"Boss Du Lingxiao wants you to go to the office!" Chen hong kong put words to du lingxiao shouted

Du Lingxiao nodded and then left his seat and went straight to the boss’s office. The others immediately whispered.
"You said the boss told him to go to the office? Do you want to give him a raise again? "
"Can’t you? Didn’t you just give him a raise last month? The boss will not be so partial to him, will he? "
"Who knows, his strength is so strong that the boss is afraid that he will run away, so naturally he should be given special treatment. We want that kind of treatment to make ourselves stronger. This is the only way!"
"I heard that the boss is now twenty-five years old and doesn’t have a girlfriend, and that guy Du Lingxiao looks clean in vain. Do you think it is possible that the boss actually doesn’t like women?"
"wow! ! How dare you say such a thing when you’re finished? I’m going to report to my boss. He will definitely give me a raise and make me the main player. But I’ll pretend I haven’t heard these words since you give me 1,200 yuan! "
While these guys were talking, Du Lingxiao had entered the office. The young boss gently said, "Sit down!"
"Thank you!" Du Lingxiao went to his desk and sat down. The young boss knocked on the pile of thick information and said, "I believe that you have been very clear about reporting the ak machine gunner in Chengang. Now I want to tell you that it is my expectation for you!"
"Well, please say it!" Du Lingxiao is very polite and tunnel. He still has great respect for this boss and is very grateful to the other party for his appreciation. Now his salary is terrible in the professional circle. He believes that he can’t find such a highly qualified worker even if he goes out to work in college. Now he can proudly tell his parents that he made the right choice.
"I learned a lot about this machine gunner named Ye Qing ak. He didn’t undergo strict training. His rise is like a frog jumping out of a vegetable market. It is full of chance. If no one finds him, he will stay in the Internet cafe and smell it silently. The key point is that he didn’t show amazing talent when he was in that Internet cafe. If it was me, I would definitely not look at him again, but he broke out with amazing potential after joining that small team." Speaking of this, the young boss paused and took a sip of tea from his teacup.
"He should be as strong as you now, but he has rich experience in competitions and you have never participated in formal professional competitions. This is your disadvantage, but I believe that your psychological quality is very good, even if you participate in the competition for the first time, you will not get stage fright. You have undergone the most rigorous training and are very talented. You should be the most powerful man of this era. You must beat him!" The young boss hit the table with a punch when he said the last sentence!
Chapter 15 The Big Dipper
Du Lingxiao was silent when he heard the boss’s words. Ye Qing called a meeting after he came back from Chen Gang. He already knew in great detail that he was almost a genius, and he also won the Qi Lele Cup in one fell swoop.
He is a very arrogant man. He has been the overlord of the law since he was taken to the Big Dipper Palace. No one can beat him. The people he fights with are all geniuses, but he is a genius among geniuses. In just two years, his accomplishments in ak have been extraordinary. Just like his boss said, he lacks experience in competitions.
"I will beat him, but I won’t take him as I want to surpass my goal because I am better than him now! In fact, you all overestimate him. He won the championship in this competition because the S team retired. The person I am most afraid of is not the powerful machine gunners but the sniper Jiang Yuhan. It is still difficult for our team to dominate this era with him! " Du Lingxiao very cold tunnel
The young boss thought for a while and then smiled and agreed with the tunnel, "What you said is also reasonable! It’s good that you have this confidence, but don’t underestimate your enemy. I know this machine gunner named Ye Qing ak very well. After all, I have made great efforts to collect his information. His strength is definitely one of the best in the world. Don’t hold back when you fight with him. You must do your best! Jiang Yuhan, the sniper god, is indeed an enemy, but our team Tianxuan Star is also a peerless genius. Now the sniper rifle method is not lost to others. I believe that he has suppressed your four-star foot to complete the killing of the remaining four gunners of nb team! "
"Grace? Hehe ….. He’s still a little green, boss. Now you’re guessing that he can compete with Sniper God, but in the actual competition, the decisive factor is not only marksmanship, but also many other factors. The most terrible thing about Sniper God is that he can benefit from all the available factors and rarely let himself be passive. His consciousness is also quite terrible. Such an opponent is not a god! " Du Lingxiao serious tunnel
The seven stars of the Big Dipper id are named after the team leader and the core pillar Du Lingxiao, which is the top star of the Big Dipper, Tian Shu. The soul of the sniper team is naturally ranked in the next day. The other five stars are Tianjing Star, Tianxing Star, Yuheng Star, Yangxing Star and Yaoguang Star respectively.
Chen Gangyi’s strength in the team is still very strong. His id is Yuhengxing, and he is still ranked in Yang and Yaoguang. Later, Yaoguang rushed to the main position through his own efforts, and Yang defeated him with his own strength, so that he is now at the bottom.
