When Chu Yun came to Sharen Village, it was the second day. Chu Yun Swift was covered with a white bone mask and a sand-proof hat.

The body is the custom team of the local exchange.
There are some strange black clouds floating in a gray cloak.
It looks particularly mysterious
Therefore, when I entered the village, I was stopped directly to explain my purpose and almost caused contradictions.
But after all, I put Chu Yun in.
Sitting in the carriage all the way forward, Chu Yun snickered, "It seems that Sharen Village is short of money."
Swift doubts
Chu Yun explained, "Just now, when I said that I would entrust Sharen Village to do it, the ninja in Sharen Village also said that we should show our identity, but I had two million silver tickets in my hand, so they sent us in."
Swift rolled her eyes and said that even if you go to Konoha with a million and two silver tickets, the three generations of Huoying will let you in.
Soon Chu Yun and his party soon arrived at the Fengying office building, a building with a wind character hanging on it.
Accurately speaking, the whole Shayin village is yellow at first glance.
In the green vegetation, Chu Yun wasted a lot of effort to see a cactus on the balcony of a room that was very high. It seems that it should be owned by dignitaries.
Poor …
If it weren’t for Chu Yun wearing a mask and wearing a sand control curtain outside, Chu Yun’s face and contempt at this moment would have caused a war
Step into the wind shadow office
Chu Yun saw four generation of wind shadows with brown hair.
Scanning the office tut tut Chu Yun shook his head in his heart is really poor.
Four generations of wind shadows looked at Chu Yun coldly. "Please show your identity or we won’t accept your entrustment."
Chu Yun batting practice once again took out the two million silver tickets and signed up as a fan in his hand. "We are now a tomb of mercenary words in the land exchange."
"There’s a deal here this time. I see someone in your village has released a wanted scorpion on the local exchange."
Chapter two hundred and twelve Shame into the toilet
"Do you have news about scorpions?"
The wind shadow of the four generations is getting serious, no matter whether the people here act according to the rules today or not, the mercenaries will be released on the exchange according to the rules, and it is natural to negotiate through the exchange
"The news is true and guaranteed, but I want to change my reward." Chu Yun saw that the four generations of wind shadows nodded and continued, "I have a poison here, and I want to ask Shayin Village’s most powerful medical endurance adult to prepare an antidote."
"Do you want Chiyo adults to make an antidote?" Four generations of Huo Ying’s face is hard to show, and a thousand generations of medical endurance are naturally no problem. The problem is …
Scorpion is the grandson of a thousand generations …
This …
Four generations of wind shadow hesitated, and the office door of Huoying came in. It was Chiyo and Hai Lao Cang.
"If your news is true, you can make an antidote, but how can you prove that the news is true?"
Chu Yun one leng news must be true this fake.
It’s really difficult to say if it is confirmed.
Chu Yunzhuo thought of a way. "Why don’t I bet two million silver tickets and give you the news at the same time, and then one thousand generations of adults will help us prepare an antidote to the deposit and confirm that the news is true. You can return the silver ticket again."
As she spoke, Chu Yun handed her silver ticket to Chiyo’s mother-in-law. "In this case, could you please help us prepare the antidote?"
Chiyo’s mother-in-law didn’t pick up the Chu Yun silver ticket but looked at Chu Yun with a smile on her face. "Aren’t you afraid that we won’t do anything with the money? After all, you didn’t say your official identity, and even if we kill you here, it won’t affect you. "
Chu Yun’s hand was frozen in the middle of the school, and his mother-in-law Chiyo seemed to be a lively and playful old urchin.
In the original, Chiyo’s mother-in-law often seems to play dead to tease her brother.
Why do you feel sharp today?
By the way, although the scorpion killed three generations of Huo Ying, it was still a thousand generations of grandchildren.
It’s true that thousands of generations want to kill scorpions from the standpoint of righteousness, but how many people from the standpoint of family want to put the righteousness above the family by themselves?
Alas ….. Chu Yun secretly shook his head and said that he was stupid. It is better to give money directly as a bargaining chip with scorpion news.
I figured out which card Chu Yun decided to change the trading method.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"I’m not afraid of not doing things with money. If anyone is interested in my strength, I might as well try it. I can’t kill the house people, but I should be able to kill more than half of the others in the village."
Flying Raytheon is far from the rest of the guerrilla village in this house, which Chu Yun can really do.
The people in the house kept a close eye on Chu Yun, who was such a madman that they had never seen him before.
Here, people from Sharen Village dare to talk wildly here.
Don’t say others Swift has been shocked in his heart. It’s just a provocation to negotiate.
Moreover, it is still a person who chooses others and a village.
I darling … Don’t want to account here today?
Everyone is silent, and the atmosphere in the room is very dignified.
"Ah, ah, ah, it’s just a joke not to be so serious."
Chiyo smiled and waved. "The young man has a lot of courage. It’s good that you want me to prepare the antidote. We can negotiate somewhere else."
No fighting?
Swift finally relieved.
Since Chiyo entered the office, Chiyo hasn’t said a word, so it can be seen that the real speaker in this village is Chiyo.
"Do you really have news of my grandson?" It’s very polite to pour tea for Chu Yun in a room of Chiyo, but Chu Yun didn’t have the guts to refuse again and again.
Asked about the news of the scorpion, Chu Yun grinned. "But it’s true or false. If Chiyo adults are not at ease, why don’t I just ask them to prepare an antidote for me at a cost of one million taels?"
Chiyo’s mother-in-law raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "Good boy, good boy."