The woman and Xun Liangfeng have been together for a long time, and almost have a heart-to-heart relationship with him. When she sees Xun Liangfeng, she seems to be hesitant and hurriedly wakes up. "Brother Feng forgot that we talked just now, so I’ll wait for you first." She said that she was afraid that it would be bad to say that she would retreat first, but if she said it, it would not be enough for her friends to wake up.

But this sentence sounds like another meaning to Tie Aosheng. Well, it turns out that you two thieves and thieves have already discussed this treasure mirror. I won’t believe you dare to offend me.
After he made up his mind, he became as steady as Mount Tai again, watching Xun Liangfeng and Hai Kui fight.
Xunliangfeng’s martial sister woke up with a twine in her heart. Although this treasure is important, it must have a life, and it is not a good idea to be proud of iron. When she thought of this, her desire for the treasure was forcibly suppressed.
Haikui saw that Bao Jing was crazy to clap firm but gentle, just like hitting flies. In a short time, he shot Xun Liangfeng’s firm but gentle.
Xunliangfeng sword with a wave of his hand, a purple firm but gentle appeared again. This time, it didn’t turn into Jackie Chan. It was firm but gentle cut according to Haikui’s body.
Haikui has a treasure mirror and he is not worried about lifting the mirror to stop the shock wave from being scattered. Not only is there a sense of pride rising, but he laughs. "Is there anything else you can do to make it come out quickly and let you see my fly swatter?"
Chapter 13 The emergence of pitfalls
Xun Liangfeng was provoked by Hai Kui’s naked teasing, but his sword in his hand was strangled by the other side’s small bronze mirror. He roared at his mouth and instantly spewed out a stream of green gas.
Haikui took a big breath and said, "How did this fart come out of his mouth?" He quickly covered his mouth and continued, "I don’t know if it stinks."
Xun Liangfeng almost fell down and his face turned red to prepare for the spell. He was dissatisfied by Hai Kui’s words and said, "Have you ever seen anyone fart from his mouth?"
Haikui laughed and said, "Isn’t it you?"
Xun Liangfeng’s face turned red and he cried, "You little bastard, if you don’t clean up today, you and I will waste people."
Hai Kui is not afraid of his spell, and he doesn’t have a novel sword, nor is he good at repairing it, nor does he have a high opinion of himself. "Nobody watches you two buskers."
"You … you … you compare me with those buskers." Xunliangfeng pointed at Haikui and trembled.
"Be careful, don’t smoke in the past." Haikui watched him twitch and woke up kindly.
Xun Liangfeng’s lips turned purple with anger, and a wave of his sword in his hand seemed to be dancing rapidly in the same place.
Every time you dance, it seems that you are painting spells. Generally, the firm but gentle spells are condensed but not scattered, forming spells. Xun Liangfeng danced for a while, and there were many firm but gentle spells floating around him.
Liang Dingnan looked delighted at Xun Liangfeng’s firm but gentle brushwork, saying, "This is the firm but gentle operator of Fu Yue School, which is really interesting."
Haikui looked at Xun Liangfeng’s sword painting in front of his face, and he didn’t know what he wanted to do, and he didn’t feel any danger from these spells. It was strange that Xun Liangfeng had been dancing the sword.
Xun Liangfeng took two minutes to finish painting the firm but gentle part he wanted to draw. At last, he swept around with his sword, and all the spells gave off dazzling purple light to shine on the heavens and the earth instantly, even if the sun shone, it could not be stopped.
Haikui felt a majestic momentum at the moment when the purple light lit up, and she was surprised by what spell it was and how it felt so great.
他迅速后退 其他几人也是迅速后退
有荀良峰在剑气当中睥睨天气势 看着眼前海奎 在他眼中 海奎越來越渺小 在他这一击 荀良峰感觉他不堪一击
身周剑气爆发完刺眼紫芒后变得暴虐比 瞬就在他身周迅速爆炸來 在天地 百米范围肆虐來
就好像一道道鬼影闪速在天地快速撞击 把天地都撕裂來
海奎沒注意 退慢了一步 被剑气包围 瞬被剑气不断在身肆虐
一个沒留神 被剑气划破了胸口 一道十寸长伤口 迅速在他身 狰狞显现出來
海奎吓了一跳 慌忙运起护体真气 把肆虐真气都挡在身体外
在他看來 荀良峰这一招 就好比自己玩过网游放大招招数一样 像极了群魔乱舞或者说剑气崩天等等招数一般
剑气撞在他护体真气 不断发出砰砰砰音 虽然伤不到海奎 但是每一次重击 都犹如被大锤砸过 痛苦不已
荀良峰哈哈大笑“能让我放出这一招人数不多 小 你算一个 ”
海奎沒想到一个金丹初期放出法术 居然让自己一个元婴期狼狈不堪 这要是说出去 恐怕会把别人大牙笑掉
The sky is getting darker and darker when the shock wave rages, and the dust and fog keep popping up on the ground, as if it turned into a desert in an instant, and there are sandstorms all over the sky
This firm but gentle straight lasted for nearly five minutes before slowly weakening.
