"no!" Of course, the ghost face shura flatly refused to discuss it at all, not even thinking about it.

"Well, I’m not difficult for you, but your strength may not be returned to you so soon."
This evil ghost girl wants to die! I don’t understand my hatred when I die a thousand times and ten thousand times!
Ghost face shura angrily thought.
Mu Chenxing has been moping since Yu Zhen and Ghost Face Shura left. Zhang Jun’s face seems to be covered with frost. He has never been a cool person. His eyes always look very kind and charming with a smile.
But now there is a faint melancholy in his eyes, and he keeps asking himself, why will the feather be with the ghost face shura? What, they seem to be getting so eager? What …?
Thinking and thinking makes my head ache.
Don’t talk quietly leaning on the bed and staring at Mu Chenxing’s face without saying a word. Her heart is as uncomfortable as a needle. Mu Chenxing’s eyes are so painful that her smile affects Mu Chenxing’s heart.
In a few days, Mu Chenxing took care of his injuries by his side, but he was gentle, patient, and he looked at himself as if he were treating his relatives. That kind of look is definitely different from looking at Yu Zhen.
Every time I see Mu Chenxing, I always make fun of and dig at her. She always annoys her, but Mu Chenxing’s eyes contain love and spoil. Unfortunately, Yu Zhen doesn’t notice it.
And don’t talk quietly? It’s a lively and lovely girl. Everything has changed since she met Mu Chenxing. She became depressed. Her former mirror-like mentality disappeared, but she was slightly depressed. Mu Chenxing can die, but Mu Chenxing can die.
Mo Yu left tears in your eyes, rolling down like a broken pearl. Mu Chenxing turned around and cried in silence. I froze before him and hugged Yu You on the shoulder and said softly, "What’s wrong with Yu You? Is the wound hurting again? "
Language deep and remote "wow" to a robot in the morning star arms crying "morning star elder brother I’m so afraid you leave me"
Mu Chenxing gently stroked Yu Youxiu and said softly, "How can a silly girl?"
Youyou raised her face like a pear flower with rain and choked and said, "But as soon as you see Sister Yu’s eyes, she can be alone."
Mu Chenxing’s heart is shocked, and he has always been deeply in love with the feather, the phoenix and the smoke, and he knows that he knows the language and he doesn’t know it.
Taishifu backyard Jingshe Middle School
Feather round eyes looking at the ghost face shura cross legs sitting on the bed breathing that Zhang Jun face is very calm perfect facial features as uncanny workmanship.
"I said I really don’t want to stay in a surname’s house. I feel very uncomfortable at the thought of being surrounded by a group of bad people. Even if I can’t live in Liuxiangge, I can rent a room myself." Feather pastor pursed her mouth and said.
Take a deep breath. The ghost face shura Ling Mo pupil slowly opened his eyes and looked at the feather pastor with a light hum. "You and I are willing to be with you all day, little girl?" But I won’t let you sneak away until you return my strength. Although most of my strength has been taken away by you, you don’t know that if I do, the remaining 20% of my strength will be enough to deal with you. "
Feather bow looked at him with his shoulders in his hands. "Is that so?"
Ghost face shura laughed coldly "do you want to try? My strength is really a sudden death. You have no idea how powerful it is. "He rolled over on the bed and patted his side." Come and sleep! "
"…" Feather looked at the ghost face Shura and suppressed her anger. "Please, I am still an unmarried innocent girl. Why should I sleep with you as a big man?"
Ghost face shura sat up again. He sneered, "Don’t worry, I’m worldly desires, the man of God. I don’t have you as my prey. I have no feelings for you."
Then he strode over and picked up the feather. Feather kept kicking her and patting the ghost face on the back. "Let me go, you goat!"
The ghost face shura was unmoved. He threw the feather on the bed and suddenly said thoughtfully, "goat?" By the way, when you are so awake, it suddenly occurred to me that there is a terrible and horrible goat in hell. Do you want me to call him to show you? "
Feather’s angry little face quickly turned cloudy and sunny. "Oh, that won’t do. I think I’m sleepy, too. Let’s sleep like this!" She turned her back to the ghost face and pretended to close her eyes. "
Chapter sixty-five The first intimate contact
Ghost face shura nodded with satisfaction. He would take off his black clothes outside and lie sideways next to the feather and close his eyes.
Of course, I can’t sleep. What does it feel like for a pure and clean girl to lie side by side in a bed with a handsome guy for the first time in her life? Especially this handsome boy is also a very dangerous person.
She gently turned around and happened to meet the ghost face shura face to face. The ghost face shura’s eyes were slightly closed, and a beautiful silver pillow was scattered. He breathed very evenly. The picture was as perfect as marble carving, and Cheng Jun’s face was like the long eyelashes of Nature.
Feather Zhen quietly looked at the ghost face shura and couldn’t help sleeping a little. How could this beautiful face come from hell? You are fast asleep, just like a pure baby. A beautiful man is more beautiful than an eye!