Ankylosaurus evolved from primitive humans because its body contained a small amount of dragon blood. Jackie Chan was a semi-dragon clan, and its body was covered with hard Long Lin. The strength of its long dragon tail was also a big surprise, which was its secret weapon for winning. The 45-grade gold BOSS1HP was its famous stunt, the dragon tail volley, and Long Lin’s hand Long Lin protected the body.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Ankylosaurus (in)
"If you don’t want to be sharingan’s successor, you can be rampant." Ankylosaurus said grimly, "sharingan’s successor is my territory here. Even if ice cloud knows that she will come to me or not, hum, let me try it. See how powerful sharingan, the most powerful Uchihiro gens artifact in the smell."
The Dragon Man said that he had already left the throne in a flash, and he had already come to me in the blink of an eye. Even my avenger, who is extremely agile, was suddenly tongue-tied. But what surprised me most was that the Dragon Man’s long dragon tail was so fast that I could hardly see sharingan clearly. I felt a light flash from my eyes, followed by a slap and a slap.
"beaten volley! 」
147 damage floated from my head, which almost startled me. My life value has bottomed out. Fortunately, my life value is limited to 15+, so Kan Kan has successfully resisted the dragon’s stunt dragon tail volley. What? You said my health should be at 5 o’clock. Why did it suddenly become 15+?
Hey, hey, it’s also thanks to the new equipment that I just got recently. The tulip necklace has a 5-point ability bonus through the tulip necklace. My attribute value can be said to have risen linearly, and my health value has increased crazily. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’m already hanging on the dragon’s tail volley.
However, what makes me feel a little sorry is that the tulip suit has been posted on several common suits in the forum. Its suit attributes are all about strengthening health mana or percentage of other attribute points. Only my tulip suit attribute is 15% resistance to all kinds of magic spells besides increasing luck, with an ultimate six-pointed star destroying other similar attribute bonus percentages, which is none.
But on second thought, it’s right whether it’s a tulip ring, a tulip bracelet or a tulip necklace. It’s all a five-point super pole, plus a powerful skill attached to each piece of equipment, which has already surpassed the fairy device. If the attribute percentage of tulip suit is strengthened, it may be comparable to the attribute of artifact.
As soon as my life value was reduced, the fastest healing light was immediately scattered to Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The holy light surrounded me, and I felt comfortable and bottomed out. The life value increased crazily, and it was restored in three seconds. I have to say that the pastoral profession is definitely an indispensable key figure in the battlefield. The outcome of a battle often depends on the pastor gap.
"If ordinary people get hurt by me, it will be less. You have good strength. You are worthy of the successor of Uchihiro clan in sharingan." The Jianjialong people ignored Tyrannosaurus Rex to help me heal my life, but slowly raised the right hand covered with Long Lin and said confidently, "sharingan’s successor will try me a trick, Long Lin’s hand."
The Ankylosaurus just said, "Long Lin’s right hand quickly attacked him, and the speed was as fast as it was broken. 1245 points of damage immediately floated from the top of his head, and he just recovered and hit the bottom again."
Originally, at this time, if the Ankylosaurus wanted to make up another one, I would be suspicious. Surprisingly, the Ankylosaurus didn’t attack again, but slowly raised the right hand that had just attacked Long Lin. "It is said that sharingan, the Uchihiro clan, has the skill of writing rounds to fight back. On what kind of attack skills the other side can make, sharingan can fight back. So I just made Long Lin attack. I don’t know if you want to fight back like Long Lin?"
This one stumped me!
After all, writing a round of counter-attack really means counter-attack attack skills. Even if the guardian eats God, Wang’s empty eyes and Tai Chi magnetic field, I will still give counter-attack. But those counter-attack skills can be imitated and copied. At present, Long Lin’s hand attack is a dragon scale, and my body has not grown out of Long Lin. If you want to display the writing round of counter-attack?
It’s impossible to make the writing wheel fight back and then Long Lin suddenly grows on my arm? If that’s the case, then it’s a bit of a spoof. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if Long Lin suddenly grew out of her arm. Will the girl who is the only girl here be scared by Long Lin’s hand?
I didn’t know whether my arm would change into a dragon’s scale until I relied on fantasy, so I immediately increased sharingan’s three rounds of hook jade rotation and silently read "Write a round to fight back!"
The original rough arm suddenly itches, and a piece of Long Lin forcefully grows out of the arm. Gray-blue Long Lin almost covers the original thick fingers with his right hand in an instant, but it has changed and gradually formed African claws.
