"I know!" Xu Yizhen charming smile.

Montessori lifted her eyes and took a glance at Meng Tingting. At the sight of her, she looked stupefied and sighed, "Good boy, I know I wronged you! Don’t worry, I’ll discuss it with your mother later and I’ll give you an explanation! "
Meng Tingting sneered in her heart, but she was grateful. "Then thank your aunt first!"
Ting-ting meng really can’t continue to look at the monteggia mother and daughter two affectionate crossed the marriage and smile apologetically "aunt, sister Jane I’m a little tired and want to go back to my room to have a rest first …"
"Go!" Montessori busy way "aunt is careless! You don’t care too much about your aunt here. Have a good rest! "
Tingting Meng excused herself with a smile.
Xu Yizhen saw that she was gone and took Montessori’s way. "Mom, look at your cousin. Poor! You must help her! Xu Yiyun that little bitch, she can’t live better than me! "
"Don’t worry!" Montessori patted her hand, but there were also some dissatisfaction with yisow. What happened? Why haven’t you been able to handle Xu Yiyun? I was anxious before, but I can’t see her now!
Montessori here is thinking about finding a chance to go back to her mother’s house and dispute with Xue Shi. In two days, Xu Mo invited the world to be a guest in the mansion. Montessori naturally left it behind and tried his best to entertain the future son-in-law!
Xu Yizhen came with shyness to tell Meng Tingting that Meng Tingting’s heart jumped so fast when she heard the news!
Of course, she knows that cousin Xu invited the world to visit the mansion. There must be Mrs. Weining Hou’s hands and feet here.
I’m afraid it’s not easy to miss this opportunity again!
Meng Tingting suddenly hesitated at the thought that she had brought the medicine-what if she failed?
When I looked up, I saw Xu Yizhen’s blushing and shy little daughter, how cute, how sweet and happy she was, but she deeply hurt Meng Tingting’s heart!
The last bit of hesitation disappeared in an instant!
What about failure? Even if it fails, it’s also a shame to wash one’s dirty linen in public. Do the mother and daughter dare to publicize it? At most, in the future, everyone will die of old age and not talk to each other!
Hum, that’s good! Even with each other, they are just using her as a chess player!
Meng Tingting took a deep breath and touched Xu Yizhen with a wink and a sly smile. "Don’t you want to meet Jane’s sister when she comes?"
If she had seen it before, how else could she snatch people from Xu Yiyun? But now that I have booked a kiss, I’m a little reserved. Hearing this, Meng Tingting can’t help but get dizzy and stamp her feet.
Meng Tingting giggled and teased, "What’s to be ashamed of! Now that you’re engaged, you’re one of our own, but you’re wriggling! I think maybe my cousin will just bring her back so that you can meet! Don’t you want to ask him if his marriage is ready? "
I don’t think much of my twin brother Xu Yizhen, but after hearing this, Meng Tingting couldn’t help but move back channels. Maybe it was my brother who invited him for me! We used to meet once in a while. It’s not that my brother didn’t know …
Seeing Xu Yizhen’s crush, Meng Tingting became more and more inspired.
Xu Yizhen is not a more disciplined person. Finally, Meng Tingting persuaded her to grin and say, "Cousin is right, but it doesn’t matter if you meet Cousin. Will you go with me?"
Meng Tingting asked for it and even smiled and answered it.
The cousins packed up and went to the back garden together.
Xu Mo prepared good wine and exquisite dishes. They were drinking. It was an accident for Xu Mo and the world to see her coming.
But now that we are engaged, we are all our own, and there are not many taboos, so we sit together and talk and laugh.
Seeing wine on the table, Meng Tingting is even more happy in her heart.
If she knew that the entrance to this altar was mellow but the stamina was long, the good wine was hard to get even in Fangzhou, and then she turned several turns and sent it to Xu Mo, suggesting that Xu Mo would be more happy to invite the world to enjoy it.
Four people talking and laughing, Xu Mo was obviously in an excellent mood, and Meng Tingting was in the fun. This wine was drunk one after another.
