"What are you doing? Are we both free? "

"Sakyamuni …" Sun Wu roared in armor and shattered the golden cudgel in his hand, shouting "Sakyamuni … you insult others too much!"
Ghost fire burn bodhisattva stopped before busy and rushed to Lingshan Sun Wudao. "What’s your hurry? Do you know what position Lingshan is in this time? The Tathagata has found all the bodhisattvas and arhats abroad, and the ancient Buddha ancestors have also gone out. If you don’t mention these, the Jiedi, the monks and the Shami will add up to tens of thousands of people. Aren’t you going to die? "
"Ha ha … don’t worry, sister!" Sun Wu laughed and shot with golden light, which stung the fire phoenix and blinded them!
Ghost fire phoenix bodhisattva said, "how small! Incredibly hidden strength! Haha … I support you! This is the monkey king of the Monkey King! "
Ghost fire burn bodhisattva gave her husband a white look and said to Sun Wudao, "Although you are fierce, you can’t compete with four hands with your fists …"
Sun Wu shook his head and said, "I appreciate your kindness, sister, but I won’t let others intervene in this matter. Even if my eldest brother is born alone, I won’t let him help me. I want others to help me open a monkey king to grab a wife." Still mixed? "
This is precisely Maitreya’s proposal to match Guanyin with the golden cicada, the ghost, the fire and the phoenix, and realize the wrath of Lingshan!
The fourth chapter Wu Nao Lingshan Buddha chaos.
On this day, Guanyin in the Leiyin Temple in Lingshan quietly sat in front of the mirror, and there were tears in the eyes of the supple moss god …
"Sister!" When Jin Chan didn’t know it, she appeared behind Guanyin and said softly, "Here he comes …"
Guanyin’s charming body shivered, and the mahogany comb fell to the ground, and her face turned pale with light powder. "Who?"
"You know! The Monkey King Sun Wu came … "Jin Chan shook his head with an expression." It’s hard to prove Bodhisattva if you don’t cut your passion, senior sister … "
Guanyin stood up as if she had made the greatest determination. "Do you have a bodhisattva in your heart?" (Little Chan Chan, Bodhisattva, I have missed you for a long time …)
"Amitabha ….." Golden cicada closed her eyes and crossed her hands with a loud Buddha name. "I have realized something about it these days! The teacher elder sister is going to see him. I won’t stop you … "
"Today is your wedding day. Is this what you, a groom, should say?" Guanyin sneered, "I won’t go to see him!"
Golden cicada sighed and shook his head. "It’s so bitter … if you don’t go to see him, you’ll make more crimes if you finally see him." Let it be all, but follow the teacher elder sister … "
Guanyin turned away and smiled sadly. She stopped looking at the golden cicada. A tear slipped down and it was a tear of despair!
….. Lingshan foot …
"Sun wu! This is Lingshan Leiyin Temple, not your Huaguoshan water curtain cave. You are not allowed to run wild here! I advise you to go back! " Angry-eyed King Kong is holding a magic pestle down a peg or two.
Sun Wu sneer at one side to a conversation but listen to a humanitarian behind him "are you alone? Decided? "
"Big Brother?" Sun Wu turned his head to see that it was a familiar face, not a lonely one. Who was it? Then Sun Wu laughed and said, "It’s a decision!"
Lonely natural "deep feeling" looked at Sun Wu and nodded. "Second brother, go. If anything happens to you, I’ll avenge you!"
"Ah … bah!" Sun Wu broke his mouth and scolded, "I’ll give you a head. Are you crow?"
Lonely born frown way "depend! Can’t you feel a little touched at such a time of life and death? "
Sun Wu ignored Gu Tiansheng and went straight to the front of Lingshan Buddha’s soldiers and said, "Kill!"
Suddenly, the people in Lingshan felt that Sun Wu, who had just laughed and laughed, had changed as if he were no longer the dry and thin body. Sun Wu seemed to be taller than the Lingshan, which soared into the clouds. The golden armor was scattered with strange light in Sun Wu’s body …
Break up! At present, the Buddhist soldiers composed of the novice monk and the monks were defeated by Sun Wu’s imposing manner!
Angry King Kong and Lohan, the demon-killer, rushed in with a drink, and two demon-killer pestles flew like tigers and dragons! Sun Wu sneered at a golden hoop and danced with a wind. Arhat King Kong felt that the left, right and left were all over the sky!
"Ha …" The two monks drank like nine days, and Lei Zhen made a stroke of bludgeoning at the same time!
"Hum …" Sun Wu a cold hum at the same time a recruit for fire day …
The simplest move is the same as a stick. In the battlefield, the strong will always win …
"Poof …" By glaring at King Kong and Lohan, he vomited blood and flew back to fight again!
Dragon-lowering Lohan set up a five-claw golden dragon and tiger Lohan released the south mountain, white tiger with long eyebrows, and Lohan’s eyebrows were like whips, sitting in front of a deer, holding a deer, celebrating Lohan’s face upwards, laughing, raising a bowl, offering a alms bowl, covering the sky, and putting out a golden pagoda. What’s more, Vajraputra, Heart Lohan, Sit-in Lohan, Hand Lohan, Ear Digging Lohan, Bag Lohan, Banana Lohan, Doorman and River Crossing surrounded Sun Wu’s top ) One person!
Sun Wu transformed himself into seventeen Sun Wu, and each of them showed their sticks to kill dragons, tigers and instruments! Kill 10 arhats, lose your helmet and armor in a hurry! The four arhats, crossing the river, guarding the door, banana and cloth bag, were nirvana on the spot!