I feel that my arm is full of power now. If it is in the real world, maybe a five-story residential area can be collapsed with one punch. Of course, the power in the game is stronger than that in the real world, so I really want to try the power of this Long Lin hand to see how powerful it is.
"JianJiaLong people try to write a round of counter-attack power in sharingan." After that, the rapid swing of the right fist made me feel that the whole thing suddenly stopped and the only thing that could move was covered with a thick layer of Long Lin’s right fist
13464 Long Lin’s hand power really made me blink. The explosive power is amazing. It’s a punch to the original blood-filled Ankylosaurus, and the life value dropped by a quarter. If we can have so many dragons hanging on our right hands, why don’t Ankylosaurus come easily?
"ding! Sharingan, the player’s dragon soul artifact, comes with the skill of writing a round to counterattack and counterattack the dragon’s right hand. Is it a collection? " Just a second of injury floated above the dragon head, and I also received a unified message.
Dragon’s right hand part changes skills and consumes 4 mana. Dragon’s right arm part changes. Dragon’s hand can burst into unprecedented destructive power. When the skill cools down, it will take 3 minutes. If it grows, please explore it yourself.
This dragon’s right hand is really amazing. The skill almost instantly changes me into Jackie Chan. Although it is a partial change, isn’t it written in white at the back of the skill? This skill is still growing, so once it grows, it may be a physical change.
What? You said it was impossible to achieve physical change at once? Hehe, there is nothing to worry about, even if the growth is not a physical change, then look forward to it; If it’s still not a physical change, then look forward to it again. Anyway, if you keep growing like this, there will always be a physical change.
Since Shenlong’s right hand is so powerful, I naturally have no reason not to collect it, so I immediately chose to collect it. Suddenly, there is a new skill in the sharingan copy column. It seems that I haven’t copied sharingan’s skills for a long time. It seems that it is time to go out and find some powerful skills.
"It’s really hateful. I’m angry. None of you will leave here." Jianankylosaurus people say so, but they have already panicked in their hearts. After all, they are proud of themselves, but relying on the defense shown by the solid Long Lin, and just now the dragon’s right hand showed remarkable destructive power, and their health value dropped by a quarter. It’s terrible.
Now I know something about the strength of Ankylosaurus. When the holy horn flying horse dark wing bat king is summoned by pet calling, it will also be hidden in the corner. Zhao Linger also calls out. Hey hey, in front of him, Ankylosaurus is much weaker than Pharaoh in the desert pyramid, which is the first shortcut in the temple of life, so I also let them out for air and vent their anger that was ravaged by Pharaoh just now.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Ankylosaurus ()
"sharingan’s successor, I … I give up, please don’t kill me." At the sight of the 42-level holy horn flying horse, the dark-winged bat king plus broke through to the 4-level Zhao Linger because of killing Pharaoh, which was scary but not light, so he immediately begged for mercy without thinking.
After all, two 42-level opponents and a 4-level opponent can barely take the 45-level armored dragon if they are one-on-one, but I’m afraid they can’t if they fight in groups. After all, there is not much difference between three opponents and one, and he is sure to win or lose
"Hey, let’s not do this. We haven’t even played yet. Why did you give up?" The demon was first depressed when he was crying.
After all, just now, the Ankylosaurus claimed to be a level-5 beast, and it was the most powerful sacred dragon in the dragon. It was’ merciful’ to let us leave, but I didn’t know that after the arrival of the eldest avenger, the tables turned and the Ankylosaurus unexpectedly surrendered. The gap between before and after almost made the devil cry and changed a dragon.
The Ankylosaurus said contemptuously, "What do you know? I’m calling it" stop when I’m ready ".Although I’m a 45-level dragon, I’m not arrogant enough to besiege the enemy, the flying horse of the Holy Horn and Zhao Linger, the descendant of Nuwa, the Dark Wing Bat King. Of course, I don’t mind dying with you if you are going to fight me recklessly."
Zhao Linger, the flying horse of the Holy Horn and the king of dark-winged bats, are currently strong, and there are priests, warriors and players around him. The Ankylosaurus naturally knows that if there is a war, he may be able to hang up one or two, but it is certainly no accident that he is hanged. He doesn’t want to die. Ankylosaurus wants to make a compromise and hopes that the other party will agree to reconcile with himself if he doesn’t want to lose hands.
"I just heard you say that Uchihiro ice cloud can you speak in more detail? If I am satisfied, I can let you live for the time being on behalf of everyone. "A 45-level Ankylosaurus wants to come and won’t produce any great equipment, so I focused my attention on what he just said, Uchihiro Ice Cloud, hoping to let me find some clues with ice clouds and valleys.
