Xuan Lin has to admit that the analysis of inviting the moon is right. Although she is a little girl, she is very thoughtful these days.

Inviting the moon, he said, dragging Xuan Lin away happily.
Seeing the two people go away, there is a kind of complexity in their eyes, which is envy or loss. The fingers are gently attached to their chest. It’s so cold here that he loves a person easily, and no one gives him the opportunity to love.
"A smile is enough!" Speak to oneself
Queen’s East Palace Hall
Inviting the moon to go outside the hall just happened to meet the second emperor’s daughter Lengying, who also came to her side. It was a surprise that she didn’t bring an assistant here. Is it because she was afraid that the jade king would take it away?
"Sister Huang is here!" Lengying showed a warm face, "Sister Huang has seen Sister Huang"
"The Jade King and other Millennium heroes are back, and Sister Huang will naturally come to get her."
"Of course" LengYing looked at the porch neighbor "why? Sister Huang didn’t bring meaning? "
"Yes, although I have peerless beauty, I can’t stand the table. It takes more time to set up."
"Ha ha ….." LengYing smirk "Come in and say again. I heard that the imperial elder sister punished her for keeping him out all night last night? Sister Huang is really willing to hang such a beautiful woman in the middle of the night. "
"It will take some time for foreign wild horses to tame this man … naturally, it will take some time to be obedient to Erhuangmei, right?" Invite the moon to laugh.
"You are what Sister Huang says, but it means you."
Inviting Yue and Leng Ying to the left seat is just like the position next to the emperor. The Millennium is the future king. "Sit down with the second emperor!"
"Er … this … let’s sit down!" Lengying one leng how to invite the moon to suddenly become competitive, and she will surely rob to this position.
"No need, Sister Huang. I’m here to be a guest today. I think it’s better for the second sister to sit here!" Invite the moon to sit in the second position by herself. This is already a hint that her heart is competing with her for the position of the emperor.
Seeing that the moon has been invited to Lengying, I don’t insist on it, but I still can’t believe it so easily. I thought about this cold invitation to the moon. I don’t know what my wishful thinking is. I can’t be a porch neighbor. After I invited the moon, I scanned a hall. Then a man in a purple brocade robe smiled and walked into the hall. "It’s really envious to see the big emperor and the second emperor so dear!"
He is the distant cousin of the Queen of the Jade King. He is twenty years old and well maintained. He invites the moon and Lengying to nod and smile at the Jade King. Because they are the same generation, they can’t greet "Jade Lord!"
"Xiao Wang has seen all the imperial daughters!" Jade king polite way
Inviting the moon to lift her eyes and look at him. Several imperial women, san huang women and Four Imperial women are still like ghosts. His imperial female base never said a word. It is the kind of timid woman, which makes Inviting the moon feel much better about them.
"The queen is here!" A footman sounds behind the screen.
Everyone got up to greet the queen. "The queen will be forever!"
"Stand up!" The queen smiled and waved her sleeves and sat in the middle of the throne.
"thank the queen!"
"It’s really hard for the Jade King to quell the chaos this time. I propose a toast to you!" The queen raised her glass and said to the Jade King
The jade king hurriedly raised his glass. "It’s very kind of the queen. These are all things I should do."
"Good not the kui is I kiss minister! What do you want me to reward you this time? "
"I beg for peace and prosperity. I don’t want any reward. I don’t want anything. It’s enough for me to have fiefs, money and status."
"Ha ha ….. you guys should learn from your jade king."
"My son is advertised as an uncle!" Lengying first said, "Here, the Jade King has prepared a gift. I hope that the Jade King will not abandon it." Lengying gave a footman a look and brought a brocade box.
Leng Ying got up and hit the brocade box, and took out a blood jade, Phoenix Phoenix, with a big pearl in its mouth. At first glance, she knew it was a priceless night pearl. "This is a night pearl made of warm jade, and it can light up the whole house at night."
Lengying smiled and thanked Wei Wang, who was proud of jade. It was not uncommon to see that he had already seen many of these treasures, but his eyes were shining when he invited the moon. If this kind of baby is put into the 21st century, it can sell for hundreds of millions! At that time, it will definitely be protected by some big money with heavy passwords and infrared rays, and it is not necessary to buy tickets to see this kind of treasure.
"Wow … it’s so beautiful …" Invited the moon to express her admiration. "Can the Jade King let me touch it?"
"Of course!"
Is invited to hand haven’t stretched out to stop LengYing LengYing seems to be a little nervous, "big sister huang this is for the jade king, if big sister huang likes to go back later, sister huang had someone to send a rarity to your mansion"
"The second hall is harmful. Since the hall likes it, let her have a look and feel it. If it weren’t for stealing it, haha …" Said the Jade King, and handed the baby to the invitation of the moon.
When inviting the moon to touch the jade with both hands, you can see the two emperors and the queen tremble at the same time.
Inviting the moon to carefully touch the blood jade phoenix, and the saliva almost flowed out. Seeing the appearance of inviting the moon, Xuan Lin felt a little embarrassed and coughed. But inviting the moon as if she didn’t hear it, she continued to appreciate her. It was to let everyone in the palace know that she was an imperial daughter who fought for the throne with one heart, a good man and money. "Second imperial sister, you are so rich … this is very expensive … you should be able to buy several cities with this night bead …"
The words of inviting the moon immediately changed Lengying’s face, because the queen immediately had some doubts about Lengying after hearing this childish taboo, and her eyes showed dissatisfaction. The second emperor’s daughter earned only 120 yuan a month. How could there be such a precious thing? Does his daughter actually hide many precious treasures behind her back?
Xuan Lin’s ugly face turned cloudy and sunny just now. What a good plan to kill two birds with one stone. It not only destroyed his image, but also made everyone relax their vigilance. At the same time, it greatly reduced the image of the two emperors and queens and successfully provoked the two.
The Jade King chuckled, "Since the Great Hall likes it so much, why don’t I give you this blood jade phoenix? The Second Hall won’t mind, will it?"
"ah? ….. Of course not! " Lengying bit her teeth and answered that it was a great bargain for Leng to invite the moon to pick it up this time, but you are not happy too early to make you suffer.
"Give it to me?" Inviting the moon to shine and then smiling, "Thank you, Wang Yuwang, for being so kind to me. I also have a gift for you!" "
"Are you? What gift? " Adults can’t help laughing when they see children laughing.
Inviting the moon immediately beckoned the imperial secretary to bring the food box and carefully lift the lid. "This is a cake made by inviting the moon. Although it is not very beautiful, it is delicious!" After that, I invited the moon with cold eyes and glanced at the four emperors’ women. She was also looking at the moon invitation with miscalculation eyes, and she had to smile in her heart. She never let her guard down, even if she planned to do something, she would not let her know that since the four emperors’ women arranged ear wires around her!
"cake?" It is difficult for the Jade King to look down at the table cake. This is the first time he has seen this white cake with colorful ghost symbols on it.
"Did you do it yourself?"
"Well," I nodded as if I invited the moon to present a treasure. "I invited the moon to make a cake for everyone to eat without knowing what gift to give."