Red gu dare not defend to Xin Yao, but her eyes are like a poisoned knife.

Xin Yao still pretends to be very wronged, sobbing and crying, and occasionally caressing her swollen ankle.
Red gu bite a tooth in her head thinking about it, so she spoke again, but it was towards Xin Yao.
"Empress’s hard work this time, the Empress Dowager has seen that she is an empress. Now her status is precious, so it is not appropriate to give such a gift to a toffee, and there is no need to beg for mercy. Empress Dowager hopes to have grandchildren as soon as possible!"
Liang Gu is the representative of the Empress Dowager. What she said is that the Empress Dowager agrees with her!
Xin Yao Qiao’s face is red with tears in the corner of her eye, but it’s different just now. It’s different from the dark one. She nodded at Liang Gu in a polite way. "It’s hard for me to know that the sinful Queen Mother cares for me."
When he said this, he stopped her when he knelt down to Lianggu and lifted her up. "Empress don’t blame yourself. You know that the Queen Mother is bitter."
It is good that the queen mother knows!
She has been tossing for half a day, and she is really tired!
Just waiting for your words!
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
But in front of people, you still have to play tricks and grievances.
Xin Yaopa wiped her tears and looked delicate and pitiful with the help of two people.
Good aunt is also a reasonable person. Yao Fei has already done this. It can be seen that she was forced to endure, and she also received the will of the Queen Mother.
She naturally declared the Queen Mother’s message that "mourning for the family, Yao Fei, Xiao Xian, specially granted the imperial sedan chair to be exclusive to Taifei Lin Ruoliu, who has always humbly given a thousand-year-old ginseng."
The red aunt smiled and accepted the reward, but her heart became more and more uneasy. Otherwise, the good aunt’s sentence was "The queen mother knew that Toffee was in poor health and specially gave medicine, and also told Toffee to go to the palace for illness these days and go to all manners."
Ground in disguise!
Xin Yao gave the queen mother 11 praises in her heart!
The queen mother did it beautifully!
Let the imperial concubine stay in the palace and cry if she has no room to complain about her pain! Also let her temporarily can’t do evil!
Of course, what makes her more concerned is that the queen mother recognizes her and gives her a royal sedan chair, or does she have to be alone?
You must know that the harem can have a imperial concubine to be eligible to go out and take a sedan chair or a royal sedan chair!
No one dares to stop it because it is branded with a royal word!
It’s unobstructed to go anywhere!
Today, the queen mother gave it to me, which is more respectable and credible than the emperor.
This is not only the emperor’s favor for her, but also the queen mother’s wife’s authentication.
The red aunt took a bite of silver fangs and took a thousand-year-old ginseng to the door of Yichun Palace. Xin Yao sent Liang Gu off and took an inscrutable look at Xin Yao when she left.
Xin Yao temporarily didn’t go to think about what this eye contained. She felt at the moment.
Ok! It hurts! Ah!
Just now, I didn’t think it was bad to be carried by Dark One and Dark Two at the moment.
"Lord, you are amazing!" Dark this time is from the bottom of my heart to admire her master. Being a man is a proud person. Her master has won the peace of mind of the Queen Mother and even lost the only skin as thin as cicada.
She was deeply ashamed and swore that she would never look down on her householder … face again.
"See what see! Don’t help the old lady’s sedan chair! " Xin Yao was angry. She cried for so long, her face turned white and her eyes spent, so she wanted to go back and take a shower quickly. The cross bed was quite dead.
Otherwise the bones will fall apart!
Dark one intends to help Xin Yao’s sedan chair, but she stopped decisively when she saw a team from far and near.
Jun Chen is almost jumping from the platform outside Yi Chun Palace, especially seeing Xin Yao’s pale face and strength at the moment.
He grabbed Xin Yao from a dark and dark second-hand hand and let her rely on her own body and mind. She was worried and worried, with a blame in her tone. "How did you do this to yourself?"
Xin Yao is dizzy and can’t see who is who. At the moment, he is really exhausted. His heart sounds are weak like mosquitoes buzzing. "I’m so tired. I want to go home."
Her voice is very light and weak, but it is mixed with a trace of stubbornness and injustice.
Jun Chen lovingly rubbed her arms and tasikmalaya picked up her forehead with a kiss. "Idiot! How can you be so wronged? Chapter 5 has been cried by yourself stupidly.
Considering that sharing a sedan chair is not very convenient for minions to lift, let Xin Yao go back to Gongjunchen as soon as possible, and almost without thinking, she picked her up and walked to Yaohua Palace.
This move surprised the people around us. Eunuch sedan chair didn’t know what it was like for the emperor to abandon his sedan chair. They saw that the emperor’s face was black
It’s not black, like the bottom of the kitchen pot is black.
LingYan a dust each knock in the past "be careful! Little rabbits! Still not quick to follow! "
They followed Ling Yan’s footsteps and could hear orders at any time, which was to keep their distance.
Jun Chen was holding Xin Yao, and just now she found out that her forehead was not hot, but unexpectedly cold. He heard about Xin Yao’s coming here to make a search. Where did you think she could do such a thing? !
I didn’t expect her to leave this matter behind. It means that the queen mother can see that she has worked hard
Who knows she’s so good at messing with herself? She’s cut off contact with Ruotofei’s four princes, crying, making trouble and hitting the wall.
He also sincerely loves his princess.