Although Yue Liuhua is a female strength, it is easy to get a glimpse. Li knows that she is an illusionist who is proficient in creating dreamland and has never missed the enemy, even if she was injured once.

But now Zangjian is holding the moon, but Liuhua is devastated. Five fingers are tightly held together, and a ray of deep red drops down the palm grain.
What is even more thrilling is that one of her eyes seems to have been dug away by someone, while the other has lost its focus with a little dark gray color.
"What’s going on? What month will Liuhua hurt like this? "
Zhong Li shuddered and jumped up from his chair. He immediately went to Zangjian and held out his hand to touch Liu Hua, but he didn’t know if he was going to touch him, for fear of hurting the man more seriously.
"What is the injury?" He looked up and his eyes sparkled.
Zang Jian smiled and raised her feet and walked towards the imperial concubine’s chair. She shook her clothes and carefully put the moon in China before she looked up. "It is … she can’t make the operation anymore and was beaten into an ordinary person."
Hearing this, Zhong Li opened his eyes in disbelief and said, "Who did it?"
In addition to the elders, is there anyone who can move this group of priests this day? This is simply incredible.
"It’s just a smile that hurts the moon. It’s her who is Chinese." Zang Jianyun smiled quietly and looked very good.
For a second, Li was already angrily grabbing his skirt and yelling, "You said it was her? Are you lying to me? How could she do it? I think you did something good. You murderous maniac. "
"Don’t you know very well whether I lied to you?"
Zangjian doesn’t have any fear and looks at Li’s eyes, but it seems to him that Li has a pair of beautiful black eyes, which are still clean and thorough even if they are bloodshot. It’s hardly like a man to be clear.
Heavy Li leng hand strength loose a little.
Yes, he knows very well that it is not unusual for her to get hurt by the fact that Yun Qing has spiritual strength and cold bow. Chapter 656 explains ()
Seeing Li’s dull face, Zang Jian slightly opened his lips and continued according to what he thought, "Because of the slow progress of the war, the elders sent the moon to China. It happened that I wanted you to make a deal with Yixiaogong and let her return. I didn’t expect that the group of people would go back on their word and actually let Miss Li do the bait and hurt the moon to China. Fortunately, I had some strength to save the moon from China. It was Miss Yi but I was able."
When it comes to lying, it’s as calm as ever. Seeing that Zhong Li is more angry, the radian of his mouth is more and more ghostly.
"Damn it-!" Zhong Li clenched his fist and was covered with ice.
Liu Hua was injured and heavy purple didn’t come back. Zangjian said, Is it all true?
"Now is not the time to lose your temper. We are full of blood, and now we have lost our spiritual strength. When the blood is destroyed, the elders will know … If you don’t take Peicheng, Sir Zhong, you will be punished." Zangjian’s mouth is outlined with a brilliant face, which is almost frightening.
Zhong Li kicked over the burning charcoal stove, clenched his fist bit by bit and tried to resist the edge of collapse, and his mind was murderous.
"I don’t live with you."
Zangjian smiled contentedly, and Li was more gullible than expected. There are several factors, such as heavy purple moon and flashy injury, and he will definitely believe what he said.
In Zangjian’s view, this man is an eagle fighter, and he is more willful than anyone else. However, he is always suffering from such sexual fear.
In the early morning, the dense water vapor mixed with the green smell of courtyard flowers and plants floating in the cloister.
Peicheng is as quiet as ever, as if all the thrilling events happened yesterday were just a flash in the pan, but it was completely different for the people who stayed in the Taishoufu.
At this time, the satrap’s mansion was quiet.
Both the soldiers patrolling the government and the ordinary cleaners are at peace at the moment.
A few people were cleaning the door with brooms, and talked about the strange things they ran into yesterday.
"I seem to have seen a red light flash across Beiwan yesterday. Isn’t that weird?"
"shh! This can’t blather, but now the government is full of adults who talk nonsense and will be beheaded when they are heard. "
"I saw it, too …" When the broom swept through the snow, a young servant girl muttered something, she immediately attracted several senior servants’ eyes.
She immediately vomitted to stick out her tongue and ran to the steps, but she tripped over something.
"ouch! What is killing me? " She covered her feet and howled and looked up to see what had tripped her. It didn’t matter if she didn’t look at it. She was startled when she looked at it. A little girl in purple actually lay down on the snow and her back was covered with thick snow.
"Dead man-!" The little girl got a fright and screamed at once.
A group of maids who also discussed it immediately swarmed over and screamed when they saw the body lying on the ground.
Coloured glaze happened to pass by the mansion door and heard these shouts and hurried out.
See a group of maids frighten to pale immediately ask "what’s the matter? Chapter 657 657 explanation (3)
"Dead … dead" someone shouted.
"The dead?" Coloured glaze immediately ran the steps to pick up the snow, and when she saw it, her face showed a surprised expression "heavy purple?"