Because there are two beautiful images coming this way from the central engine, Mad Dog Dragon sighed, "It’s you two again!"

The widow came up with a big smile and patted the mad dog dragon on the shoulder. "The melon brothers haven’t seen each other for a while!"
Damn it, if you’re weird and dangerous, deputy, you’ll always meet two athel lorens.
In fact, when he was on the hillside, he saw the two women, Jin Dance and Widow, sneaking around on the opposite hillside.
Before Jin Wu left, he smiled and said, "Can I have a cucumber?"
She looked at Dahu and smiled apologetically. "He offended you because everyone is young and ignorant!"
Mad dog dragon said coldly, "did he think of my face when he touched my friend?" You just came to tell me now that you want me to give you a face? Interesting? "
Golden dance twist a head toward the great hu shouted at "don’t go still stay here a fool? Isn’t it enough to be ashamed? "
Dahu has long been silly. Two family bosses are polite to this tattered guy. How dare such a small person dare to call his name? If you don’t roll now, why don’t you roll later?
Watching Dahulian roll and crawl away, Mad Dog Dragon still stayed where he was.
Jin Wu obviously noticed Emma a long time ago. Once a woman found a stunning beauty, she saw the beauty of this female warrior, especially her eyes, even though she was dirty and covered with dirt.
"You have a good eye, little sister!" Golden dance laughed
Emma looked at the mad dog dragon. "I didn’t expect you to be a celebrity!" "
"He is not a celebrity!" Jin Wu explained, "But he is really big!"
This is the truth. The battle of Shuiyuncheng was earth-shattering, and many people knew the name of the Oriental Dynasty, but the mad dog dragon man was still silent.
He thinks it’s actually good. Sometimes it’s not a good thing for people to be too famous.
Just as mercenaries all over the world know that the word "tooth" is powerful, but they really know the names of "Li Dalong" and "Jianghua", you can imagine how many terrible troubles will follow.
The widow said with an eyebrow eye smile, "Cucumber, this guy is really a lot of happiness. That girl on the evil horse platform was a little girl. That girl on purgatory island was fresh and free from vulgarity. Did she change her taste this time? Want to play tall and beautiful? Gee … "
"You shut up!" Mad dog dragon won’t talk to a widow like this, but turn to the golden dance. "Cut the crap. You have always been a treasure before you enter the mountain. What’s going on this time? You must tell me about it, or I won’t pee on that cheekbone just now! "
At the moment, there are many people dancing around and sighing, "Let’s talk in a step!"
So the group walked halfway up the hill and said, "To be honest, I don’t know all the details this time. I know that this subtitle is Star Trek, and I can get better mage equipment after it is completed."
Before the mad dog dragon could answer, he answered coldly, "How come I heard it different from what you said?"
"Haven’t consult! Who is this? " Jin Wu will sell this guy when he sees mad dog dragon. It is estimated that he has a lot of money. It is necessary to be polite.
Wuyun will show a faint way, "Take money to do things, a pawn!"
"I don’t know whose money Ge takes, but I really want to know what Ge does?"
Wuyun Bizhang said, "I heard that it is a mechanical thing to get this, not a mage’s equipment!"
His attitude towards everyone is cold and indifferent. When he heard this, Jin Dance was a little dissatisfied. "My cucumber brother and I didn’t agree with you once or twice. Does that mean I’m lying?"
Wu Yun will show coldly, "You don’t agree, say you didn’t lie and tell me nothing!"
The widow couldn’t help saying, "Will you die if you speak politely?"
"Huh?" Wuyun Bizhang swept her one eye, which directly made the widow unintelligent.
Don’t say that Wu Yun is tall and strong, and he has a temperament of being as quiet as a sly rabbit and moving as a tiger. You have to weigh it when you glance at him so coldly.
The two men didn’t talk happily, but Mad Dog Dragon thought about Golden Dance. This time, she didn’t hide herself, and she didn’t have the courage to hide it.
It’s simple. She can drill faster than anyone with a door delivery.
"Are those people in the mine seeing me off?" Mad dog dragon has to think about this.
The widow couldn’t help sneering, "I’ve never heard that the delivery door can be dug out."
Wuyun Bizhang sneered, "Then why don’t you ask why there are so many iodine tungsten lamp around this pit?"
"What?" Mad dog dragon is also curious. He believes that it is by no means convenient for Emma, a mining coolie, to make this place so bright with so many lights.
"You will be white then!" Say that finish this sentence Wu Yun will show his head and walk back to the depths of darkness.
Looking at his back dancing, I have some interest. "This guy is very proud!"
Mad dog dragon drooped his eyelids and thought, if you really knew his courage to make money, you probably wouldn’t think so. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred Strange to send the door
The unknown area is always dark, but players can check the clock through the control panel.
In the evening, the coolies in the mine are almost gone. Emma worked hard all day and calculated her harvest happily. She earned 41 holy coins a day, of course, based on her being a soldier.
Wuyun Bizhang walked around the pit and looked around as if he were observing the depth of the pit.
In fact, this pit has been dug very deep, at least 20 meters, but nothing is seen at the door
Mad dog dragon said, "It seems that your method of collecting coolies for mining doesn’t work."
Wuyun Bizhang gave him a look. "Do you have a good idea?"
Mad dog dragon shook his head with a wry smile. He even started his "brave heart". He didn’t see anything profitable and didn’t know where this delivery door was.
At this time, a large group of people came towards the hillside.
At first glance, this gang has a guild. The leading male bus in front is very proud and surrounded by four or five people. This is obviously not to dig mines.
"Did you hit the stargate?" The leading man asked
Wu Yun must show his roots and ignore him. He ignores everyone except Mad Dog Dragon and his employer.
"Hey, don’t go. I want to ask you something?" A soldier’s sidekick growled