Liu Qingyan stole a glance to see that Xiao Li’s clothes had been torn all over the body, and the key points were controlled by eunuchs. He still swore, "You let me go, you dog slaves!" Look at the three eunuchs, one by one, black and blue, which is even more embarrassing. Obviously, they have just had a fierce struggle.

"pa!" Princess Yingyue violently dumped the teacup and shouted, "Enough!"
Xiao Li stopped resisting and looked at Yingyue with resentment. "The princess won’t let me go to the palace?"
Princess Yingyue rushed to Xiao Li and dumped him with a big mouth. "Stupid! Hum! You’re going to be a eunuch, so I’ll keep you? Why can’t you listen to advice? I told you to go home and marry several wives. What have I done wrong to you? You heartless puppy! "
Xiao Li opened his eyes wide and shouted, "I don’t want to go home, I don’t want to marry, I want to wait on the princess all my life!" "
Ying Yue raised her palm again and prepared to split it again. When she saw his handsome cheek, she was radiant with five fingers and a soft second palm, but she couldn’t split it.
She frowned irritably, and Princess Yingyue turned her head and sat down on the soft couch, wheezing for two breaths. Then she said, "You take him to the backyard wing and remember to tie his hands and feet for me. You shall not rest for three moments. Keep an eye on him. If he is missing a hair, none of you will want to live. Chapter 65 (6)
"Yes!" Three eunuchs set up Xiao Li together and dragged him to the back hall. He kept coming, swearing and calling …
Slightly tired, she sighed. Princess Yingyue stretched out her hand and touched the bangs on her forehead, and then smiled awkwardly at Qingyan. "It’s really hard to discipline a slave who made her sister laugh."
"Where’s the word?" Qingyan Yingying laughed. "My sister is very envious of my second sister. I can have such a loyal slave around me."
I sighed plaintively again, and my face was full of disappointments. "Third sister, the queen summoned me last night."
"Oh," Qingyan nodded vaguely. She had guessed the conversation between her mother and her second sister. "This is a gratifying thing. I wonder if the second sister is full of sorrow?"
"Er" Yingyue gave a wry smile. "You also saw this abrasive Xiao Li crying and making three noises …"
Qingyan couldn’t help but feel surprised. It seems that the two of them are not only as simple as sex, but also seem to have sprouted true feelings.
Gracefully raised a teacup, gently touched the lips and reflected the moon. Princess continued, "I have no confidence in my future life. Although Ji Ming is too handsome and won my heart, I still can’t bear to abandon our palace life in Dawan country. How good do you think it would be if Ji Ming could be adopted by her husband?"
"Snow" Qingyan couldn’t help laughing. "How is it possible? How can someone be married in a city?"
"That is to say! Hey, if I marry in the past, won’t it be relied on? I still have to try my best to pretend to be a mother instrument, and I have to obey four virtues and kill me. "
Liu Qing said in a dark way that Princess Yingyue has a strong personality. Dawanguo is arrogant and comfortable. She is used to being served by beautiful men. It is a sad thing to let her go to the house alone. Look, she is reluctant to give up a tree and give up the whole forest! How can a cold and proud JiaMingTai compare with the harem of 3,000 Toy Boy … Well, this is really a strange girl!
Originally, she wanted to tell her that Mrs. Ximing had other people’s things in her heart, but by this time, she suddenly found that it was over. It was necessary to tell her that these seemed to be casting pearls before swine. Can she stop indulging after injecting herself? Oh, my God!
"Sister, I am very contradictory now!" Princess Yingyue looked sad. "I’ve never seen a man who moved me like Xi Ming. I want him now. I don’t want to be responsible."
LiuQing quickly echoed a few heart that sweat …
While talking, a maid came over and said, "The Empress of the Second Princess Hall wants you to move quickly to the Cining Palace. Mrs. Xi Ming has arrived."
"I know, you go!" Reflected on the calm as silk.
Then gently take the shoulder of Qingyan. "Let’s go to Cining Palace. I can’t believe that Xi Ming arrived so early."
Qing Yan smiled. "Don’t you dress up as a second sister?"
"No! Hum! I’m going to face the sky today. He likes to see if he wants love! Koharu, bring me my purple silk embroidered gown! "
A beautiful robe is casually dressed with a pink ribbon, and the waist of the princess reflects the moon. The graceful figure of the princess immediately shows Chapter 66 Cining Palace.
Qingyan looked at it a few times and then tutted, "Second sister is really a beauty. It’s always appropriate to make up lightly."
"Oh?" Yingyue looked at Qingyan with a smile. "Your light makeup is always appropriate, but it’s poetic. I didn’t expect to see our third sister become more and more literary in a few days!"
Qing Yan secretly laughed in his heart. You don’t talk nonsense. Can you write badly?
Speaking, they have already gone in and reflected on the road of Cining Palace and looked at Qingyan hesitantly. "Good sister, what do you think I should do?" Do I promise or not? "
Qingyan has also been confused by the present situation. Marrying into a city-state house alone is definitely inconsistent with Yingyue’s personality, and it seems that even if Yingyue promised to others, Ximing may not be willing to accept it. Well, this matter is really tricky
Some Naidi shrugged their shoulders and said, "My sister is also worried about her. Er, it really hurts!"
"eggs? Egg pain? " Reflecting on the moon, a stupidly blinked his eyes, and his long eyelashes flickered like a dancing naive butterfly. "What do you mean?"
"Uh this ….." Casual Qingyan forehead has seeped a little cold sweat "uh, my face hurts! My face hurts! " I can’t help but feel a twinge in my heart. Er, this damn mantra of past lives … I think that Liu Ruoxi had a rotten boyfriend in the past life and always wanted to have sex with her hand every time she was quiet and dark … Every time she was rejected by Liu Ruoxi, she would shout, "My egg hurts! My egg hurts!" For a long time, even she herself learned this mantra.
"Hum!" Princess Yingyue took a white look at Qingyan. "If you don’t say it, forget it and say that your face hurts! What does elder sister’s marriage have to do with your face? "
"Well, I mean, I dare not give you blind advice, and then I’ll hurt my sister’s generation, so I’ll punch my face myself!"
"Eh, I won’t tell you." Yingyue waved her hand irritably. "I’m telling you that there is no me. Let’s wait and see!"
Stepping on the steps paved with large blocks of white marble, a towering palace suddenly shows up in front of Qingyan. There are several white stone pillars supporting the whole hall, carving dragons and carving phoenixes to show luxury. In the early morning, the sun shines in Jin Hui and purple-gold glazed tiles outline the perfect golden arc.