"Grandfather and father love Xiao Niang and love me as simple as that"? Is there so much? Even if she did, she would rather believe that her mother was willing to help her get rid of the stumbling block because she loved her.

At this moment, the elder said, "Go ahead and do whatever you want. Grandfather and your father still have some things to discuss." After hearing what he said, Lan’s face immediately hung with laughter. "The grandfather and father talked slowly about Lan’s son, so I’ll leave now." Then he turned out of the room and went to mother Nguyen thi courtyard.
"Father, how can you rely on Lan Er?" The footsteps in the courtyard went far away. Huai’ an stamped his feet angrily and looked at the elders. The elders looked at him with a face as heavy as water. "You told my father that now we can’t rely on Lan Wench?" Huai ‘an didn’t want to blurt out the baggage and take the journey "Let her let Xiao Er go".
The elder asked, "Then what?"
"and then? Then ….. "Things have already made a big three halls, and they have also been involved in trying to keep things quiet. As nothing happened, it is impossible for Huai’ an to think that this mouth is faltering and I don’t know what to say. Listening to the elders’ sigh language is quite exhausting." Is the big girl possessed by ghosts? Let’s ignore it first, but as far as she is concerned, her hamstrings have been picked off by Lan girl. Do you think this is still beneficial to our family? She’s a cripple now and she’s carrying two lives. It’s definitely not easy for you and me to turn her over. Besides, the Lei family must keep an eye on her at this time. Can we move? "
Huai’ an’s eyes are wet. "Then leave the big girl alone?" Are you going to sacrifice her? "
"As far as the present situation is concerned, we can follow the haze girl". The elder is really uncomfortable when he is forced by his granddaughter. But before the family dies, he can’t follow the haze. How can Huai’ an’s eyes be painful and pale? "The eldest girl is still pregnant with Wang Si, so let her suffer injustice and lose her life. I don’t care what I do as a father!"
"You tube how do you tube? If it weren’t for Ruan Shi and Lan Shantou, the big girl could suffer injustice? " The elder was angry and calm. "If you want to keep the big girl, you must pick her out of the day before yesterday. Do you think it is possible?" Huai’ an cried and couldn’t say a word. Looking at this, his elders continued to anger, "Lan girl is very shrewd. She just surprised her father by saying a few simple words. If we don’t follow her direction, it will be more and more unfavorable to my family."
"Ruan’s family is the practice of Ruan’s life. Let’s teach that bitch a lesson!" Hang down side hands clenched Huaian bite a tooth way "if it weren’t for her too partial haze son will longitudinal that careless girl to do such a difficult thing" husband and wife for many years, he didn’t expect Thi Tam Nguyen to be cruel to help the young girl calculate the eldest daughter to kill the eldest daughter.
Bitch, he must make that bitch look good!
The elder reprimanded angrily, "If you give your father meditation, we can give up the big girl in the current situation." After a short pause, he added, "It is even necessary to put our conscience above our family before we can reverse the situation, eliminate the bad blood between the king and my family and make everything calm."
"Place righteousness above family loyalty? Ok … I listened to my father’s sense of righteousness and abandon my big girl! " Huai’ an spoke slowly, and every word seemed to drop blood. He turned around and walked absently toward the door. Suddenly he turned to look at his father. "Most of the big girls are in the dungeon in our house. She may be in the dungeon. I have to go and see her!" Then he went to the door of the house, and the elders watched him leave without saying a word.
When the sun is warm and the breeze is slow, the dumb slave sits outside a simple wooden house, his eyes are drooping and his eyes are full of pain and remorse. There is no way to save the child by himself. Because of the dark place, he has added several good experts.
Why don’t he go and beg the master to save the child …
Dumb slave thought that suddenly he heard footsteps approaching and looked up and saw Huai’ an coming. He got up hurriedly and turned quickly with his head down. "How did the master come here?" Isn’t that child in trouble, too? "
Soon he denied his idea that "no, my master can’t be involved. My master really loves that child."
"Ahhh ….." Huai ‘an approached the dumb slave and stopped moving on.
He wants to make sure of one thing, that is, Huai’ an will come here, what is here, and he wants to see Huai’ an’s attitude
Huai’ an said, "Stop me from going to the dungeon?" Hearing what he said, the dumb slave made several gestures one after another. Huai ‘an sneered, "Madam asked you to keep this." The dumb slave nodded repeatedly.
"Let me go and see my daughter" reprimanded Huai ‘an, threw his sleeves and walked straight to the dungeon.
The dumb slave didn’t stop him from following the dungeon again.
