Ducal Gayton didn’t get angry either, but smiled and took out a black instrument and waved it at Gassel. "So … goodbye!"

As he spoke, his fingers suddenly pressed the only red button on the face and then his body moved.
"Where to go!"
A light drink rang behind him, followed by a pair of giant claws like skeletons, which grabbed Ducal Gaeton and revealed half of his body.
"What …" Ducal Gaeton’s heart was startled to look round only to find that a lean man with a height of only one meter and five meters appeared behind his back. His right arm was thin and attached with a long tail, which was to seize his huge palm, and this palm was faint with a few words of oppressive force to suppress the energy in Ducal Gaeton’s body!
Anbeck sneered and slowly flew over. Sharp nails rubbed against Ducal Gayton’s face and wiped out blood stains. "Ducal Gayton, I told you you couldn’t leave, but before that, tell the old man what you just played?"
"Let … let me go!" Ducal Gaeton didn’t care about Anbeck, but looked at the sky with a look of horror. "Hurry up and let me go!"! I don’t want to die! "
"Hey? I remember that I was not so afraid of death before. My hands were still dark in the battle. Why did you suddenly show this expression? " Anbeck looked back at Gassel.
Then he saw Gassel and his colleagues looking at the sky with serious eyes.
"Ducal Gaeton, you bastards want to start the" celestial instrument "to send this planet to another plane … let me guess what you’re going to do is to merge this planet with a plane planet and then create a disaster to directly erase the weaker forces among us and reduce the enemy by at least nine points before the war, right? ?”
Ducal Gaeton probably knew that he had no other way but to die, but simply stopped struggling and sneered, "You guessed it! This time, we protoss will catch you all! What’s the harm in letting you know about this? Gassel, as far as I know, you haven’t changed the dynamic strength of the celestial instrument, have you? "
Gassel shook his head honestly. "I really don’t have the strength … but can you defeat us by doing such a thing?"
"Hum! Of course we have follow-up measures, but all you can do now is wait for death! "
Gasser sneer at a "we are the dead … not the elector! The biggest difference between us and you is that we are never afraid of death. We must be able to take revenge on the candidates, even if we die, we will face it calmly! "
And he clapped his hands, and Qi Qi Fei, the destroyer, came to pose a strange law on the sea.
"This is …" Ducal Gaeton looked down at the dead and posed in formation. After a few minutes, his face suddenly changed in horror and called "the five-star summoning array! What are you doing? What are you … going to do to the celestial world! "
Gassel smiled indifferently and looked at the side as far as the eye can see every day. The array has appeared. It exudes a deep blue light. The array is from the artifact [Tiandong Instrument]. Relatively speaking, the array of the dead on the ground is almost the same. However, when the strength of ten thousand dead people is United, it bursts like a blazing sun, evaporating the water in the surrounding Fiona Fang Caspian Sea and forming a high water curtain around the anti-five-star summoning array.
"We are dead. Death is not terrible for us …" Gassel said calmly. "We are dying in the battle for more than 7,000 years. Now fighting is not so much revenge as it is the only driving force that supports us!"
"So we are not afraid of death … since you have moved the [celestial instrument], it has already formed a mortal situation for many of us, so don’t blame us for pulling you to be buried! The anti-five-star summoning array has always been a law for human believers to summon’ God’ arrival. This time, the anti-five-star summoning array will be summoned by the powerful force of the dead … "
Gassel’s finger suddenly pointed to Ducal Gaeton. "You gods!"
*j novel knight
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods!
There are many stars in the vast universe, and the Milky Way is shining brightly. The stars are shining all over the sky, and people know who is manipulating the universe.
But many people know that controlling the whole planet is the greatest mother Gaia in this world.
Gaia is as illusory as a true god, saying that everyone knows that she contributes to the life and living environment of photothermal contributors in the attribute sphere, but she never asks people for anything, as if it is her mission to conceive everything on the planet.
Even Kaiōshin has to admit that even those soldiers in the universe are powerful and overbearing, and no one has ever said a bad word about Gaia. Even the vicious villains will not insult Gaia … the mother of the earth.
"Gaia really so great? I really want to fight with her. "Sun Wu, a brunette on the planet where North Kaiō lives, said with a laugh.
"You idiot, don’t say that Gaia is illusory. Even if you see her, I’m afraid she will kill you if she moves her finger?" North Kaiō, a pudgy figure, growled, "Why don’t you cover the house for me soon?"
"Isn’t it already changed?" Sun Wu stretched out his hand and pointed to the next room.
North Kaiō lowered the magic crystal and looked at it. "Are you sure this room can withstand your head full of muscle idiots?"
"If you are out of breath, you should be able to?" Sun Wu laughed and started to guide a small room.
The small room was broken. North Kaiō jumped up and kicked Sun Wu’s ass to "cover"
"Ok, ok, I’ll give you a new one." Sun Wu smiled and scratched his head to carry the wood.
At this time, lying back on the couch, North Kaiō suddenly froze and then jumped up and shouted "Sun Wu"
"What’s wrong here?" Sun Wu immediately appeared beside North Kaiō and took two fingers from the eyebrows.
North Kaiō kept shaking as if something terrible had happened. He said anxiously, "Hurry back to the earth. A planet suddenly appeared next to the earth, and the horse will collide with the earth."
"What?" Sun Wu was surprised and immediately said, "I’ll be right back."
Then he put a pair of fingers on his forehead and disappeared instantly.
North Kaiō sat down on the ground and murmured, "It’s too late … even if you’re afraid you can save the earth this time."
"Earth …" zhaojie, the highest mountain in Taimour, in Varoran sighed deeply.
At the moment, Varoran is no different from human beings in the vice of "212" … Except for the travelers, the mountain of death is already a Wang Yang.
At the moment, even on this planet, you can still feel the extreme momentum. From this mountain peak, you can probably see the water-blue planet-the earth.