Is the department completed? How is that possible? Isn’t this only 999?

Vaguely Yang Ye felt something was wrong.
The system shows that the collection has been completed, so the average player will definitely go and hand it in. No one will count how much he has collected, and this system will not show how much you have collected unless you deliberately remember it …
Yang Ye didn’t write it himself, but a miner’s hat.
Through the miner’s hat, he can clearly see the number of dead soldiers’ souls-999. This data is hidden and can’t be seen without the miner’s hat.
Did not meet the completion criteria but was shown to have been completed …
Oh, that’s interesting.
"Azeri, you old skeleton, what do you really want to do …" Yang Ye picked up the lost soldier’s soul bone and murmured.
Since I can’t figure it out, Yang Ye doesn’t intend to think about it, and he will have the means to block the water. Ai Ze is just np himself but a player.
And he is very want to see this azer exactly what to do.
Corners of the mouth pulled up with a smile Yang Yewang looked at Ai Zefang and lit a torch, holding 999 lost souls and bones and leaving for Ai Ze …
Azeri, the former king, is still sitting on the scorched wood at this time, looking at the deep skull Lan Huo, sometimes flourishing and sometimes sparse. He didn’t move, so he just sat there as if he were really a skeleton that had been dead for a long time
"Lilina …" Azeri suddenly whispered three words.
"She may be … so …" Azer continued. Lan Huo lightened some, showing that he was a little depressed. "I will save … you."
Tightening his hand, Lan Huo, the leader of the Heaven Wing, burned again. His head was so dazzling and bright in the night. Even if it was far away, Yang Ye clearly saw the commander-in-chief of the Heaven Wing.
Perhaps it is adapted to this land. Ai Ze is much stronger than ordinary people for the surrounding movement and noise. Far away, he turned his skull head half a circle along his spine and aimed it at Yang Ye coming towards him.
Cranial Lan Huo seems to be more vigorous.
"Azeri, what the hell are you thinking ….." Yang ambition first guessed that people slowly approached Azeri.
Approaching Azer, he raised his head and stared at Yang Ye for a while as if he didn’t know him in just a few days, and then he gathered his "sight" in Yang Ye’s hands.
"Human … you are better than I … imagined". I haven’t seen you for a few days, and my speaking ability has rapidly declined again.
"Ai Ze’s predecessors are fortunate enough not to disgrace their lives!" Yang Ye handed over the dead soldiers and stared at the skeleton or the skull fire. He expected to see something from these "skull fires", but unfortunately it was much more difficult than looking at the expression.
Azeri turned the master-slave right hand of the Heaven Wing Death Army to the left hand, and then extended his right hand to Yang Ye’s hand, shaking and taking it.
After he took over the dead soldier’s soul bone, his mood didn’t fluctuate at all-the skull flame didn’t change and he picked it up and sniffed it-
"Yes, that’s the smell, my soldiers …" Azer said. "Finally, finally, I’ve waited for so long and finally I’ve waited for my lovely soldiers. Why are you running away? Why don’t you let me put it away? What want to escape … "Azeri stroked the lost soldier’s soul bone murmured.
Here, Yang Ye suddenly realized a problem. Even with a miner’s hat, it was too short for Azer to collect the dead soldiers’ souls, so short that it was almost instantaneous for Azer.
So why didn’t former Ai Ze receive the soul of the dead soldier?
Yang Yeshou really needs to avoid the attack of wild monsters, and those wild monsters in Aize are afraid to get close to him automatically when they see him. In this case, it should be put away and it should be easy.
Maybe the dead soldiers are constantly avoiding him?
Yes, yes!
These dead soldiers are constantly escaping. They don’t want to be put away by Azer …
Yang Ye’s face changed slightly. This Azeri is afraid that it is not what he and the world think …
At this time, Ai Ze is holding the bones of the dead soldiers and constantly whispering that the skull flame is getting more and more prosperous … The Lord of the dead soldiers in his hands is also shaking slightly, and the white feathers are constantly shaking off, and the red light is floating with the cold wind against the fire …
"Ah … human …" Azeri suddenly turned his "line of sight" to Yang Ye.
Yang Ye frowned. To tell the truth, he really doesn’t want to deal with this Azer now, but after thinking about it, he still said, "What are the orders of Azer’s predecessors?"
"Jie Jie ….." Azer strange smile two "human, you see my soul bone seems to be short of a soul …" To be continued.
Chapter 134 Death Town Waste Monument
Yang Ye alpha males.
Instead, I suddenly laughed. Sure enough, I’ve been wondering why the dead soldier will lose a soul, but it shows that it has been completed. The idea that the last one is to keep this azer for myself is really vicious.
Staring at Ai Ze Yang Ye with burning eyes and taking two steps back, he sarcastically said, "What does Ai Ze’s elder mean?"
Yize skull head to Yang Yedong eyes deep and remote blue skull fire beating again he strange smile and then got up and his right hand carrying heaven wing dead army master left hand held high the dead soldier’s soul bone lang laughed "is … let you … into my department! Jie jie jie … "
At this time, the dark area will be illuminated by the light of the dead soldier.
Yang Ye anger extremely the laughs "oh? Dedicate my soul to you? "
"That’s right!" Azeri said he couldn’t move his head and turned to Yang Ye. "This is a privilege! You should be very happy to agree! "
Happy your brother-in-law!
Yang secretly scolded him for not knowing whether this was a plot or not, but judging from the current situation, there was probably an unknown battle with Ai Ze, but just looking at the weapons in his hand, I knew that this battle was not easy to fight …
Can Yang Ye resist giving his soul to others for such a mandatory order? What a joke!
"Ai Ze’s predecessors have this condition in Marie!" Yang Ye refused.