Yuheng Star is the brightest star among the Big Dipper, but Chen Gang obviously didn’t light up, but it became the bleakest star. The sniper Wang Du practiced the sniper rifle method in two years and killed the enemy in normal training. Moreover, he was able to maintain his position as Tian Shu star Du Lingxiao every month. Among the two substitutes, Yuheng Star Chen Gang is a machine gunner and Yang Xing is a sniper, which is equivalent to Wang Du’s exclusive substitute. Once Wang Du has something to do, Yang Xing will immediately take his place.
Although Wang Du’s talent is amazing and his marksmanship attainments are high, in Du Lingxiao’s eyes, he is still inferior to Jiang Yuhan, the famous top sniper, who has been recognized internationally as the world’s sniper. His great achievements are far behind. His achievements are outstanding, and there are countless talented guns. Some of them are very retired, but he has never fallen to the enemy at the peak. No one can break the myth!
Hearing Du Lingxiao’s words, the young boss narrowed his eyes. He still has great confidence in his team. All seven people are geniuses, and the main battle every month urges these guys to never slack off and keep strong competitiveness and positive attitude.
Genius is not terrible, but hard-working genius is quite terrible. There are still seven hard-working geniuses at his hand. Tianxuan’s sniper strength is now quite top-notch. Even if he loses to being sniped by God Jiang Yuhan, he is not expected to be worse.
"Tian Shu, you look down upon Tian Xuan too little. In fact, he has never made any effort in the main battle every month. However, Yang Tian’s efforts are still not his opponent. If he is serious, I believe that he will not be much worse than the sniper. Even in the wind, it is impossible for the sniper to suppress him. He can give you great help. The most important thing is that he still has great potential. This is stimulated by the current training method. He needs a strong opponent to stimulate him. It is suspected that the opponent’s encounter with nb team is not a bad thing, but a terrible sniper!" The young boss is very confident, and there is a domineering attitude in his tunnel expression.
Du Lingxiao changed his face unexpectedly. He didn’t expect the boss to have such strong confidence in Tianxuan. What surprised him the most was that Tianxuan had retained his strength in the main battle. He didn’t try his best. The guy turned out to be a shrewd man and knew that he couldn’t expose his cards, even his teammates. Every teammate here is a competitor!
Du Lingxiao naturally retains his strength. He needs to try his best to fight. He can easily beat several other machine gunners. He won’t reveal his true strength until he meets his real opponent. Even his boss doesn’t know how strong he is now.
In fact, he doesn’t know how strong he is, because no one can make him make efforts, so he can verify how strong he is. There is no reference. He nodded to the young and terrible boss. "Since the boss has confidence in Tianxuan, I have nothing to say. Just leave it to me. I won’t let you down. I haven’t had a wave for two years. Now it’s time for my Tian Shu star to shine!"
The young boss burst out laughing and immediately got up and went to Du Lingxiao’s side and patted him on the shoulder. "Go ahead and continue training. After one month, you will create your era. You will create the era of the Big Dipper Palace and look forward to your seven stars shining!"
Du Lingxiao hurriedly got up, bowed respectfully, and then resolutely walked out of the office. A leaf was not enough to give him pressure because he had never failed. He would not be afraid of an enemy who had not yet fought.
A month later, the contest is fdl, which is also officially organized. It is said that the development alliance of professional league across the Firewire is different from fpl independent events. Please pay attention to what the word "Gundam" means. This is not Gundam for mobile suit, but it means that this bonus is very high, but compared with lol and doa, which are rewarded with millions of bonuses, this 220,000 is really not a high bonus. However, it is worth the word "Gundam" in the F competition, which shows how low the salary of F professional players is ..
This development alliance is somewhat similar to the nba of the United States, and even has a draft, and the development alliance is equivalent to the second echelon training center of fpl. The purpose of fpl is to transport talents. fpl has been held for five consecutive years, but it is difficult to find that new faces are almost all old players fighting with each other. It is to transport fresh blood to the major professional teams participating in fpl that fdl was established.
From this point of view, fdl is the fdl team that fpl participates in. Most of them are just professional teams or amateur teams who want to become famous. Among them, the best will have a great chance to be recruited into fpl professional teams and become top league professional players in the draft.
To put it more simply, fpl is equivalent to the China Football Super League while fdl is equivalent to the Chinese League. This competition is different. Club I can participate in it. Although they just won the championship in Qilele Cup, they are still a new force and need to go to fdl to experience it again.
The official debut of the Big Dipper Palace will naturally be able to participate. They must be qualified to enter the fpl in the fdl, otherwise they cannot directly participate in the fpl competition. Of course, strong teams such as nb team, ag team, ig team, Qingcheng team and Tiger Brothers League will not come to participate. They have already obtained the fpl qualification.
