However, he hasn’t come to explain that 1v3 next to it has long been unbearable for General Manager Jin. He sneered, "Even if others are cheating, what can I do for you? You’re very generous. Are you the boss of the myth of sanctuary? You dare to comment on everyone? Don’t be uncomfortable! "

"Shut up!" Next to a footman jumped out, "Speak politely to manager Jin, or you won’t know how to die."
"hey!" 1v3 immediately looked at him in horror. "I’m so scared. I don’t know how I died."
"What if he scared me to death?" The toilet fast chicken teacher joked aside.
"Oh yeah, I’m scared to death, scared to death, scared to death, scared to death, scared to death!" 1v3 This strange thing is stronger or weaker than mad dog dragon.
The attendant was very angry. "Listen up, you guys. We are here to pay attention to your image today!"
"Oh, the Arctic magic!" Tintin fish immediately opened his mouth, and 1v3 stopped talking with the horse. The toilet-keeper looked at the sample and the horse was unintelligent.
"Ha ha, it’s good to know!" The valet couldn’t help laughing smugly.
He didn’t laugh, but it was a good smile. The three Ding Ding fish quickly burst into laughter and almost burst into tears. "Hahahaha, the Tokugawa guild in Stefan Maierhofer ran to Teisburg and ran wild. I still feel how awesome I am like the Arctic Shekinah."
Feifei elder sister’s heart immediately counted. It seems that this friend, Sunny Sunny, is not small at all. She doesn’t even look at the Arctic divine light. It’s not like she’s pretending to laugh at them.
But the attendant’s face turns green, and General Jin’s face is quite ugly.
Seeing it on a sunny day, he quickly said, "We are all friends. It’s better to pick something you like when General Jin comes in person today. Today, all the shops are discounted."
It seems that I don’t want to offend manager Jin’s mad dog, Long Chao Ding Ding Yu, on a sunny day. The three of them have made signal with the lips, which means it’s a sunny day. Dude, let’s give her some noodles and don’t make it difficult for her.
Mr. Jin is calm again. "Well, it’s necessary to come and see your achievements by the way."
After that, he led the crowd to the depths of the exhibition area. Before leaving, he turned his head and glanced at the mad dog dragon. This warning was very strong.
But mad dog dragon was a little annoyed by this glance. What do you mean? I’ll give you a face. I don’t want to argue with you. You still look like you’re not going to stop until you die
"What does this guy do?" Mad dog dragon turned and asked
Clear the pie mouth didn’t answer.
Sister Fei quickly explained, "This guy is a high-level player in the Arctic Shenguang, not a fighter, but he is one of the biggest vendors in Qingqing!"
"oh? What’s the matter? " Mad dog dragon curiosity to be continued
Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Gold manager
Mad dog dragon once had a fight with the Arctic divine light, but he still knew very little about it.
This second largest guild in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer has its unique advantage, that is, it controls a lot of materials.
Ordinary players understand that fighting capacity is a very important symbol of a guild. This understanding is actually true. For example, the bloody castle and Mu Zixing’s bloody castle are superior to many experts, many people and strong overall strength.
Although the other two are not as good as each other, the other two are not easily provoked by your bloody castle.
The bloody castle is just off the coast of Christa Harbor. There was a small-scale battle in the Arctic Shenguang, and the number of people involved in the battle was as high as five. At that time, the bloody castle occupied an absolute advantage, but despite heavy casualties, the Arctic Shenguang refused to admit defeat. One batch after another, I played wheel wars with you.
At that time, many people thought that the Arctic divine light was quite unwise, and it took a huge cost of casualties to delay, but after five days, the situation was different, because the bloody castle people went to the port of Crista to buy supplies and found that the whole port and the whole street were out of stock.
Later, when I asked, I learned that the Arctic Shenguang cut off a lot of raw materials for port life. Players have no raw materials to produce, but they can sell the supplies to the Arctic Shenguang people or refuse to deliver them.
The bloody castle was immediately in an awkward position. From the large-scale support in Hoefeld City, it was too much to continue to consume. Hundreds of people could not buy food and drink, nor did it retreat. It was not the last week that the bloody castle gave up that precious refresh point.
In this battle, many important people noticed the importance of the supply route, for example, the footprint of Caesar Palace.
On the surface, guild hegemony is a struggle for both sides’ force value, but in fact, it is more about fighting for economic strength and connections of various guild resources.
