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Chapter 118 Chapter 118
Night talk
At night, down the valley thinking in his room.
He won’t risk contacting others in order to prevent unnecessary conditions for letter monitoring.
Knocking at the door outside, brandy sounded through the wooden door, and when I opened the door, I saw brandy’s eager face and lowered my heart. At this time, brandy really felt a little emotional disorder.
"What can I do for you?" Descending valley looked behind brandy and asked, "Where are the others?"
Brandy said, "Tell them to get to a nearby stronghold and prepare one for me."
Descending the valley, he looked at the brandy and said, "Do you have plans again?"
"Sort of," brandy said. "I guess there is a 10% chance that we will have this plan."
Descending the valley and staring at the person in front of him, he couldn’t help wondering if the brandy really broke in the end, would the police really have the ability to catch this person?
There was a thump thump boiling water in the kitchen.
Brandy glanced at the direction of the sound and said, "Would you like to have a cup of tea together?"
He used to wonder how brandy knew his name. Did Betty Ross tell her or did she get it by other means? With this question, Descending Valley accepted the brandy invitation.
Brandy occupies a large area in Tottori residence. Looking around the layout of the tea room, it looks like the decoration of the R national system is very similar here, but it is still different when you look closely, and the brandy tea making method is also different
Descending valley is curious about where brandy’s hometown is.
When brandy pushed the tea to Descending Valley, Descending Valley took the teacup and gently took a sip. The flavor of tea really changed due to different processing methods.
Brandy held a teacup and said slowly, "This is the way she gave me tea to meditate."
Valley fell silent for a short time.
"I want to reveal all the news here," brandy said. "On the contrary, I don’t want people to know that no one can know that tea is my private activity today. I don’t want others to know."
Descending the valley, he put the teacup and asked, "Does that mean a brandy?"
"Well," brandy said with a sip of tea, "you should have heard about me and her."
"I heard that she was an undercover elder from other countries." Jianggu concealed the other half-you killed her yourself.
Brandy looked at the flowers in the courtyard and said, "It’s undercover. She’s been fighting for her faith all her life. I really don’t understand you people. You are so small but you have to rush back."
"We have chosen this road and will keep going, which is the responsibility entrusted to us by the people of our country," he said calmly.
"I heard something," brandy smiled faintly. "I’ll make sure you leave alive."
Are you making up for your failure to save the undercover by looking down at brandy?
"Takagi Kosuke has been rooted in the Metropolitan Police Department for a long time. He should have noticed that zer is here, right?" Brandy poured a cup of tea and said, "Have you thought about the countermeasures?"
"I thought about it, but even if I found it, the group wouldn’t have thought that there would be a zer besides zer."
Brandy nodded. "So it’s like a doll. Have you ever thought about exposing things completely?"
Descending Valley said, "It’s probably time for a decisive battle to be completely exposed."
"It’s really chilling that undercover should meet the requirement of not being discovered even at the end," brandy said. "Because of this, you can hear many unexpected secrets."
But then I will do a lot of things that violate morality and law. I don’t want to be the kind of person who has no bottom line. There is still a difference between undercover and ghost.
"Even if it leads to exposure?" Brandy asked
"Even if it leads to self-exposure, it will benefit the people instead of being a cannibal if the power is limited in the legal and moral framework."
Brandy leaned her chin and looked down at the valley, revealing some nostalgia. Then she asked, "What do you think our field should be perfect?"
Descending valley looked at brandy and said, "You should not hand it over to me for trial, but to the law for trial."
"It’s just like what Dr. Miyano said. You’re really serious." Brandy said quietly. "It’s so small here. Everyone of us has met at some time and place."
Although Jianggu knew that brandy would make friends with teacher Elena, he didn’t expect brandy to be so familiar with teacher Elena. Is it good?
"The cause is still a brandy," brandy said after seeing through the idea of lowering the valley. "Because I was organized as an experimenter, my body became fragile and I was prone to illness. I had to see a doctor for a long time, so I became familiar with her."