"You are surrounded by us. Drop your weapon and surrender immediately." Beichuan shouted loudly, but in exchange for each other’s silence.

Suddenly, Beichuan saw two silvery white lights on the hands of the woman standing on the oil tank, which made him immediately aware of the danger.
"Go back quickly, quickly." Beichuan turned and ran, shouting loudly as he ran. Two short legs used their strength to suck milk and ran hard, for fear that they would become fresh roasted ru pigs in the next second.
Chapter 429 Beautiful ice sculpture
It’s not that easy to run. Dou Ruomei pulled out a beautiful smile from her mouth, but in Beichuan’s eyes, it was so weird and terrible.
Dou Re-mei’s hands shot two silvery white lights, which directly contacted the fuel on the ground.
It was late, and Beichuan ran late with a group of soldiers standing near the fuel tank. However, to his relief, he became a popsicle instead of a roast ru pig.
As soon as the two silvery lights came into contact with the fuel on the ground, they began to freeze, and then spread forward at a very fast speed. Some soldiers who had no time to run, including Colonel Beichuan, were all frozen into beautiful ice sculptures.
Dou Re-mei ignored the soldiers who ran away, looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction, and then turned around and disappeared into the night.
Outside the earth-shaking, Qin Shaojie is standing in the underground warehouse.
"How can you get such a big plane out?" Qin Shaojie looked at the fighter plane that is said to be the latest model and was worried.
Although there is a passage under the ground that can drive the plane out, the problem is that he can’t drive it. Do you want to take it back in parts?
"By the way, try this." Qin Shaojie had a brainwave and took out the bag of dried Kun from his body.
"I don’t know if I can fit it in." Opening the mouth of the Gankun bag, Qin Shaojie began to put the Gankun bag on the plane. Then Qin Shaojie witnessed the birth of the miracle.
See a flash of light, and then the huge plane was completely put into the bag.
"Damn, there’s so much space in here." Qin Shaojie looked at the palm-sized dry Kun bag in his hand and said in surprise. "You should try something else in the future."
Qin Shaojie thinks that this thing can even be installed on a plane, so it is not easy to decorate any small objects. If you move from now on, all the furniture except the house will be thrown in, which will save a lot of things. At least you don’t have to pay for a moving company.
These hateful moving companies only need a few hundred dollars to move a high-rise building, and thousands of dollars to move a villa. It’s expensive, right?
"You’re done, get out of here." What turned a circle in this underground warehouse again, and I really didn’t find anything valuable, so I was ready to leave.
Go back as you came. Qin Shaojie continued to sit on the elevator and return the same way. He was not worried that there would be a bunch of armed soldiers outside to warmly welcome him.
"Hey? So quiet? " After coming up, Qin Shaojie discovered that, except for some noise outside, there was no one in the hangar where he was. What was it like when he came and what was it like when he returned?
Mainly because he didn’t know that the soldiers in the whole base were either stunned or frozen into popsicles, and the remaining few people were frightened and ran away without a trace.
"To be a thief, you have to kill and set fire to it. Since you don’t kill people, let’s set fire to it." Qin Shaojie gave himself a perfect excuse and directly hit a three-flavor true fire symbol.
Then, the only remaining hangar was wiped out in the raging fire.
As for those planes that have been completely scrapped, Qin Shaojie doesn’t care.
As the saying goes, whose children are distressed, whether they are sold as scrap iron or what, has nothing to do with Qin Shaojie. He is only responsible for sabotage.
According to the plan, Qin Shaojie came to the place where several people agreed to meet, only to find that all three women moved fast enough to come back earlier than him.
"Where have you been?" Angel looked at Qin Shaojie and asked.
"Secret, hehe." Qin Shaojie smiled and said. "Let’s go, go downtown and find a clothing store that is open 24 hours a day. Let’s change our clothes first. It is estimated that after a while, their reinforcements will come. "
The pavilion with Angela naturally nodded in agreement, but she listened to Dou Re-mei. "Ah, just go? I haven’t had enough fun yet. " Say, a finger inside the base. "Look, isn’t it beautiful?"
Qin Shaojie turned to look, and saw a glittering and translucent piece near the fuel tank. Moreover, there were dozens of columns of different sizes standing high and low, which looked like Zhong ru stone, but the columns were a group of soldiers frozen into popsicles.
"Damn, you are so disobedient." Qin Shaojie said. "You are here to destroy, not to engage in art, what are you doing so beautifully?"
"I didn’t mean to." DouRe mei xi xi laughs. "It’s really nice to have no idea."
"Let’s go, let’s go." Qin Shaojie urged. "Although people in this country like to do something about people’s body art, even if you make a flower, they will only chase you with a gun and won’t give you any art award."
The four of them flew fast all the way and landed in an obscure corner of the city. Then I found a clothing store that was open 24 hours a day and changed into normal clothes before returning to the hotel where Qin He was before.
"Bastard, bastard, who did this?" In the air base, which has almost turned into ruins, an officer in the uniform of major general flew into a rage and looked at the burning hangar with heartache.
Less than five minutes after Qin Shaojie left, five military trucks came, carrying soldiers who came to support. But they’re still a little late.