"Xiao ‘er …" The dumb slave in the dungeon walked quickly two steps ahead of Huai ‘an to lead the way. Soon the two of them were walking at the door of Jack’s cell. Huai ‘an looked at the daughter lying on her side with a towering abdomen. "I want to go in and see Xiao ‘er." The dumb slave "Ahhh" pushed the door directly and took the lead in approaching the cell.
For a pregnant woman with broken hands and feet, it doesn’t make any difference if the cell door is not locked. What’s worse, this is a dungeon. To get to the ground, you have to go through not only a dark passage of tens of meters, but also twenty steps.
Jack opened his eyes and looked at Huaian.
There is such a person in my memory as the original owner’s father. What is he doing here?
"You have suffered!" Before going, Huai ‘an crouched down to help Jack lean against the wall and raised his hand to stroke the broken hair from his forehead to his ear. At this moment, his heart was throbbing with pain. Because Jack was indifferent, he was stung by his distant eyes. This is his child. She must have recognized that he wanted to kill her as much as Lan Wench, so she looked at him as a father.
Indifference is because she knows that she will die and fight.
Alienation is because she has removed from her heart a father who has such a feeling for him.
Huai’ an couldn’t help feeling ashamed of thinking like this.
"Ah-ah-ah …" Dumb slave gestured to him. It seems that Huai ‘an’s eyes are guilty and painful at this time, and Jack will be taken away from the dungeon. However, Huai ‘an looked at him and gestured, and his eyes were even more ashamed and painful. "You are a good man." He continued, "I can’t. I can’t take my child away!" With a wry smile, he said hoarsely, "It was because I didn’t teach Lan Er well that she made a big disaster. If I take Xiao Er away from that disaster, it will ruin the whole family’s grievances. Xiao Er can wronged this child!" Tears rolled down his eyes. Don’t overdo it. Raise your hand and erase it. I haven’t looked back at Jack for a long time.
Can a cat cry and shed two tears to prove that he is a good father? Jack didn’t bother to look at Huaian with a sneer in his heart.
"Ahhh …"
Pull Huai ‘an sleeve dumb slave knelt to continue gesticulating.
Huai’ an turned to see Jack’s eyes closed and his heart was stinging for a long time. His mood calmed down a little and he turned his eyes to dumb slaves. "You asked me to tell his wife to persuade Lan’s son? No, no, it’s because of the mother and daughter Xiaoer that this disaster happened, and I know the truth now, but I can watch them push Xiaoer to the wall. What can I do? " When he got up, he walked to the cell door and said sadly, "I … I’m not a good father. I’m sorry, Xiao Er … Chapter 363 Public indignation.
Half an hour later, Lan’s mother Nguyen Tan Dung returned to the elder’s residence after some discussion.
"It’s not a good thing that the girl is too shrewd. Hello!" After listening to the granddaughter’s plan, the elders got up and prepared to go to the palace without sighing.
Although he had thought about putting righteousness above family interests at the expense of Xiao, he really couldn’t help but sink his heart when he heard Lan say the complete plan.
Lan walked slowly behind him with a feminine voice. "Lan’s son just wants to get what he wants …" For a moment, her tone became frivolous and she added, "But since Grandpa said that, Lan’s son didn’t want to make more excuses by himself, but he still had a good experience." What’s wrong with being shrewd? Do you want to be a fool and be calculated that there is no talent? If that’s the case, she’d rather be a shrewd person
Stop and look back at her, the elder. It’s especially complicated to see Lan. He can’t help but tremble and lip-lick, and dare not speak again.
"When this matter is over, you will get involved again at home." The elder gradually walked away.
Looked at his back haze in situ face changed and become very ugly.
Is this to be cut off?
Then she will be afraid, and it will be a big mistake. It is absolutely easy to become the only woman she likes by her own means.
Then she won’t believe that they (the elders) will really get involved with her again by putting the prosperity and death of the family first.
In the palace, the king and queen’s eyes were stunned. For a long time, the king recovered and looked at the elders and asked, "Uber? Ghosts possessed? Elder, what you said is true? " The elder knelt down and his eyelids drooped slightly, and respectfully replied, "It’s really true to return to the king." He told the story of Lan Yan, the king and the queen, and confessed that everything was his fault. He didn’t find out that his granddaughter had been possessed by ghosts before, so he did such evil things.
"You just said that someone caught it. Is that true?" The king asked again
The elder replied, "It’s true." It’s time to say that he said everything and sincerely chose a girl who is not loyal to her family as an excuse. Isn’t it time for Mr. Wang to put a bad feeling on his family?