Less in their management Xuantu and Liaodong counties did not appear any major unrest.

Chui fook has also returned to the camp when he came to shout and kill in the city
Lingyun chose to be a fisherman, but he also had to make some preparations.
If you are not prepared, you will see the drama, but it is not yet said whether you can harvest the snipe and clam.
Chapter 425 Two heads
Chang Yang in the city satrap’s mansion took a dozen pro-guards to play the back door and killed them out.
Although there is an enemy like the tide in front of us, it is impossible to do nothing but fight once.
Hang in there a little longer and his army will come. It’s not time to give up.
It’s a pity that he didn’t persist until the army came, and he was already killed in the disorderly army.
Only a dozen people have the highest strength or Samsung is surrounded by tens of thousands of troops and has no way out.
Almost as soon as I rushed out from the back door, more than a dozen pro-guards around Chang Yang went out.
Samsung’s strength, Chang Yang, was hacked to death by a random knife after pulling more than 30 mats.
This is also because wei li did not let people spare the siege of Changyang soldiers. After being killed dozens, they all became jealous.
When soldiers’ weapons swing at Changyang, they all become more ruthless.
Before Chang Yang was killed, the little general with Chang Yang warrant finally arrived late with his army.
Because he didn’t know the news that Chang Yang had been killed, the teenager directly killed him with a transferred army.
Chang Yang can let him transfer the military forces with a warrant. Obviously, Chang Yang’s right-hand man is very important to him.
The number gap makes it difficult for Li Wei to resist these soldiers’ attacks in Liaodong County.
Zhang Rui, Changyang’s right-hand man, is also a general with good ability.
Under his command, wei li’s army can retreat together.
And the number of soldiers here in Liaodong County is still increasing.
The soldiers who guarded the city on the city wall also dared to come after hearing the news of the city.
This is the rescue work, guarding the city wall, and Liaodong generals don’t want to miss it
If someone else went and you didn’t go, it’s not unreasonable for Chang Yang to ask questions afterwards.
These soldiers guarding the city walls and gates are even more ignorant of the news that Chang Yang was killed.
One by one, I want to go to the city to save my satrap.
Little did they know that Lingyun had quietly appeared at the gate with an army when they were away from the city wall.
Although there are still some soldiers guarding the gate, how can these soldiers stop Lingyun’s army?
Lingyun led hundreds of troops into the city easily.
And the city around the satrap mansion war to all didn’t notice lingyun coming.
Wei li was shot in the army, holding Changyang’s head and shouting, "Changyang is dead, so put your weapons down quickly and shoot the rebels."
However, Li Weiyin didn’t play much.
Chang Yang confidant Zhang Rui also heard Li Weiyin and saw the man hanging from the spear head.
The head is long and half of the face is covered, and it is night. Zhang Rui doesn’t know whether that head is Chang Yang or not.
But it doesn’t matter to him now. Maybe Changyang is dead or not, hiding in the Taishoufu.
Whether Chang Yang is dead or not, it won’t hurt him to kill wei li now.
If Chang Yang dies, he kills wei li just to avenge Chang Yang.
When the last two satraps are dead, he can naturally own Liaodong.
If Chang Yang isn’t dead, he should kill wei li and rescue Chang Yang, who is hiding in the Taishou Prefecture.
When Lingyun’s army entered the city, Zhang Rui had already killed wei li’s military forces.
At this time, wei li was forced to retreat into the Taishoufu, but even relying on the high wall of the Taishoufu could not stop Zhang Rui.
Besides, several gates of Taishou Mansion have been smashed by him.
Although wei li killed Chang Yang before Zhang Ruidiao’s military forces came.
If there is no Zhang Rui, wei li can really let these Liaodong troops lay their weapons with a few words.
But Zhang Rui is also very prestigious in the hearts of these soldiers.
Zhang Rui didn’t say surrender. How could these soldiers take the initiative to throw away their weapons when they occupied the wind again?
Wei li was trapped in the satrap mansion and Chang Yang was beheaded. Ali’s head has also reached Zhang Rui’s hands.
Zhang Rui hands holding Chang Yang head in front of the Taishou mansion.
At his side, soldiers rushed into the satrap mansion.
Soon someone will wei li head out.
Just then Lingyun appeared behind Zhang Rui with an army.
Lingyun didn’t have a horse to attack him. He was waiting for Zhang Rui to choose.
It is not surprising that Zheng Rui appeared in Lingyun.
A moment ago, when wei li retreated into the Taishou House, he also got the news that the gate was lost.
At that time, he had realized that even if he killed wei li, the Liaodong county, it would not belong to him.
But he still wants to kill wei li to avenge the death of Changyang.
Zhang Rui, Changyang’s confidant and right-hand man, is undoubtedly loyal to Changyang.
He wants to kill wei li and avenge Chang Yang before Lingyun arrives.
After killing Li Wei, Zhang Rui also made a choice.
He is still young, and he doesn’t want to die yet. Although he is loyal to Changyang, Changyang is dead. He is not a fool and can’t choose to commit suicide.
Now you can surrender to Lingyun if you don’t want to die. Zhang Rui is very white.