She just sat against the wall and sighed.

How did it get to this point?
The thought of Zhu Yuying’s crazy temperament even made Fang Zhou feel a little scared again.
Zhu Yuying may not be willing to wait for Liang Jin to come back honestly. Maybe he is moving some bad ideas again.
Besides, even if Liang Jin comes back, will he be saved? Maybe it’s another game. What if it’s hopeless?
Even Fangzhougen can think that if Liang Jin knew his true identity, it would be like humiliating himself and Li Fu.
With a bitter smile, she reached into her arms and pulled out a small paper bag to tybalt slain.
It’s something that she hides quietly in case she goes to see the first lady. Although it’s not as effective as the second time in the mountain, it can’t be touched.
Is this the only way she can go?
It seems to be forgotten and self-destructed. I saw through the gap that it was already dark, and I was still sad outside. No one came and no one remembered her.
The Buddhist temple is in the center of the purlin, and in front of the table, there are long lights that never go out, but this wing is dark and opaque.
Being in it seems to feel oppressive from all around, which makes people feel suffocating.
Rao, even such a bold person as Fang Zhou can’t stand this dark and cold feeling of silence in her bones. She just closed her eyes.
Suddenly I heard footsteps outside, and even Fang Zhou suddenly opened his eyes with joy.
It was still dark in front of her eyes, and she was so disappointed that she was busy gathering her breath and listening to what was going on outside.
The silence is really driving people crazy. It’s better to have someone here than no one!
Is it a meal delivery? The first lady didn’t seem to say that she would starve herself to death, did she?
The footsteps became lighter and clearer, but when I reached the door, I suddenly stopped
Even fangzhou can’t help but be wary that this is by no means a meal delivery!
She closed her eyes when she fell asleep.
"Cheep!" The door was gently pushed open, followed by a faint moonlight.
It’s really dark in the room, and the moonlight pouring is relatively different.
"I said too carefully, don’t you believe it? This one is an idiot! I still have the mood to sleep! " A man is low and disdainful of ridicule.
The other grunted in a low voice, "Stop nagging and do it!"
Lian Fangzhou suddenly opened his eyes and whispered, "Ah!" I was about to exclaim that a person’s load of eyes and ears rushed to hold her tightly, covered her nose and mouth, and even Fangzhou struggled for a few feet, and her head was stiff and she fainted.
The man let go of his hand and breathed a sigh of relief. "Do it quickly. When I carry the man out, you light the fire."
The other man promised, but when he heard a rustle, they got a big sack and set Fang Zhou in.
Pretending to be in a coma, Fang Zhou couldn’t help secretly complaining. Where are these two bastards going to take her? If it is really put into a sack and sealed, it will be finished!
She didn’t hesitate to sneak into her arms and break free, but before they could react, she held her breath and threw the powder in her hand.
At present, a crimson light fog suddenly rose. The two men couldn’t believe it. They raised their eyes and waved their hands, then fell down.
Even Fang Zhou raised his sleeve and covered his mouth and nose and ran to the door. He opened the door and ran out. He took a few deep breaths and wanted to think about it. He ran to the main hall of the Buddhist temple.
Aren’t we going to set fire to it? Here she comes!
What is she afraid of at this point? Maybe she can escape when the fire burns!
Even Fang Zhou wanted to think, but he turned and ran into the house, pulled out a man’s clothes and put them on himself. He quickly broke up the bun and dressed up vaguely as a man to set fire to the purlin.
There is sesame oil in the convenient wing of Buddhist temple town, which saves a lot of things.
Pour the oil on the dry wood fire and it will burn up in a short time.
Even Fang Zhou took a deep breath and turned to fly in the firelight.
Behind him, the fire is getting brighter and brighter, and the panic is faint. More noises are ringing from all directions, and even Fangzhou’s heart is beating, but he is desperately fleeing in the opposite direction.
If you can get out of the backyard, your chances of escaping will be more than half!
The wind whizzed past her ears. She had to be quick! In addition to regular patrols, the housekeepers’ nursing homes are maids and grandmothers. When a fire breaks out in a Buddhist temple, people must be transferred from the outer courtyard to put out the fire. This is a profitable and only file!
If you miss it, you won’t have it!
Suddenly, a man rushed out of nowhere and even Fangzhou collided head-on. Both of them were "Ouch!" A backward 18 chapter 18 and an old friend.
"Do you have long eyes!" Lian Fangzhou got up and said, "I have to go out and call more people. Why don’t you go there quickly!" Said to run.
Who knows that the man is even rolling and crawling to the front of her and clutching her sleeve. Even Fangzhou was about to rebuke the man and cried in a low voice, "Even the girl! Lian girl! It’s me, it’s me! "