Now, he has actually completed the casting of Wild Nature’s Art, but it suddenly occurred to him that he will also face the problem of having a baby in the future, so it is not as good as it is now. This kind of realm may also be helpful for having a baby in the future, and it may not be necessary. After all, there are not many opportunities to make Wild Nature’s Art at the cost of lowering a layer of repair. Of course, it cannot be such a wave.

However, what surprised him was that since there should be a baby in the baby-raising period, but now his body is still a round elixir, the size of a watermelon, and it has not changed into a baby.
Therefore, he can’t help wondering whether it’s the Yuan infant period or the late Dan period.
It is said that there is no yuan baby in the Yuan baby period, but it is said that in the late stage of Jiedan, the aura content of his body now is much stronger than before, and he also felt it in those monks in the Yuan baby period.
Therefore, he is always puzzled.
It’s a pity that it’s not a good time to study it. Looking at it with a serious face, he mumbled that he couldn’t understand the spell. The cold light in Yang Xiu’s eyes flashed, and his hands suddenly flashed to see those huge stones around him. The pike and the wind blade fire shot back at the same time, and there was a bone fracture sound in the surrounding skull monsters.
Then the palm of your hand turned to Biluofeng, and "sou" hit the weirdo in the sky.
Although it is also a magic weapon of its own name, Yang Xiu now makes Biluofeng look like something is about to flash, and soon he comes to the top of the weirdo’s head and hates it.
Hitman, the second is more supportive! (Continued)
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Ten years
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Ten years
The weirdo disappeared at the key moment again, poisoning Yang Xiu enough from time to time
And this time, although he put the knowledge of God to the limit, there is no longer the eccentric figure in Fiona Fang for nearly a thousand miles. At the same time, he also hates to itch his teeth and directly smash a high-kilometer mountain peak to the ground, which has failed to vent his hatred.
Finally, I thought that there would be a period of weakness after the expiration of the wild nature, so I took the Biluofeng and the soft fingers and hurriedly found a direction to escape from the scene.
Escape to a place several thousand meters away, make a cave with the size of 30-40 square meters, and skillfully arrange a damp array around the cave to prevent the cave from collapsing, and then check your injuries.
Yang Xiu sitting cross-legged in a dark stone room with his eyes slightly closed.
Seeing a hot air coming out of his head and steaming with abundant aura, he washed his body and brought up an airflow, which made the whole closed room even ring a "whirring" wind.
Suddenly, I saw his eyelids jump, but they calmed down instantly. I still kept practicing exercise.
"Shout" until two hours later, Yang Xiu ran for a big Sunday, and then he gently exhaled a polluted air and opened his eyes.
He didn’t get up, but as soon as the palm of his hand turned over, he immediately showed a naive baby to spit out a catty of "go" and saw the baby disappear when he turned over.
A moment later, I saw an adult-sized, blue-faced, skinny, skinny, and long-armed ghost, and a middle-aged man with a bent figure and red eyes appeared in him again.
Green-faced fangs put the middle-aged man still in the ground, and his body suddenly narrowed sharply and changed instantly. Just now, the charming baby fell into Yang Xiu’s hand.
This baby is the ghost of that day.
Ten years ago, Yang Xiu took advantage of the constipation caused by the serious injury of the ghost king to separate the heavenly ghost from its body, and then planted "nine kinds of minds" in the heavenly ghost body to control it alone.
As soon as the palm of your hand turned, you put the ghost in the hands of Gankun, and then looked at the unconscious man with a calm face.
Now it has been fifteen years since the door was delivered.
After several soul-calling, he lived in this place called "Stan Town" for five years. He has already learned about this place, so he will no longer recognize this strange-looking human being as a monster beast.
Speaking of which, he couldn’t help but think of the few pounds of "monsters" he had seen on a famous island! I couldn’t help laughing in my heart. Now I know that those people should have been sent from this place called "Renault 6". Where is the human being? What a freak!
Shook his head and looked at the man’s fingers in a coma with rickets. Suddenly, he hit the other county with a little light, and then he saw the middle-aged man wake up faint.
Middle-aged men should also be alert. When they wake up, they don’t have a short absence like ordinary people, but quickly roll to one side and I don’t know when his hand has already had a cold knife and half-squinted at Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu light looked at each other a person performance eyelid didn’t lift a cold way
"Do you have anything to say?"
Of course, what he is talking about now is not his former language, but a language that is the same as that of several "monsters" in the famous island, and it is also the common language of Renault VI. He learned it after he saw the first human being.
Middle-aged men smell speech, their faces turn blue and white, and their eyes are full of hesitation and anxiety.
But in an instant, he figured it out. Since the other party can stop him unconsciously, his root is not the other opponent, so he carefully compensated Yang Xiu for not being uneasy.
"Please also ask Master Yang to let the villain go. This time, I was obsessed with listening to the nonsense of those people in the bar, so I sneaked into your mansion. I am very sorry for the offense, but if you are generous, I am willing to make compensation for you and pay the ransom!"
Say that finish a face of uneasy looking at Yang Xiu but hands Bi is more tightly.
Yang Xiu still didn’t respond and asked, "Are you finished?"
After hearing this, the middle-aged man’s eyelids suddenly jumped and his body suddenly became unreal, and he took out a pack of powder and wanted to scatter it to Yang Xiu.
Seeing this corner of his mouth, Yang Xiu couldn’t help but slightly raise his hand. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, he didn’t give the other party a chance to respond, so he took the person in without taking a look at the other party’s body and things, and the chaotic fire directly became virtual.
Although he went through that repair, he was directly reduced to the early stage of Dan’s death after the operation, and his injury was still not healed, but he was even connected with a senior thief
Moreover, this is not the first time that thieves have visited his courtyard. Since he sold a high-order magic core and cloth in the mercenary union of Stan town, he has been constantly visited by thieves trying to find something valuable.
But every time the thieves come, it’s the same. Even those middle-ranking arrays arranged around them fail to pass, so they are knocked down by the spells in the array, and then the ghost goes to take them out and refine them out by Yang Xiugan Kun’s hand.
The foundation of his previous training was unstable, and he was promoted to the middle stage of Dan-knot within a few years after the initial stage of Dan-knot, and then he was promoted to the late stage of Dan-knot within a few years, and then after being seriously injured, the result of the "Great Wilderness Skill" was directly reduced to the initial stage of Dan-knot, and the injury has not been healed up to now.