"I learned this trick for half a year, and you said it was simple and capable to practice it for me." I was very dissatisfied with my talent and intelligence, and I practiced it for half a year, but you said it was simple and anyone would be dissatisfied.

"Well, look, I’ll practice for you." Li Yi is also exciting.
Li Yi was lying on the grass and said, "Li Lu, do me a favor!"
"What is it?" Li Lu asked
"At a time, didn’t you let me get the magic gas? You’re helping me get it out once and I’ll study it carefully, "said Li Yi.
"Come on, I still teach you to guide the magic gas out! Anyway, you have to learn sooner or later, "said Li Lu.
"good! Good! " Li Yi is happy to say that whoever changes is unhappy. Learning early means getting first!
"Let the body relax first, okay?" Li Luxin asked
"No way! I’m a little nervous about learning new things, "Li Yi said.
Li Lu is a little dizzy. Isn’t it just to learn something? Yu? You have study nervousness!
"I didn’t seem to have learned anything three years ago, and I was bored at the sight of learning. Now it’s a little shadowy," Li Yi said with a smile.
Li Lu wants to spray a little bit, which can bring out the shadow in her heart? "Don’t worry, I have studied optics for two years."
"How old are you this year?" I studied optics for two years? So you’re not 60 or 70 years old?
"I’m a hundred years old," said Li Lu, snapping her fingers and calculating.
I’m still a little girl when I’m so old. I’ll buy one for my mother.
"Is the small practice coming out?" Asked with a smile
"It will be when I draw the magic gas out. Don’t worry. What’s going on with Li Lu?" Li Yi’s theory of no hurry and no slow fire
"She! It’s normal for a practitioner to be in his 400 s or when he was a child, which is equivalent to twenty to thirty human beings. "Very lightly said.
"How old is Li Lu?" Li Yi asked
"I guess it should be human nineteen!" Extreme theory
"hey! Don’t be in a daze! Hurry up! Is your body relaxed? " Li Lu said
"ah? Wait a minute! " Li Yi said that she was often nervous before the exam. Chen Xin seemed to have told herself how to relax and how to do it.
By the way, take a deep breath. At this moment, Li Yi remembered Chen Xin, the girl who finally disappeared, and strengthened her confidence in finding her.
"Call" a foul breath from Li Yi mouth Li Yi feel like a lot of relief at the moment.
"Well, the body is relaxed. What will you do next?" Li Yi said
"This is the most important step to draw out the magic spirit. You should practice it well!" Li Lu said
"What is it? Make it so mysterious, "Li Yi said.
"It is to feel the magic gas from your body so that you can move them and get them out of your body, so that the magic gas can be drawn out," said Li Lu.
Don’t underestimate Li Lu. Her ability to explain is a hair strong! Even people like Li Yi who don’t know anything can understand.
Feeling Li Yi’s eyes closed and feeling his body.
Why is it a thousand dark? There’s nothing. Maybe I’m too anxious to eat hot tofu. Wait a minute!
In this short meeting, Li Yi waited and took a deep breath in order to feel the magic gas better.
Gradually, Li Yi saw that there was not a little more light in the darkness at first sight, but it was hard to find that people who were so careful around Li Yi also found a small part.
It’s true that the ancients were right. It’s really not good to be impatient. It’s easy to make big mistakes.
After a while, Li Yi found that the little light was getting bigger and bigger, and she couldn’t find it until she looked carefully.
Li Yi saw it and finally saw the color of the stars-lavender.