Suddenly, everyone realized that it was really difficult for their family leader. They knew the terrible thing about those sticky people who made soy sauce. It was really rare for a leader to face a group by himself!

[Guild] Wang/Mu Huasheng, let’s stop. Let’s think about it as a fighting force. We must put the knife in the right place.
[Guild] Master/Mu Huasheng Now! Everybody get ready to fight! United front! Play the music! Get ready!
[Guild] Vice Wang/Tyrant Xiong Wang just contacted the Alliance and kept them waiting?
[Guild] Wang/Mu Huasheng, you’d better tell them to help if they can. I’m still worried about soy sauce.
Mu huasheng didn’t know that this decision was quite unfinished in hindsight.
[142] Chapter one hundred and forty-four Powerful killer]
In this turbulent battlefield
Storm boy debut
Beating the fire and growling
Noisy the whole world
Suddenly, the music started, which frightened the people who were busy and chattering about soy sauce.
"Wow" fudge is talking about how to be particularly handsome and grab the head later, only to be interrupted. "Who is this? Why do I want this in my background music!"
"It’s me," the tyrant bear said coldly. Don’t they have a good look at soy sauce?
"Ah ah!" Dozen peas cat yelling "live! They are alive! "
Calling me the truth emperor shook his head sadly and said, "Is everything I just guessed wrong?"
You slapped your sister on the forehead of the hanging bottle. Are you really like that? How lucky are you to live today with such a low IQ?
However, the truth emperor regrets the frustration, and he is the only one. The rest of the soy sauce makers are really happy. How long has it been? It’s been a long time since I had such close contact with my friends.
Nature makes people! They have such a deep friendship, but this thief, my God! It’s like playing a trick on them! They are always separated from each other!
Since the second hot spring, it’s as if my friends have disappeared into this world. Generally speaking, I don’t want to talk face to face now, but I haven’t met you in the game, so they are sad and worried!
I can’t always find them, even though they are famous little creatures in the Jianghu with high popularity and public opinion, but they always pounce after asking about their little friends.
Alas, these experiences now make them cry when they think about it.
The soy sauce makers are drooping and once again raising their heads!
They found it! And I actually know that my friends are screaming!
Do you know what this means?
This means that they can often carry melons to chat with their friends later! Think about it and you can’t get too excited!
Thank them for everything they did all day to help pigs!
"Mung beans! How are you recently? Still performing in the ring? " This is a hanging bottle, which is close to each other.
"Ah?" Mung bean cake is not used to being pulled out by its own deputy to call the roll at the moment. "You are a busker!" We’re not a busker! We are gallants! "
"Ah ah it’s all the same! Don’t care about these details, "said the so-called soy sauce maker.
"Ah, paper towels! Remember when we were at the hot spring! " This is another thief trying to scrape together the goods.
"What is it?" I waved a tissue and hit the crooked face. At the sight of that name, I was very calm and my heart suddenly calmed down.
Isn’t this the stupid thing to drag yourself into the water at the edge of a hot spring?
At that time, it was because he did this first that people behind him dragged him around in various ways, but he was mad.
"Hey hey, wait for us to kill the enemy together, right!" After the goods were finished, I couldn’t feel the malice of the opposite person. I was very happy and said, "After all, we had a good time ~"
Your sister! Who’s playing with you? Tissue growled in my heart.
Hey, hey, the tyrant bear is dissatisfied. What’s going on? Are these people really playing soy sauce? Why are you still talking? Are they all right?
However, he knows that the soy sauce gang leader Ma is coming at this time. This time, he is already a vice-leader. He is the way to accuse the soy sauce gang. Have you ever seen your own children fight and parents criticize other children in front of each other’s parents? Show no! Gay people are worldly! At this time …
"Hang the bottle, everyone!" The tyrant bear spoke "You …"
"bear ~" fudge smirked and interrupted the tyrant bear.
"Ah?" Xiong, a tyrant with a serious face, instantly forgot his psychological state at that time. "What is it?"
"nothing ~" fudge suddenly became more shy and said implicitly, "I want to shout."
Tyrant bear …
This is your sister! This can be played! The tyrant Xiong instantly wants to stop doing this. Whoever does this will do it. This United front will be unified! This is too exciting in my heart.
"Hey! Hello? " A soy sauce maker is familiar with the sound. It’s not wrong to come in. This fool is that they help pigs.
Hey, you said that you shouldn’t have brought him here in the first place. Look, hey, hey, you lost more copies with your friends. At this time, the soy sauce people forgot who they were grateful for just a second ago
"I can hear it in nine days", which has been silent for almost no time.
It’s really hard for him. He’s been ignored by this group of goods, and now it’s enough. That’s why he doesn’t want to stay with them except for this serious pursuit.
"Oh, oh, that’s good, that’s good." After nine days, I even replied, "Huh? By the way, why didn’t Lao Bei Yunxian come? I saw no him in the team. "
"He?" Beique flipped through the list of best friends. "It’s strange that I saw him online just now. I guess something is wrong."
"Oh, oh, that’s all right." Nine days later, he was very relieved and said, "Old North, then you can unite on our side!"
"What?" Beique was surprised. You know, because soy sauce has always been fun, the root of command is always suppressed by Muyun idle.
He’s never commanded, has he? Is this really appropriate?
"No, it’s up to you." After nine days, it was very easy to shirk the responsibility.
"Me? I don’t think so … "Northfinch hesitated." You know I was in charge a long time ago, but I can’t help it because there are more and more people. How long has it been? You are so sudden … "
"Uh …" After nine days, I thought it was really a thing. "I can’t wait … let me think …"
Hang a bottle …
Make soy sauce …