Arctic Shenguang is a leader in this respect in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer. It controls many teams, workshops, transportation teams and important ways of production and manufacturing, except that the black market has been infiltrated by Mu Zixing’s eyes because of the black market, and General Manager Jin’s words in this respect are quite fair. It can be said that based on which stores he wants to give raw materials, the store does not say how hot the business is, but at least the materials should never be lacking, which means that the goods must be broken.
"No wonder it’s so awkward!" Mad dog dragon nodded. In fact, he dare not look down on non-combat professional players now. Although they have no direct force, the resources in their hands are the most powerful weapons.
After listening to Fei Jie’s explanation, 1v3 is still a little angry. "What’s wrong with money? Cut to death with a sword! Slag! "
Mad dog dragon heart "come on, not to pay tribute to one of their own? Let’s go and see what good medicine there is! "
A group of four people also wandered around the exhibition area. If men go shopping quickly, they will choose the drugs they want in less than one minute.
Tintin Fish Buy is a medicine called Daoqi Pill, which has the main effect of randomly increasing the energy intensity by 35 points for 3 seconds.
It is such a small black pill whose efficacy is still not very stable that it will be sold for a diamond coin and a high price.
Although few people are interested in it, they know the goods and spend a lot of money. Tinfish buys one at a time, and 50% off a diamond coin is five diamond coins.
1v3 and the toilet-fast chicken chef scoffed at this. "Is that what the fuck is going on?" Not even a holy coin? You still have face? No wonder you’ve been battling us lately and always lose! "
Tinfish quickly countered, "How much did you buy?"
1v3 and Buy Fast Chicken in Toilet are "Clear Red Medicine" that instantly restores 1 point of health. The price is 3 diamond coins and 1 piece.
The two bought a total of four discounts, which is exactly two holy coins.
"Not much!" Tintin fish disgruntled twist a head "melon elder brother? Buy it? "
Mad dog dragon buy is "endless sunshine", which restores 1 health point per second, and lasts for 1 second without external skills, special effects and attacks, thus reducing the therapeutic effect.
This thing is definitely a powerful medicine. Once it can’t kill Xiaoqiang, of course, the price is also surprisingly expensive. 2 diamond coins and 1 piece.
Mad Dog Dragon bought a whole box at one time.
"How many are there in a box?" Dingding fish is curious
Mad dog dragon laughed. "Please look at the big screen!"
The central screen display such subtitles.
No1 section 1 hard cucumber "endless sunny" consumption amount of 2 dragon coins.
Actually, it’s a dragon coin, but Ding Ding’s mouth is full. "You … are you eating medicine as a meal?"
"What do you know!" Mad dog dragon wants red medicine in sunny days for the next two years, which saves the trouble of running around the mall. On the other hand, the therapeutic effect of this medicine is quite suitable for him
There is so much money in the account as soon as it is sunny. "Ha, thank you, boss!"
"must!" Mad dog dragon made a snap of his fingers. "Tintin, do you see if Guage is enough for one of our own? Huh? What’s the matter with you? "
Tintin fish nodded wryly. "That’s, that’s, that’s for a while. How about going to our side and buying two Long Bi white-flour steamed buns? If you can’t finish eating, you can pack it. We will also give you a 50% discount! "
Mad dog Long Dao "How many can I buy?"
Tinfish smirked, "You can buy 10 million."
"hmm? Let me think! " The mad dog dragon shouted as soon as he counted the horse. "Even if you eat 4 meals a day, you can eat 2 fuck! If you can’t finish eating for three years, you can get out and die! "
On a sunny day, I patted Mad Dog Dragon on the shoulder. "Brother Gua, you bought this medicine, which is now my best-selling medicine, and the most important raw material for this medicine is … the Arctic divine light should be there and only they can!"
Mad dog dragon Xu Congma will understand
To put it bluntly, manager Jin is really a person who can’t be guilty on a sunny day. This is an exclusive deal.
Mad dog dragon can’t make fun of his good friend’s career even if he is reckless. After all, people want the most business in sunny days. Can you not offend General Jin by being brave for a while?
Of course, manager Jin, if you mess around, you will face someone who can mess around more than you.
Mad Dog Dragon Trail "If that guy gives you a hard time or pesters you, please let me know that at least your boss is from the Eastern Dynasty and you are also half from the Eastern Dynasty."
"Ha ha, don’t worry!" On a sunny day, I smiled again. "He’s not my type at all. I don’t care about him when I’m free."
"What kind do you like?" Mad dog dragon actually sticks up
"Well ….." A little blushed on a sunny day. "Hey, hey, I won’t tell you!"
"It’s boring!" Mad dog dragon disdain way