Zhou Li’s gnashing of teeth not only insulted his IQ, but also insulted his personality. He was just about to take out the momentum and drink a lot of smoke, sweeping back and scaring him to shut up and go back. Nai’s whip was grabbed by Haikui and he gave it up very reluctantly.

Haikui is still in a good mood. Being able to play with Zhou Li makes him feel that it is nothing to eat a little bitter. "How do you give away your whip? It seems that you must have other good magic weapons. Why not give it to me?"
Haikui reached out with a whip and Zhou Li’s knowledge was erased from his income bag.
Monty flag came quickly behind him, and he chased them for a short time before chasing them. After all, the consumption of long-term fighting was really too high. "I didn’t expect you to really break through, which really made me sit up and take notice."
Haikui gave him a smug smile, and then his figure flashed to Zhou Li and he stretched out a finger.
This finger seems dull to Zhou Li, but it covers his vision. In his eyes, there is a finger that wants to escape but can’t escape, but it is so powerful.
Zhou Lihao’s rebellion in one direction is all stiff.
"Hey, hey, it’s said that I swallowed up Sheng Yuan Dan in danger. It seems that I bet on it." Haikui hey, hey, smiled and showed off.
"Don’t be complacent. If it weren’t for the old devil blocking you, you would have gone to the Western Heaven to learn from the Buddhist scriptures." Monty flag was dissatisfied and said that after all, he also contributed a lot. At this time, Monty flag has finished practicing on its own. After all, it is much safer to have a shield than to be alone
Chapter 26 Returning to Volcanic Cracks
"Yes, how can I reward you for your greatest contribution? If you can’t, I’ll give you Zhou Li, the old guy’s body. You just have to take possession of it." Haikui laughed and grabbed Zhou Li with one hand and threw his poison king skull into his bag.
"I don’t want it," said Monty Flag. "I always want to find a beautiful man."
Haikui searched Zhou Lishen’s bag, took out his blood between the eyebrows and his soul, and put it in a jade bottle.
This is the way Monty Flag told him to take the soul blood after improvement. The interchange last week was two steps. One was the soul bending technique to take a strand of its residual soul. If there is resistance, the residual soul can destroy its soul. The other step is to integrate its own blood into it. In Monty Flag’s view, this practice is to kill the enemy 10,000, self-harm, and 3,000 idiots will do things that harm others and benefit themselves.
This method of using magic to make the monty flag sniff gave Haikui the method of taking soul blood from his original owner.
"I heard you call yourself an old devil for the first time." Haikui tilted his head and searched Zhou Li’s things, refining a stone lock and throwing it into a bag and body to Monty Flag.
"I am also full of confidence after seeing your promotion. When I am restored, the average person will not be my opponent. When you find the twelve-pole monty flag, heaven and earth will not be happy." Monty flag says more and faster chapters, please go to the overbearing tone, and it will really be like he stepped on the foot of heaven and earth.
Haikui smiled noncommittally for a whole day, but he didn’t think it was bragging, but he had to wait until he was completely restored to repair.
After Zhou Li’s defeat, the stars recovered calm, very quiet, very quiet, because there is no circulation here. How can you hear any sound here?
"I didn’t expect that this time I came to look for black iron and silk, and the harvest was so great. I didn’t know that Zhou Lixiu was in the middle and late stage of Yuanying at the grade, but I just easily defeated him. I can say that my repair has been much higher." Haikui asked Monty Flag for advice
Monty flag, after all, is the first time to update the magic weapon after thousands of years of experience. "This situation of yours is due to the different practice methods. I think you are still practicing in the Yuan infant period, and because you have a special baby, you should be at the peak of the Yuan infant period."
"You mean I still can’t beat the distracted master." Haikui frowned slightly.
"No, I think you have a fighting ability," said Monty Flag firmly.
Hai Kui was touched. Although he is a magic weapon, he can also be included in the ranks of thinking and consciousness. He felt that the monty flag was quite pertinent and seemed to be an approval for himself.
Although the baby was successfully transformed, most of the residual efficacy of Shengyuan Dan has not been absorbed. He still has to find a place to absorb the efficacy. The first update is "Let’s go, we still have to find a planet to practice and absorb the efficacy department."
"It’s a good thing that it took you nearly half a month this time, but it will take another two and a half months for the silk to be in place. It’s better to find a planet containing Yang Ling."
Haikui’s daytime magic flag means that he likes it, but Haikui’s masculine body certainly likes feminine body. The female monty flag is different. After all, the magic weapon is not a person.
After the two of them discussed it properly, Haikui reached out and grabbed the monty flag in his hand, taking a step that seemed to move forward slowly, but it was extremely fast and soon disappeared into the stars.
