Dominate skeleton life+skeleton damage +2 at level 1.

In the face of a zombie body in front of you, Chu Fei held back his excitement, waved his staff and recited the spell to summon the skeleton. It still needs a spell here, but when the spell is very familiar and firmly imprinted in his mind, he can directly summon the skeleton silently.
This zombie was stabbed by ChuFei for seventeen days, and it was very humbled. As a result, it was slow to summon the skeleton. When ChuFei recited the last syllable, a skeleton of bones finally broke out from the zombie’s body, and the right arm directly grew into a sickle-shaped eye socket with two pale flames burning.
The shape is still good, and the sickle looks cool, but does this guy have ADHD? As soon as he is summoned, he immediately moves around Chufei at a fairly fast speed. Chufei has to put away the evil aura and try his best to control the skeleton to settle down.
Until the sweat on his face fell, the skeleton finally stopped in the same place. Chufei walked up to it and fought back a little fear in his heart and said, "Hello, Skeleton." Then the skeleton moved around Chufei and let him accept this. The skeleton just summoned can really move according to it.
After the evil aura, Chu Fei summoned Skeleton No.1 to escape the ejection burr of the hard-haired mouse, and then easily cut the hard-haired mouse in half. Although the hateful mouse didn’t explode anything, he also got a general grasp of the evil aura to increase the skeleton’s movement speed, which can effectively avoid some monster attacks. Although the attack speed has not changed, the increase in movement speed obviously increases the skeleton’s damage.
Now the skeleton can kill zombies with four drops of blood loss. This process takes six to two seconds. The recovery speed of the first-class evil aura is five seconds, and two drops of blood can be recovered in one second. At the same time, it should be no problem for Chu Fei to find some single zombies to test the first little skeleton in his hand. Although he can also summon the skeleton again during the battle, Chu Fei doesn’t want to do that because he has the experience of the necromancer given to him by Akara. The skeleton was immortal before evolution and killed a large number of monsters through a lot of battles.
With the evil aura, he suspects that he has many advantages. If you match the vampire aura when you reach the second level, the skeleton can be more secure. However, if you want the skeleton to evolve, you can’t always bully those weak monsters. It is really distressing that evolution can succeed only if you constantly challenge the limits.
After ten o’clock experience, Chu Fei looked at his experience bar. Each of the three zombies gave him three points of experience, but nothing exploded. It was really frustrating. There was an elite zombie in front. Although I heard that the explosion rate of the elite was ten times higher than that of the ordinary, his skull was damaged by one third, and the speed of the elite zombie was much faster than that of the ordinary zombie. It was a terrible mood to see fat but not eat it.
More importantly, this little skeleton is really not obedient. Chufei’s several exploration activities have been messed up by this guy. No matter how many monsters he sees, he will go straight ahead and rush forward. Chufei wants to cancel the call several times, but he is not willing to walk around with the evil aura to find alone or less than three monsters.
"I said, Skeleton One, can you slow down? Don’t curve forward. Go straight ahead. Do you understand?"
"* Who told you to see the body * * * That’s Rogge’s body. That’s a friend’s body. Although I don’t want to bury him, I can’t let you cut it casually."
"GRD, you bastard, let the group of hard-haired mice in our province dim sum exceed ten, and you’re hurting your old ass!"
"Okay, okay, uncle Skeleton, let me have a rest. Don’t play with your bones. It will take a long time to recover."
What can you do in the face of a skeleton who doesn’t listen or can’t understand at all? Chu Fei is now desperate. I knew I would have changed my job as a paladin long ago, but it’s really boring and lonely to travel alone. Having such a skeleton can also relieve some depressed chatting, but I can practice all kinds of tricks on it. Although I am often hurt by bones, chromium, hands and feet, I will not be too nervous and cause disorder.
It’s getting dark. Chu Fei is going to look at a map carefully and set up a tent in a place with a well. His travel equipment has a portable hanging pot for cooking a pot of broth. This dark and humid weather is not suitable for eating barbecue.
Just when ChuFei was going to, I suddenly saw a bonfire. At this time, I met a sinking magic camp, five ordinary sinking demons and an ordinary level of sinking wizards, which made ChuFei feel more excited. After walking for an afternoon, I finally found the first box next to the sinking magic.
"Bones one, hurry up!" ChuFei hand behind a finger skeleton has been quickly rushed to the front, before the destruction wizard ready fireball Bones No.1 has a knife cut in his body, and then bear a fireball blood loss as high as ten drops, but then two knives Bones No.1 split in the destruction wizard body directly exploded him and dropped a gold coin.