Haikui’s clothing has been torn by his firm but gentle, but fortunately, some important parts can be kept out.
When the dust gradually dispersed, Xun Liangfeng looked at himself in half satisfaction. When he saw Haikui standing there, he didn’t expect that he was not torn by his firm but gentle shock.
The sword mark on the chest hurts. Haikui looked down at the bleeding wound and suddenly became angry. "You people have gone too far, but you are chasing after me. Am I really afraid of you?"
Haikui didn’t release his coercion. At this time, his anger and momentum suddenly rose. Suddenly, around him, like a air billow, he instantly blew away the dust around him.
This coercion went straight to Xunliangfeng, and Xunliangfeng felt that breathing was sluggish and a huge momentum made him lose heart.
Xunliangfeng indecision looked at Haikui. I can’t believe that this momentum is emanating from him. I haven’t opened my mouth yet. Seeing Haikui far away, I waved my hand and spread out the true qi. I quickly came to Xunliangfeng. Haikui shook hands and made a fist.
Xun Liangfeng felt a tight body as if he were caught in the palm of his hand. He wanted to move, but he found that his body was completely out of control.
Haikui released the gods and swept Xun Liangfeng away at him. He felt like being naked and being seen through. In a general moment, Xun Liangfeng knew that he was too different from his eyes. If he came, his real strength would be lost. I’m afraid someone will die here.
Xunliangfeng’s school sister has been with him for too long, and she feels that Xunliangfeng’s abnormal face is very ugly. When she was about to move, she saw Xunliangfeng suddenly flying backwards. She stretched out her hand to meet Xunliangfeng, slammed out one mouthful blood and was knocked out and disappeared in front of everyone.
Liang Dingnan couldn’t believe his eyes flashed with panic and asked, "Who are you?"
Haikui’s eyes are cold. "You have already asked this question. My name is Hailongwang."
Liang Dingnan looked at Haikui again. Just now, Xun Liangfeng’s trick Liang Dingnan felt that he might not be able to carry it. Although Haikui looked injured, he flew Xunliangfeng out and just now, the strong coercion Liang Dingnan believed that even he could not do it himself, but he was so young.
He is a little incredulous.
Is there any other expert Liang Dingnan around here looking around and spreading his knowledge to find out if anyone else has found nothing unusual after looking around here?
But he still doesn’t believe this fact a little.
There must be a master hiding nearby. If the master doesn’t want to be discovered by himself, if he is higher than himself, he will definitely not find it.
But today, Liang Dingnan is sure to die and his flying sword.
Now Xun Liangfeng’s brother and sister were beaten away, so they left him and Tie Aosheng, which saved them from robbing the sword and returning the bronze mirror to Tie Aosheng.
Thought of here, Liang Dingnan said to Tie Aosheng, "Brother Tie, the bronze mirror in his hand is yours. I’ll kill him first."
Said Liang Dingnan figure suddenly a pull toward HaiKui fly.
His hand was as black as a carbon stick, and he felt a stab at Haikui directly.
Haikui now finds that his ideas are too true. It is only natural that the law of the jungle harms others, but he still wants to try not to hurt them. How can this be done? Even if they show no mercy, they still pester themselves.
His heart was cold, and he stretched out his hand toward Liang Dingnan. He grabbed the true qi in his body and rushed straight at it along his fingers to form a big hand and grabbed Liang Dingnan’s stick.
Suddenly, Liang Dingnan’s black wooden stick was divided into two parts, and Liang Dingnan’s imaginary finger pointed to the left and the right, and it hit Haikui’s head in two directions.
Liang Dingnan vowed to destroy Haikui’s body and seize his soul for a sacrifice.
Haikui frowned and quickly retreated. Although he was not afraid of Liang Dingnan, the black stick made him feel strange, like carbon, but hard and abnormal.
Liang Dingnan saw Haikui retreat and opened his mouth. A red light was directed at Haikui Haikui. The left and right roads were sealed by Liang Dingnan’s black wooden stick, but the red light quickly came to him. Haikui didn’t dodge the mirror to block it.