After they left, they updated the place where Zhou Li and Hai Kui fought for the first time. Not far away, there was a ripple and a black robe. It seems that seven old Ten Zhao Zhenren walked out of the face with a pity look. "Zhou Li’s old son told you not to listen to the real advice, and you won’t take up arithmetic. I said that you still don’t believe it."
Zhao Zhenren pondered for a while, "Forget it. Send a message to Monty Zong. After all, Zhou Li and I have been friends for many years."
Zhao Zhenren finished talking to himself and left for the earth.
It turns out that Zhao Zhenren and Zhou Li left after the failure to snatch exquisite feather clothes. Zhou Li asked Zhao Zhenren to calculate a divination to find the man with the ascending yuan Dan. After calculating his position, Zhao Zhenren also calculated that the ascending yuan Dan had another master. If two people robbed it, Zhou Li didn’t listen.
Somehow, some things have their own destiny. If he can change it with a magic spell, then there is something else.
Haikui went to the planet to continue his dive, while Zhao Zhenren went to the monty clan patriarch to believe that everyone had their own personnel.
Three months after Haikui placed an order in Duobaoge, Haikui’s figure was swept out of a planet and flew rapidly in the star, leaving a ghosting image. If you don’t look carefully, you may not find his figure. It seems that he has a refined body and is rich in colorful armor. Yuan Ying is a real person, and his eyes are sharper than seeing words. It is just around the corner to enter the realm of distraction.
Soon I came to Trading Star. At that time, besides buying natural silk, there was still a lot of Lingshi left. After paying the Lingshi needed to enter the city, I went straight to Duobaoge.
Although this Duobaoge is not obvious, it is definitely not simple to occupy a place in this trading city, and the efficiency can also be called first-class. It is said that three months of delivery means three months of delivery.
After Haikui got the heavenly silk, it became the main thing to refine the soul. He said to the monty flag, "Go directly to the fairy battlefield."
"What else do you want?" The monty flag is a magic weapon, and you can go anywhere at any time.
And Haikui has nothing to worry about, except his first woman, of course.
"Well, I think we’ll be away for a long time. If you have anything to put, don’t think about it quickly." Monty flag continued to wake up.
"No" Haikui smiled and shook his head.
"Well, then, in that case, let’s make a banner first." Monty flag hey hey smiled.
"Oh, you know this buzzword." He couldn’t help smiling when he heard the antique monty flag say that it was fashionable once, but he didn’t understand. "What should I do first?"
"The flagpole is easy to refine, and it’s good to be straight, thick and moderate in length. If the flag is not woven well, take it out and throw it, but please go to your own face for more and faster chapters." Monty Flag said slowly.
A flag has no expression, unless it can be seen by the soul, it can also be heard to judge emotions.
Haikui thinks that the theory of monty flag is more reasonable. It’s best for a woman to find a beautiful and ingenious person to sew the soul coffin.
Trading star has this kind of shop, all beautiful women will be there for you, and you will be satisfied with everything.
There are some famous sayings in the spiritual world and the mortal world that money makes the mare go, but now money makes the mare go.
Stepped back to the direction of the earth with a flag with a rather distinctive design.
At one time, I was worried that the patriarch of Monty Sect did not appear, so I said that the guy was definitely not defeated by Jiugui Xiandao. Several real people benefited from Monty Sect and several younger brothers. Haikui also did not forget to think about whether Monty Sect could send some younger brothers to get him some benefits.
Leaf crazy that small not only released the pure Yang firm but gentle was absorbed by the monty flag, but also the pure Yang firm but gentle practice method was definitely obtained by the monty flag, and the illusion was set out with low means.
The most in the monty flag is the soul, and the soul can be transformed. Plus, in the magic device, there is a little dry Kun who sleeps and hypnotizes Ye Crazy. Yes, Liu Hui will feel that she should be a romantic species.
Haikui didn’t destroy Zhou Li’s soul and body. If you want to learn the skill of swallowing monty, Zhou Li’s skill of swallowing monty is not very high because his cultivation has not reached a height of innate ability. If it is, it will be terrible to swallow heaven and devour earth.
By means of monty flag.
All the way back to the continuous volcanic group, the earth is a little familiar with the smoke, the crack and the black and red phase. Because of the cultivation of high knowledge, you can feel that many monks near this volcanic group have come to explore the treasure.
It’s the terror in the depths of the volcano that keeps them from crossing the line.
There is no high flight, one or two meters above the ground, and the hot temperature has made Haikui feel no discomfort. Soon he came to the crack, and the surface is still bottomless black and red.
Without hesitation, I came a thousand miles away in a flash. Now it is easier for Haikui to teleport. If you do more, you will definitely become more and more skilled.
He knew that the fire beasts were teleported three times without stopping at the crack mouth, and then they came to the pit where the fire beasts lived.