Shigen never thought about getting drunk! This is in his future father-in-law’s house, or he is drunk. So what?
Xu Yizhen’s heart is in the world, and her affectionate eyes fall on him from time to time. When they touch each other, they are all tender feelings, which makes her heart as sweet as honey.
In this way, she didn’t even notice that today’s cousin seems to talk a little too much.
Seeing that he had almost drunk, he said that he would take a rest and wait for a banquet in the afternoon house!
Who knows that when the wind blows, Xu Mo and I are a little groggy.
Xu Yizhen couldn’t help but stare at Xu Mo. Meng Tingting was kind enough to hold the two men back to Xu Moyuan to rest.
Xu Mo went back to his bedroom, and Xu Yizhen and Meng Tingting commanded the servant girl to tidy up the kang in the wing, and helped the footsteps a little in vain.
"Sister Jane, why don’t you go to the kitchen and get some hangover soup! Hee hee, it’s also good for the world master to know that you are virtuous and considerate! " Tingting Meng laughed again
Xu Yizhen blushed and stamped her feet, but she still went.
Indeed, this is an opportunity to behave well. How could she let it go?
Meng Tingting stared at her leaving her back and her eyes became cold and sneered.
Get rid of Xu Yizhen’s two little girls in the yard here, and it’s good to send them away. Everyone has gone away. Meng Tingting took a glance and entered the rest wing.
After taking the medicine in the tea, he gently lifted the world up, handed the tea to his lips and smiled softly. "Master, have a sip of tea and moisten your voice!"
The half squinting looked at her, but she didn’t really look at it. When the servant girl rested on her body and drank a few cups of tea in her hand, Chapter 166 Meng Tingting calculated.
Meng Tingting added a few minutes of confidence and judo in her heart. "Master Shi has a headache, but this drunken hangover is the most uncomfortable. It will take a long time for the hangover soup to come! Why don’t you rub it, handmaiden? "
Mouth said, hands stretched out, and fingers that cut onion roots were slender, and temples on both sides of the world were gently rubbed and pressed.
The Shu sighed a also let her.
It’s rubbing Meng Tingting’s hand, but it’s restless
The micro-motion consciousness in the world half opened my eyes and saw that slender and beautiful neck was covered with snow-white skin. My heart suddenly jumped and felt thirsty.
He didn’t know that he was drugged by Meng Tingting, but he was drunk and saw such beautiful scenery, and there was a faint girl’s body fragrance lingering around his nose, and the beauty was soft and ambiguous …
How can you stand it when you get together in a world?
Fiercely hold Meng Tingting’s hand and bring her into his arms with one hand.
Meng Tingting’s soft and charming voice is soft and supple, and she falls into the world’s arms. Her lips are bright red, her teeth are biting, her face is the size of a slap, and her watery eyes are so charming that she is even more charming.
"The Lord …" Meng Tingting’s shy little hands slipped into his skirt.
The eyes light slightly gathered breath to promote a turn and put Meng Tingting in the body …
In the small kitchen, Xu Yizhen didn’t leave a step. She ordered the cook to make sober soup and personally supervised it.
So this hangover soup is made by her own hands. What a virtuous heart and deep love it is. Surely my brother will be moved and will give her a higher look?
The cook and Xu Yizhen, who is clever and natural with pearls, mean to listen to the words of praise and don’t flatter with money. After hearing this, Xu Yizhen beamed and urged the cook "Is it ready?"
The cook didn’t dare to neglect nature, so she tried her best to prepare quickly.
However, no matter how fast the speed here is, what should have happened there will have happened when the end is over!
Before I went in, I heard the noise inside. Xu Yizhen’s face turned white and I couldn’t believe it. My eyes widened.
Hanzhu and Hanqiao looked at each other, and the sound was so-
Two people are blushing with shame, but their hearts are trembling. Which bold girl dares to seduce the future husband of Miss Er? Is this because she has a long life?
"Little bitch! I killed her! " Xu Yizhen’s face is red and white, full of ferocious teeth, and she can’t wait to tear the people inside alive!