Among them, nb team, ag team, ig team, Qingcheng Tiger Brothers League and other super teams will enter another important event in half a month. It is an international competition. China can send two teams to compete for these two places. These super teams will fight for their heads. At this time, they are all preparing for the battle and don’t care about fdl roots.
Ye Qing doesn’t know much about these events. After all, he didn’t become a professional player for a long time, and he has always been arranged by Da Mi. Now that Da Mi has handed over the team department to him, he knows how troublesome it is. He has to take the time to learn about each event and see which events they are currently qualified to participate in.
As a result, after research, he found that his team can participate in fdl at present, and only after being affirmed in that event can they be qualified to participate in top-level events. Compared with Qi Lele Cup, Ye Qing’s excitement of winning the championship has also been diluted a lot.
Fdl is a league, which means that it will take a long season and consume a lot of time. Moreover, this league is divided into regular season and playoffs, and the final is the finals. This period will start the draft, and all the players of the major teams can participate in the draft. Those super team leaders or professional managers will come to participate in the draft, and they will sign their favorite players. Of course, this player must have no contract constraints.
Most of the players who participate in fdl teams are amateur teams and semi-professional teams. Professional teams are often rare. Most players are free players without contracts. They can join a team if they want, and the original team can’t bind them.
Chapter 16 CF boundary changes
When the I club has been training intensively for half a month, there are some shocking news in the F world. The super strong team ag team array has changed. kwo retired sniper Li Sinan has become a machine gunner to fill the vacancy of the machine gunner after kwo retired, and the sniper position has a new member mung bean bear.
Mung bean is a newcomer to fpl in the fourth season. Wang’s performance is very eye-catching. He beat 7kg in the star race for a while, but this does not mean that Mung bean is definitely better than 7kg, because there are many factors that determine the outcome in the competition, depending on the player’s state at that time and improvising these top snipers. Everyone can win or lose except Jiang Yuhan, the world sniper.
Some media like to exaggerate the headlines to attract the audience’s attention. Mung Bean defeated 7kg in the Star Game. These media said that Mung Bean had been crowned a new generation of sniper gods. This is really too hasty. You know, the first 7kg was called sniper gods, but it took a long process. In the process, he won many victories. It was these victories that made him successfully promoted to the ranks of sniper gods.
Although mung beans are not necessarily stronger than 7kg, there is no doubt that the strength of defeating 7kg snipers in a competition is absolutely quite strong. With mung beans joining the ag team, it can be said that they will become even stronger!
The command of the ag team has changed. Now the command is dono. This guy’s command ability is very strong. In fpl’s four-season finals, the ag team finally encountered the whole city competition. They are determined to win this game, especially in foreign towns. This map was very unfavorable for the ag team at that time.
The audience were already discussing the fifth map how the two teams would fight. It can be seen that they had already won the whole competition, but the ag team launched rush under the command of dono, and this game became a classic battle of the season.
Now that dono has returned to the ag team and is in charge of the team command, it will become even more terrible. If I meet the ag team again, I am afraid, but it is impossible to win by Ye Qing alone. Ye Qing is also shocked after receiving the news. Now the F professional circle is really getting harder and harder to mix. Every team is reforming and getting stronger, but their team is still very weak. What a worrying prospect!
In addition to the change of ag team array, there is also a news worthy of all teams’ attention. The newly-rising ep competitive club has gradually entered people’s field of vision, and this club has gradually formed F team besides lol team.
Among them, the F team array is also very strong. Ma Zhe, a well-known sniper, went to ep to coach the F team after retiring from the original team, and bes Shen Chong retired to ep to lead the F team. The investors behind this club are even more striking. It turned out that the famous sniper White Shark, a former professional player, invested in the establishment of this team. These three people have already made this team worth noting.
The original white shark also participated in the fpl competition for three seasons. Because of the team’s poor record, he chose to retire and concentrate on managing the team, and then he bought Modern Competition and renamed it epmodern Array. They also gained great innovation strength and entered the fs qualification battle with great ambition.
There are more and more strong teams, and the competition is more and more fierce. It is even more difficult to win a championship. It is even more difficult to win a championship in a row. No team can always dominate, and maybe even nb team can monopolize all the championships!
F professional circle has gradually become more and more like football, basketball and other sports. Professionalization has formed a rental situation near here. Team professionals have become a kind of business that can be transferred, sold or temporarily rented.
When a team becomes a China team to participate in international competitions, it is time to form the strongest team. This team can temporarily rent powerful players from other teams, and it is only necessary to pay the rent by the day. For example, Club I defeated all national teams in fs and qualified for the fs World Finals. Then they can rent nb team Jiang Yuhan, and then rent several of the five gun gods to form the strongest team to represent China in the war, so that they can win the championship with greater certainty.