Bai Feier blinked and she suddenly realized, "I am really wild!"

Bai Feier sat for a while and said lazily, "What a chat! Please take my picture."
Novelle gave her a dirty look. "Are you crazy? Do you still have a mind to take pictures at this time? "
Bai Feier threw the camera into her hand and walked to the edge of the courtyard wall. "I’m going to get out alive, and I’ll send photos to promote it after I get out. Don’t dawdle. My hands are sore."
Novelle’s supercilious look was about to turn head, but she was idle and had nothing to do, so she honestly raised her camera and took pictures of her.
The hiding place is really remote. Taotao followed Liuxingyun around for a long time before he came to a stone house on the mountainside.
Look at the appearance, it is an ordinary house, and there is no difference between other houses in the village. Liu Xingyun took the key and opened the door. "My father built the house on the hillside because the mountain is wet and not suitable for registration. Find it by yourself. I have to go to the vegetable garden to water the vegetables and lock the door when I leave."
He said that and left.
The wind came into the room and wiped the door lock, and the fingertips were clean.
The room is spacious, with six two-meter-high wooden frames. The surface is cluttered with all kinds of paper and bamboo slips, which have not passed through the wind room for a long time. It smells stale and musty.
Cui Xuan picked it up and flipped through the "meditation mantra"
He threw it aside and picked up the "photo, broken magic seal … sounds interesting. Am I at Hogwarts? Sister Zhou Yu, why do I feel like a muggle? "
"Someone was here before we came," the wind said. "No one has been in the place for a long time, but there is no dust rack. It is very likely that they will not find what we want, even if they don’t take it, they must hide it in an eye-catching place."
Cui Xuanyi "Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard you say such a long sentence."
The wind asked, "Aren’t you tired of talking to yourself?"
Cui Xuan is not a talkative person, but now Taotao has completed the mute, and the wind is half mute. He has been lined up with many words, but it is not his turn to talk to himself when Bai Fei or novelle are here.
He asked, "but what reason do the villagers have to hide things?" Are you afraid of what we know? "
According to these techniques, the villagers used to be spiritual masters, and no one could tell until they found a clue.
The wind "corner tiles, walls, beams, if there are no such places, we will not waste our energy to turn over the frame."
Taotao looked up at the beam. She jumped on the beam and saw a box in the middle of the crossbar.
She took the box and hung a small brass lock on it. If only Lin Quan were here, he would unlock the spell. This small lock was nothing to him.
Feng is obviously not very good at picking locks. He directly found a stone to break the box open.
Inside, there are three yellows, one thick and two thin papers, and the rough surface is written in traditional Chinese calligraphy.
On the thick cover, it says "soil thief team" in three big letters, and there are two thin ones, one is "soil guard team" and the other is "soil martyr team"
The witch is nothing in these three books, but records the three books on time.
The book of soil thieves is very thick, and the earliest date can be traced back to 300 years ago. Every time the moon is full, it will be recorded. Five names are written on each page, and most of them are typed ×
Compared with the martyrs’ team book, it is much thinner. Every page has a long interval between dates, some are a year, some are ten years, and the number of dates and names is also different. Except for a page in the middle and back, other names are also marked with X.
The thinnest of the three volumes is that the fifty-year unit of the garrison has memorized six pages, each of which is a name, and there are several names on the last page that have not been typed.
Thinking about "soil?"
Taotao took out her glasses and wore them. She looked at the yellowed and worn paper and suddenly pulled his hand and wrote a word "interest" in his palm.
She wanted to continue, but she forgot how to write the word "soil"
The wind looked at her for a while and "read more"
Taotao "…"
Just when Taotao was about to get angry, he skillfully changed the subject. "You mean this side says soil is soil?"
Taotao nodded and said, "Keeping soil and stealing soil are two words with different meanings. Since you have to keep it and steal it? Steal it from where? They can’t leave the maze. They may be in the wall. Is it from the witch? What do they want to do? If they borrow soil from witches, what are they afraid of us knowing? "
Taotao spread the three volumes on the ground, and they bowed their heads and looked at the noodles carefully. Cui Xuanyi also tried to squeeze his head in, but failed.
Taotao watched the defenders write in the wind [X stands for death? 】
The defenders record the names on the first five pages of the list every 50 years, and draw × after the names on the last page. It was fifty years ago that the last page was recorded, and there are still three names left. If it is judged from the time, × may indeed represent death.
People who made the list 50 years ago will not be too young now, even if they are alive, but they are still guarding something. At the same time, they think of someone-an old man they just met last night.
The wind "is likely to hide behind that stone mountain. The old man is not guarding the witch, he is a defender."
According to the law of death represented by a cross, Taotao turned over the thickest soil stealing team book again.
It was recorded on a monthly basis, with a lapse of one month and a lapse of two or three months, but there was a common feature. When recording, it was all full of moonscape × and there was no regularity. Maybe several pages were full of ×, and then a name without a cross appeared, and maybe two or three names without a cross appeared on dozens of pages.
Feng "this was recorded hundreds of years ago. It is reasonable to say that those people should have died by now. What?"
Taotao writes [Maybe this record is that the soil-stealing team went to steal the soil base at that time, but there was no painting at that time when it didn’t die]
"Look at this." The wind pushed the martyr team. "This book is very thin, and the number of people on each page is uncertain, but it corresponds to that of the soil thief team."
When Taotao compared two volumes, he found that whenever a living person from the soil thief team came back, a few days later, the soil martyr team would definitely have a page record.
They looked at the two volumes together.
There are 32 pages in the 300-year-old soil-stealing team book, and the name without a cross says that there are 32 successful soil-stealing returns, and the soil-killing book is just 32 pages.
The wind "Three people died in Wuchen, two in Xin Weinian, five in Gui You … Seven in C, four in Geng Chen, six in Geng Chen … The number of people who died seems to be irregular"
In the year of Gengchen, six people were martyred. Taotao stared at one page of the martyrdom team book and wrote in the wind. [What year was Gengchen recently? 】
The wind counted "twenty years ago"
Twenty years ago, six people died in the soil, which is probably what she was looking for.
A faint line appeared in Taotao’s mind. She intuitively knew that she was close to the answer, but in this short time, she was still connected.
Yan Tao said that there is a certain chance that rot can make ghouls.
Zhuang Xiaomeng spied on the memory of ghouls and saw that the six original ghouls died in the maze crossing the boundary pillar.
Before entering the maze, she saw the dense bones accumulated on the boundary pillar.