"Brother …" The girl gently shouted, staring at the photo, lost in thought …

Nie Shuang didn’t think much after he returned to his room. Even the game is connected directly. Today is a weekend, there will be many more players than usual, and there will be more newcomers. Today will be a wave of upgrades. Xiao Gao ha Nie Shuang must seize this opportunity to sell the equipment he robbed everywhere in exchange for gold coins and then sell it as rb.
The line of sight gradually became clear, and Nie Shuang logged in the Haussaire Plain.
It’s still as busy and lively as other lines. Without Nie Shuang, the person who killed people everywhere and robbed the first figurines, he recovered his calm. After a few days of crazy upgrade, Nie Shuang’s level has risen to level 9 today, which is very fast.
Similarly, because the demonized wolf will kill some players when killing monsters and robbing bss, the evil value after killing is counted in Nie Shuangtou. Now his name is red, which is only effective after killing a large number of other players in the game. If other players come to kill him at this time, they can explode him completely.
Now that the player has a lot of equipment and the consumption of medicines is amazing, he must quickly sell the equipment at hand. A few days ago, Nie Shuang’s backpack had a purple suit, five blue suits, several white suits and a large number of medicines after the player died. These things are all available for sale.
"The queen calls!"
The staff gently pointed forward, and the magic circle passed away. There was a graceful woman in situ-
"Wang" Bridget bowed her head slightly and made a respectful salute.
"Follow me" Nie Shuang said softly, and then chose to send Bridget directly back to China to call her out, in order to ensure that she can live in absolute comfort. In addition, she can pay some money back to Brother Dao according to the living conditions of him and Xia Xi during this period.
Back to the kingdom of Ska, Nie Shuang came to the largest trading square in the kingdom-the central pedestrian zone of Ska, which is outside the palace of Ska Kingdom, wrapped in a huge palace area, where everything can be done except crime.
The good stalls have been occupied by the former, leaving some positions that are very biased and have less traffic. Nie Shuang said that he found a place to sit directly and take out a unique flag and insert it directly into the ground.
"Hum! !”
The golden red flag immediately waved a halo to form a hazy, slightly transparent protective cover covering an area in front of Nie Shuang. This is the range of equipment and other props and materials that can be placed. Players put things in it without worrying about disappearing or being robbed.
The most precious purple weapon belongs to the guardian warrior, so that the third-level Taidao "Thunder breaks the wind and cuts the sword" is placed in the most conspicuous position, and then other equipment is placed around it to set it off, which may fetch a high price.
Thunder, wind, sword, level 3, purple Taidao level physical attack, level 8, when attacking, there is a chance to destroy the enemy’s armor and reduce the target’s physical defense. At the same time, ordinary attacks can have a chance to attach a "sense" effect, which makes other attacks attach additional damage. It is very scary. This weapon is the main event of Nie Shuang, and the preliminary estimate is about 6 gold coins. If someone bids, it will be higher, but it will not be higher than the auction house’s 31 gold coins.
The equipment is placed and then it is waiting.
Nie Shuang’s dazzling booth with "Thunder and Wind Cut Sword" has also attracted many players to come. Some people are constantly trying to sell Nie Shuang’s "Thunder and Wind Cut Sword" fruit at a low price, and Nie Shuang directly sees the stall. In the end, only this purple knife is left, and other equipment has been sold out. A total of 131 gold coins are considered as business.
But this sword is what Nie Shuang wants to sell most.
"Extreme weapon level 3 purple Taidao thunder breaks the wind and cuts the sword, and the attack probability drops, and the general attack probability increases!"
Although the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the lane, it is disconsolate that no one will compete if good goods want to sell at a high price. Nie Shuang shouted at a nearby channel and immediately appeared his words.
Instantly also gathered a large number of players to come.
"Hey buddy LeiFeng sword how much? It’s a good thing, but it’s of high quality. "An assassin tentatively asked Lei Duanfeng to cut the sword, which was also nicknamed" Lei Fengjian "by players.
"How much can you pay?" Nie Shuang asked with a frown
"Hey, hey, I’ll just look." The man smiled.
Nie Shuang no longer pays attention to him. There are too many people who don’t want to buy, ask or cheat Nie Shuang. At least he’s been mixed up in Ska for so long. No one lied to him!
"Extremely weapon level 3 purple Taidao thunder breaks the wind and cuts the sword …"
NieShuang have to continue to shout.
"I’ll take 5 gold coins from Leifeng Sword" suddenly a sound rang out in Nie’s ears outside the crowd.
Five gold coins just want to get Lei Feng Jian. You’re kidding me! Nie Shuang smiled in his heart and ignored it.
"Six gold coins are in a hurry for speed trading." A guard soldier in front of him said impatiently that he was really rich and looked like a risk-averse.
"Add 1 Mao" Nie Shuang light way
"You’re paralyzed …" The man listened to Nie Shuang’s direct fare increase and suddenly turned his head and thought about his emergency. "Ok, you can fish in troubled waters to recognize me!"
The popularity of chanting bowed their heads and prepared gold coins while sending a trading application to Nie Shuang. Although this weapon Nie Shuang hung stalls, it did not make a one-price transaction but a "bidding" mode.
The price was negotiated to be 1 gold coin higher than his psychological price. Nie Shuang was not greedy enough to take it directly from the stall to prepare for the transaction, but at this moment, a sound suddenly appeared on one side, which was louder than this bid guard warrior sound-
"Grass old LeiFeng sword! ! B turned out to be robbed by you! "
Chapter 13 Beyond the Great Country Speed Band Group
Abrupt sound sounded outside the crowd, and they turned their heads to see a warrior with blue light shining on his body. His face was more than angry. He looked at Nie Shuang’s side, and he was even more angry when he saw Nie’s hands preparing to trade Leifeng Sword.