Tian Tang walked up to him. "Don’t be nervous. It’s not that you are asked to do those things that make it difficult for you. You are more familiar with Xilin County and the people in Xilin County are more familiar with you. If you open your mouth, the people in Xilin County may be more willing to go to Shenshen Town."

So Chol suddenly looked up and hesitated for a long time before asking, "Everyone is sent to Shenshen Town?"
"Everyone sent it." Tian Tang nodded. "Can you do that?"
"I can!" So Chol suddenly had tears in his eyes, and his knees went soft. "God has made the adults kind and will never fail to fulfill their mission!"
With that, So Chol bowed down with a big gift.
[Congratulations to So Chol, a resident of the player town, who has reached 1% loyalty to the player. Reward silver * two ability points *3 hope value 1]
So soon?
The sudden appearance surprised Tian Tang and could not help but look down at So Chol.
At present, the loyalty has reached 100%, and several people have their own reasons when they come to the door. Lu Ying is filial to Lin Chengfu, clever and clever, and she saw that Xilin County’s security area completely believed in Yinglian because she wanted to gain a foothold.
And So Chol is because of the people
Tian Tang Xiao said, "Well, all the people in Xilin County will be handed over to you. I believe it is not difficult for you."
So Chol bowed his head "is this to arrange".
After So Chol turned to go out, Tian Tang called Lin Chengfu in and specially told him about So Chol.
Lin Chengfu was also surprised. "How could he suddenly change his mind?"
Tian Tang told the cause and effect one by one, "It is also a good thing that he has a heart to fall on the people. You can get along with him more these days and get to know his situation before deciding on the distribution of attributes."
"Yes" Lin Chengfu naturally nodded and promised to look up and suddenly remembered something. "If Li Erzhu knew about it, he would even make trouble again."
Tian Tangnai "I don’t doubt his loyalty."
Lin Chengfu smiled. "Even if he didn’t turn around, he needed an epiphany."
Tian Tang thinks so, too. It is simple to say that Lin Chengfu can achieve it by adjusting his own mood, but in fact, everyone’s situation is still different. Li Erzhu also has his own special reasons to get stuck there.
However, this matter needs Li Erzhu to figure it out himself. He didn’t figure it out himself, and no one else said anything.
Tian Tang can also put this matter aside for a while.
A few days later, So Chol started his work.
I have to say that So Chol is indeed more suitable for dealing with Xilin County than others. Every few days, a group of people from Xilin County will take luggage belt and his family to Shenshen Town.
Tian Tang’s building road has also started again.
Up to now, the total number of residents in Shenling Town is 835, which is more than one person short of the required number of secondary towns. The number of houses is 9, and the required number of houses in secondary towns is 15.
With the residents of Xilin County living in Shenshen Town, the proportion of population and houses has decreased significantly. When the residents of Shenshen Town were almost composed of refugees and prisoners, the proportion was once 3.5, which means that on average, there were three fewer people living in each house.
But now the proportion is a little over 3, and it is still falling.
The reason for this change is not only the people in Xilin County, but also the people who first entered Shenshen Town, and they began to pursue a better living environment with spare money.
It is more comfortable for two people to live in one room than for three or even four people to live together.
Tian Tang built a house in one breath this time. In addition to wooden houses and bungalows, there are some exquisite houses mixed with them. At the same time, a number of exquisite tables and chairs were set up in the trading market for everyone to buy separately.
In Xilin County, the construction of Tian Tang has also been going on, and the house restoration work is progressing in an orderly manner.
The only regret is that the reward for expanding the security zone here in Xilin County is not 1 square meter at a time.
I think so. After all, 1 square meter is equal to 1 square kilometer, which is a square of 1 meter by 1 meter. If she is rewarded once every 1 square meter, she can make a fortune just by rewarding her.
It’s a pity that wool can’t be harvested.
[Congratulations to the players. The security area of Xilin County has reached 1 square meter. People in Xilin County have a good impression on the players. 1 Reward silver * drawings of two exquisite courtyards *1]
Tian Tang sure enough!
But this time, the prize is … exquisite yard?
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Do not forget your initiative mind
Tian Tang opens new award drawings.
Compared with the former reward house, the small courtyard has a courtyard outside the house. Simply speaking, the appearance of the small courtyard is more like the restored house here in Xilin County.
Now she has a total of four house drawings, namely wooden house, bungalow, exquisite wooden house and exquisite yard.
However, after all, it is an ordinary house, but the situation in the house has changed a little, and it is almost the same.
The appearance of these house drawings has brought about the biggest change, that is, the houses in Shenshen Town are richer than before, and everyone can choose their own aesthetic houses according to their own needs.
At the same time, the people in Xilin County are still going less and less every day.
Even if these people are not willing to leave at first, all the unwillingness will disappear if they arrive in Shenshen Town.
Tian Tang’s repair and replacement of wooden houses in Xilin County cost several tens to several times at a time, and these houses are temporarily unoccupied, which is equivalent to pure expenses.
Fortunately, during this period, the residents who went to Shenshen Town spent a lot of money every day, and because they just went, they ate all their own money, which offset some of Tian Tang’s expenses
Houtiantang has built a number of new textile workshops, shoe workshops, soy sauce workshops, etc. On the one hand, it can stimulate residents to study hard; on the other hand, with more and more residents, these new workshops are being built, which can just fill the gap.
At the same time, houses, fertile land, schools … Even though Tian Tang has been in Xilin County all this time, he has not forgotten to build according to the demand.
[Congratulations to the players, repair [Shop in Xilin County], and reward the library (level 1) *1]
Tian Tang looked at the house that had just been repaired and found that it was a shop.
Library …
Tian Tang opened the game panel, clicked on the library in a warehouse, looked at it for a while, and then put it back. He planned to go back to Shenshen Town to resettle the library.
After confirming the reward, she clicked on the map of Xilin County’s security area again.
Since So Chol began to help her, there have been fewer and fewer people in Xilin County. At the same time, the number of famous houses in Tian Tang has also increased. With the completion of the restoration, the security area has expanded and merged a little. Up to now, her name has been divided into four or five departments. Together, the security area has a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, and a small part of it has not been restored.
"So Chol, what the hell are you doing with them?"
This afternoon, So Chol met Zhao Tu for the first time after a confrontation.