"Well done, Bones No.1" Chufei burst into tears. Today, he finally hit the first gold coin, which is also a red door. One hundred and forty-seven gold coins will take one hundred and forty-seven days for the foreign debt. Sure enough, it was wrong to sign that iou easily!
But then another gold coin fell, which made Chufei feel a little better. It seems that his luck is not so bad. After two levels, he tried to find the elite zombie and spent three quarters of his life. Bones 1 finally succeeded in killing the remaining five sinking demons. At this moment, it was finally quiet to restore life with the help of evil aura.
Chufei also cleaned the battlefield and got a total of two gold coins and a bottle of little red. It’s not bad, but it’s better than Taize. Let’s go to bed here today.
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So be it
The body of the Chapter 11 Quasi-elite zombies (even one)
"When the sun rises, I climb the hillside and want to sing to my sister. Cough *" Chu Fei sang while flipping the barbecue grill. Last night, he slept in a tent for the first time. I didn’t expect that the tent in this world was quite comfortable and much better than the university dormitory. However, I was still worried that I didn’t sleep well because I was attacked at night. In fact, he was too worried that once the skeleton was attacked or attacked by the enemy, the necromancer would have a clear feeling and wake up immediately even in his sleep.
When the barbecue was cooked, the flame was slightly heated, a layer of butter was coated and some seasonings were sprinkled, and it immediately gave off a quite strong aroma. The taste seemed good. Chufei found that he seemed to have a good talent in barbecue. Just as he was preparing to eat, the land in front suddenly churned, his eyes were exposed, his nose was not exposed, and half of his head was turned over.
"Damn it, Bones One, go out and cut them in half quickly!" Although the official training brigade has also increased a lot of resistance to these monsters since yesterday, what occasions should it be divided into? One moment I watched the delicious barbecue and the saliva was DC, and I saw a pile of carrion Chufei almost spit it out.
Bones one started up as soon as the zombies appeared. The zombies just climbed out of the ground to meet them. It’s a pity that Bones one still has no fighting wisdom. Usually, when a zombie is closer to him, it will chop down the one on the left, but it will chop down the one on the right.
Forget it. Chufei gave himself psychological comfort while biting the barbecue. Anyway, now Bones One wouldn’t have been hung up if it hadn’t faced the Five Monsters. Wait for it to evolve slowly. I usually exercise my spirit to control this disobedient skeleton as soon as possible.
After seeing zombies, where will I be in the mood to enjoy breakfast slowly? I also want to have a glass of wine with barbecue. Although Chufei is not happy, he is still nervous. He looks at the little bone waving a sickle and slashing at the third zombie. The first two fell to the ground without saying a word, and then disappeared. Nothing exploded. Chufei hopes that the third and fourth zombies can explode something, even a gold coin.
No, Bones, the number one blood is almost gone! Chufei suddenly found that the remaining two zombies were two, so he scraped off most of the skeleton blood. Is this also two elites, but what has no appearance? Chufei has come to think about what is going on now. He immediately turned and ran in the other direction. Only when he ran to the distance, Xiao Gu No.1 would stop attacking and run away with him. Looking at Xiao Gu No.1, there were only three drops of life left. Chufei secretly relieved himself and almost let the day’s efforts fall.
Two zombies are slowly chasing after them, but Chufei is now 200 meters away from them. Don’t be afraid of them coming. Chufei carefully observes that the speed of these two zombies is almost the same as that of ordinary zombies, and there are only about one tenth of them left. It may be that they are about to evolve into elite zombies. It is said that one kind of elite zombie ability is a special instant attack, and the damage is quite good.
However, these two zombies are obviously not advanced. They have the special skills of elite zombies, but they don’t have elite defense and life. It’s really a good opportunity. Ten seconds, Bones’ life has recovered to 20 o’clock, which is almost enough. We can’t give the two zombies a chance to recover their lives. Chu Fei waved his hand and Bones No.1 immediately took the bull by the horns and rushed to tell them with the help of evil aura that the third zombie was hit the biggest damage after the blow.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding
The zombie and Bones One scratched and chopped at each other for three times, and then bam, one exploded. But this time, instead of gold coins, two things exploded, a machete and a ring. Please take a closer look at their colors. Yes, they are blue magic equipment!
Frost-cold machete
One-handed injury 26
Durable 2222

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