In April in the south of the Yangtze River, yingfei grass grows in Peach Blossom Island, and the pink and delicate peach blossoms are still brilliant.

"People don’t know where to go, but peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze …" Huang Rong whispered a poem by Cui Hu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, walking in the pink peach blossoms.
"Brother Feiyang, in recent days, the Song State has finally restored unprecedented peace, but can you see it?" Huang Rong sighed softly, and her eyes were already wet.
"I have seen Rong Er!" As the voice suddenly appeared in front of Huang Rong, there was an air crack. The man who made her dream came out of this crack!
Ling Feiyang!
Huang Rong’s face, which is displayed in front of Ling Feiyang, has grown up a lot, and her figure has also become plump. Finally, she has changed from a Grinch girl to a beautiful and graceful lady.
"Flying brother!" Huang Rong saw Ling Feiyang and could hardly believe his eyes suddenly descended on him and hugged Ling Feiyang’s waist tightly.
"Rong Er, do you remember the promise I made before the decisive battle with Genghis Khan?" Ling Feiyang asked Huang Rong.
"Never give up for life … you really did it, brother Feiyang …" Huang Rong was touched by the ground and suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed Ling Feiyang’s lips gently.
"Sister Bing Xin, they all come to Peach Blossom Island as a guest. I’ll take you to see them later! But before I take you to see them, you have to do one thing with me! " Huang Rong took Ling Fei whisking and skipped to the depths of the peach blossom bushes like a little girl.
What do you want to do Ling Feiyang? Of course, before the decisive battle of Genghis Khan, the two men have officially become husband and wife. Huang Rong has been waiting for this for a long time.
However, even Huang Rong didn’t think that two people were running among peach blossoms but met Huang Yaoshi head-on.
"It’s not that easy to get my Rong Er!" Huang Yaoshi said to Ling Feiyang with a clear and handsome face, "Ling Feiyang, if you want to be worthy of my ten beauties, you must pass the test of old age!"
"Father-in-law, please enlighten me!" Ling Feiyang immediately said
"Your martial arts is the first old school in the world, not to test your martial arts!" Huang Yaoshi ha ha smiled and continued, "The old man is going to test you on nine questions, namely, piano skills, chess skills, law, painting, astrology, poetry, couplets and riddles. Take that! Ha ha ha ha ha! "
It is in
Crazy on the left
The person who is a halberd is mysterious.
The first chapter bedside adventure
"ah! Hey! " Sun Yao shouted, "Ball! Here! Here! Oh dear! Good morning! "
The fat man who was called Biao gasped, "I can’t kick anymore!" " Say a sigh of relief and sit on the ground and never want to move your ass again.
"Hey, big tiger, look at your figure, don’t be ashamed!" A thin man with glasses like a bamboo pole said
"Ah facial paralysis you mean to say me? Have you ever touched a ball after playing for so long? " Biao countered.
"You don’t see who I’m defending, Sun Qiuwang. How can you make me defend myself? You don’t know who’s coming for those girls? " Known as facial paralysis, bamboo pole, four-eyed male Naidao
Two people immediately look to Sun Yao, who is still in high spirits, but see Sun Yao outside the restricted area, catching the ball on the foot side, pulling his left foot outside the instep, and then pulling it off horizontally to force the defensive player to lift his right foot directly and smoke it vigorously!
"pa!" "hey!" "wow!"
The ball hit the goalpost and bounced into the goal.
"wow! Is that okay? World wave! " Biao opened his mouth wide
"Dayao simply goes to the national football team!" Facial paralysis and pie mouth!
"Please call me Buddy. Thank you for the indecent nickname" kiln "!" Sun Yao Shuaku Dao
"Wow, so handsome!" On the sidelines, a group of girls who are not much more beautiful than "flowers" look like anthomaniac.
"By the way, if you don’t study well anyway, why don’t you try the professional team?" Tiger said in a conversation
Sun Yao looked miserable. "It’s boring. I’m a gynecologist!" Say Sun Yao silent tears in my heart, in fact, I was brushed by the professional team! At that time, after a week’s trial training in a super-young echelon, the game reached more than two hours, and there were poor three feet hitting the door and none of them were right.
In fact, my strength is here to bully high school students at the same level and enjoy heroic treatment! Join a professional team? The gap is too big!
"Doctor? Forget it, everyone knows how you study! " Facial paralysis motioning with his hand said
"Things are in people!" Sun Yao continued to conceal his pain at that time.
"Come and see the old man show you a god-like ladder ball!" Sun Yao Road
"ok! Please enjoy one of my seven-ball kings, Batty Pirlo Sun’s ladder ball! Twenty-five-meter-long wall shè men! " Biao quipped