"Amitabha Buddha …" A Buddha’s name sounded, and it was not read by one person. Behind the Bodhisattva, 3,000 Jiedi were arrayed together, and Sun Wu was trapped. Even if he had magical powers, he was still alive, but it was quite difficult to be in this battle! Is it true that the "great array method" of revealing the emperor by three thousand won a hollow reputation?
I have heard that the newcomer Zhong Gu Sun Wu was so anxious that he finally refused to hide his strength and shouted, "One effort will bring ten benefits!" However, when I saw that the golden cudgel suddenly rose several times with my heart, it was as thick as a laundry list, and it was as long as a hundred feet.
This looks simple but consumes a lot. Even Sun Wu did not dare to fight and pull himself out, so he rushed out of the encirclement and picked it up. Through the layers of fog, he saw the Lei Yin Hall in front of him and shouted, "Monkey King!"
Pu Xian and Manjusri Bodhisattvas suddenly appeared, without saying anything, facing Sun Wu was a palm, but Sun Wu did not stand up in awe, and actually wanted to physically resist the two Bodhisattvas’ heavenly powers. Sun Wu was in the palm, and suddenly his face was spurting out with one mouthful of blood. Look at the two Bodhisattvas, all of whom looked pale and flew back!
"Ha ha ….." Sun Wu laughed and flew to the door of screamo temple!
"Amitabha … pursuit will be persistent? If I retreat at this time, Lingshan will not care about the past! " At present, there is another person with a round belly, big ears, thick lips and a big smile. Behind him, there is a big pocket, which is the Maitreya Buddha who incarnates a bag of Maitreya Buddha.
"Maitreya!" Sun Wu has long known that Maitreya paid attention to let Guanyin meet her enemies with golden cicadas. Sun Wu disdained to sneer at "Maitreya Buddha, if you are all in a million phases, you may block my way now, just because you are a cloth bag member?" Don’t waste your life by retreating quickly! "
"Amitabha … plus the poor monk?" Another stereo started Sun Wu’s heart, and he was surprised that there was no such person at this distance.
"Light the lamp?" Sun Wu recognized the ancient Buddha burning lanterns at a glance, and his heart was dark. I don’t know that these two people need some hands and feet. Once they connect their hands, I’m afraid it’s hard to resist, especially when the lanterns are already withered.
"ShengDiBi dare I bet?" Burning lamp laughs
"bet on what?" Sun Wu cold way
"If you can hurt me with one hand and let you in?" Burning the lamp and smiling, the monk’s robe is stripped off to reveal a dry and thin body. It’s hard to imagine that this body can withstand Sun Wu’s palm!
But Sun Wu didn’t dare to peek at the burning lamp, which has made a breakthrough again since the second closing. Even now, I’m afraid there is room for manoeuvre for Pu!
The fifth chapter Buddha is hard to be rude
Sun Wu’s golden cudgel shouted coldly, "No gambling!"
The ancient Buddha ancestors laughed. "What? Is the emperor afraid? "
Sun Wu drink a "bet on what? Bet on your mother! " Say that finish with a stick and hit!
I didn’t expect Sun Wu to be like this. I couldn’t help shouting, "You don’t pay attention to it. You don’t play cards according to the routine!"
"What about that?" Sun Wu, while fighting with the lantern, said that Sun Wu knew that the lantern was powerful, but he was not good at fighting. How could he be stupid enough to bet with him? Sun Wu is not an idiot!
After all, the ancient Buddha ancestors are not ordinary people, even if they are not good at fighting, but it is easy for all generations in Shuang Yi to struggle with the bodhi old zu with antique figures.
"Amitabha … Emperor, I think you’d better go back!" "You can’t beat me for such a thing!"
"Don’t talk nonsense and watch boxing …" Sun Wu’s speaker abandoned the golden cudgel with one hand and punched the ancient Buddha ancestors with one hand!
Burning the lamp at the sight of Sun Wu’s exultation in his heart, Sun Wu and his recklessness are exactly in his arms. Even if Sun Wutian’s reiki says, but after just struggling, the mana is already weak. If you recklessly burn the lamp, where is the ancient Buddha ancestor opponent?
Just now, Sun Wu didn’t gamble with him, which proves why Sun Wu has to fight recklessly now, but it’s out of the consideration of the ancient Buddha!
"Bang …" Fists intersect … flying back, vomiting blood, surprised!
Flying back is the surprise of both sides, but everyone!
And vomiting blood … It turned out to be a burning lamp!
"You … wow …" Burning the lamp, the ancient Buddha’s ancestors gushed out another mouthful of blood. I can’t believe it. Looking at Sun Wu, he really can’t understand why Sun Wu’s mana suddenly soared!
Sun Wu laughed. "Can you burn the ancient Buddha?"
"Hum … good tomorrow will be returned!" Burn the lamp and turn away!
But I didn’t see Pu Xian and Manjusri looking at each other and smiling! It turns out that the two men didn’t hit Sun Wu’s palm just now to hurt Sun Wu’s life. Sun Wu’s critical eyes saw this early, and the two bodhisattvas and Guanyin were always good, and Sun Wu often went to chat with them in chess, which helped Sun Wu!
Two people that palm is the avatar means to his mana to Sun Wu body will be pale, otherwise according to the Pu Xian avatar even win not Sun Wu won’t be back!