh, I’m so kind. I didn’t expect to be regarded as a donkey’s liver and lung! Anyway, I have brought it to your own choice! "
Xue Shi angrily turned and walked.
"Second aunt! Second aunt! " Xu Yizhen grabbed her arm and said, "My second aunt has something to say! Have something to say! Second aunt, please help me put in a good word in front of my wife! I will take good care of my cousin when I enter the house in the future! Second aunt! "
"Jane, what are you doing! Come back! " Montessori was so angry that he almost fainted.
This silly girl, she went to beg Xue Shi!
Xue Shi proudly took a glance at Montessori and grabbed Xu Yizhen’s hand and sighed, "You are still sensible! But you should also be white! If you are really good, say your mother broke off her marriage on her own initiative! Do you have to pester and beat hard? Madam doesn’t like you anymore. Can you protect you? What a silly girl! "
Said the pity and sympathy shook his head.
"Second aunt!" Xu Yizhen shook her head in pain and murmured in tears, begging Xue Shi to help her.
Montessori was so angry and urgent that he couldn’t call back people. He personally ran to force Xu Yizhen to pull back to his side and nu way, "Mammy Parker pulled Miss Er away! Second sister-in-law, please! "
Xue Shi smiled and strode away with his head held high.
"Niang! Mother! What should I do? What should I do! " Xu Yizhen choked with tears.
She really panicked.
Montessori long sigh stupefied is silently pulling his daughter to sit.
Very easy to persuade Xu Yizhen to stop crying, and Meng sighed, "I think Jane’s marriage is better!"