Ankylosaurus gave me a confused look, and I really couldn’t understand why I asked this stupid question. Well, at least in his view, this question is stupid. Ankylosaurus still honestly said, "Yes, Uchihiro ice cloud is the top 16-story keeper of the Temple of Life, guarding and saying that the seven high artifacts in China area of the world are a goddess of life."
"Say the seven high artifacts in the China region of the world?" After all, the ultimate goal of this trip to the temple of life is to get the staff of the goddess of life, to learn more about the staff and to predict the upcoming unknown dangers
Ankylosaurus nodded and said, "It is said that all regions of the world have their own high artifacts, and our China region has the largest number of high artifacts because of its largest population."
"Artifact is not an artifact. What do you want to call a high artifact? Is there any difference in this? " For the high artifact, we have never heard of it. Since the Dragon Man is willing to reconcile with us, learning more from him and saying that the world is the best means.
"The so-called high artifact is the super equipment that is above all artifacts. Well, some people in China area call it super artifact." Jianjialong people just said the word "super artifact" and saw that everyone pricked up their ears and quietly waited for their own super artifact. The name is different.
However, the Ankylosaurus people are also very frank and directly say what they know, as if he came to the spirit as soon as he arrived at the super artifact. "There are seven high artifacts in our China area, that is, others collectively refer to the super artifact. Well, in addition to the staff of life (the staff of the goddess of life), there are light and dark Excalibur (light and dark magic sword), archery bow, Wu Shen armor, Xuanyuan Excalibur, and sharingan with empty eyes."
"The light and dark Excalibur and Xuanyuan Excalibur are weapons that melee professions are good at making; The archery bow is a weapon that archers are good at; The staff of life is the weapon made by the remote mage. Wu Shen Armor is the only armor among the seven super artifacts, and all professions can wear protective armor. Yu Xubai’s eyes and sharingan’s mirror are special auxiliary super artifacts. "
Ankylosaurus took a look at my closed forehead and pulled the white snake’s forehead. sharingan said, "Super artifact mirror sharingan ability. I don’t think you can appreciate the mystery until your own strength rises."
"You mean Uchiha ice cloud is on the 16th floor? Is the sixteenth floor of the temple of life the ice cloud valley? " I could have got some clues, which is like directly getting Uchihiro ice cloud’s 16th floor. This is not something that players can rush away now.
"Well, the sixteenth floor is really called Ice Cloud Valley, but in the temple of life, creatures prefer to call it Death Snow Valley." Ankylosaurus paused for a moment and suddenly seemed to think of something, and continued, "Well, by the way, wake you up, Uchihiro ice cloud is the favorite ice mage. She doesn’t necessarily stay on the sixteenth floor when she is in the temple of life, that is to say, from the first floor to the sixteenth floor, you may meet Uchihiro ice cloud at any time."
Ankylosaurus people don’t say this, but it is better to say that the devil is crying and falling in love with Tyrannosaurus Rex. Uchihiro ice cloud, although they don’t know how much strength there is, it is impossible for NPC, the goddess of life guarding the super artifact, to be worse than the first Pharaoh, even if it is weak.
Even the Pharaoh, I finally had to gamble, and this was the only way to win the destruction of the six-pointed star
Therefore, if she is in a good mood, maybe we still have hope. If she is in a bad mood, then waiting for us is to be directly killed and hung back. Don’t be so suspicious and don’t believe me. Although I don’t know the ice cloud level of Uchibo, she has less sharingan. Harle and Tianzhao alone are not what I can compete with now.
What? You said that I still have a round of counter-attacks, and I can rely on the round of counter-attacks to fight back Harle and Tianzhao?
Depend on whether you are an idiot or a fool. The other party is a mirror. sharingan said that although the function of the world’s super-artifact is not yet fully understood, what will be released by the low-class sharingan to fight back and block it? You don’t believe it? Then I can tell you, please don’t doubt the super-artifact power
"It’s good for you to promise me a request when you pick up the Ankylosaurus." I took a look at the cave throne and entered the sixth floor to send the array and said slowly, "Ankylosaurus, since you are a shortcut to the fifth floor cave zone of the Temple of Life, the dark tunnel BOSS, you must know something about the Temple of Life."
Ankylosaurus nodded and said, "Yes, although I am the BOSS in the fifth floor cave shortcut, I know the temple of life in general." Ankylosaurus really don’t know what requirements sharingan’s successor will ask for, so tell the truth, and at the same time, he thought to himself that if the other party’s conditions are too harsh, he would struggle with them even if he perished.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Ten Bets ()