Yes; Although there seems to be nothing wrong with Sunday’s idea, in the end, those insects gave Sunday a hard blow and let Sunday’s wishful thinking department do the waste

It is impossible to make those insects feel threatened on Sunday, so they only have a little ability. On Sunday, they feel that the performance of those insects is too weak. In some cases, those insects are the first time that their ability told Sunday’s thoughts. It is impossible to kill all those insects easily.
Suddenly stopped chasing Sunday, and let Sunday see those bugs. Even when they gave up the pursuit and planned to go back to the tunnel, those bugs suddenly climbed towards the ruins around the base …
On Sunday, it’s a little too white to show the worm’s eyes. If you chase yourself well, Zhou Tiangen won’t look down. What does the worm’s unexpected behavior mean now? What do they want to do when they climb to those garbage bodies?
But soon; On Sunday, when I saw those bugs coming to show up, I was shocked by their performance, but I didn’t know why those bugs would pose a threat to myself in pairs.
Those insects didn’t do anything else, but kept eating things on the ruins, whether it was tables, chairs or beams, and all the visible wood became the food of those insects, if that was all; There are no termites that don’t eat wood; Even those insects who eat some wood on Sunday are unlikely to show surprise just because of their little performance.
What really frightened Sunday was that: After eating the wood, the worms behaved …
I don’t know what kind of insects those insects are. When they eat all the wood, they will reproduce directly in their dull eyes on Sunday, which is almost a cycle of several seconds. When they eat enough wood, the insects will change from one to two and then two in a few seconds, and then they will reproduce again after eating enough wood, although it is very short. On Sunday, I just saw those insects eating wood in less than a minute, but the speed of those insects was a hundred times more than that of the original tens of thousands of insect teams; It become a swarm of millions of insect.
Want to know; Those bugs have absolutely no affection for Sunday. Although those bugs didn’t come in a hurry to do something about Sunday, Sunday killed many of their companions before. Now that the number of those bugs has increased so much, their strength has soared. Naturally, it is impossible for them not to seek revenge on Sunday.
Now Sunday knows where those insects are really scary. Naturally, their amazing reproductive ability has changed from one to two. Change two into four, and give those insects enough wood, and those insects can increase their number by a million times in a short time to face such opponents; Unless there is no food around them, even if the fighting ability of those insects is weak and they are given a forest, there will be enough insects to pile up a monk in the future.
Besides the reproductive ability, those insects have another frightening ability, that is, the swallowing speed. Although those insects have amazing reproductive ability, they need to swallow wood several times their volume during their mass reproduction. In the case of such a great demand, those insects only swallowed the needed wood at such a speed in just a few seconds; In almost less than a second, those worms can swallow objects several times their total area.
Although it seems that this ability is not very eye-catching, it can be seen that they swallow wood, but this does not mean that those insects know that vegetarianism is not meat, and it is conceivable that they need a bite on Sunday; If you are really touched by those insects, you will be considered a giant; In the end, I’m afraid I’ll be eaten clean by the pile of insects I see with my own eyes in a second or two.
Now Sunday should be thankful. Fortunately, in the face of those bugs, he believed his intuition and didn’t despise each other because of the humble appearance of those bugs. Even if he didn’t really kill those bugs, he didn’t make things the worst.
Failed to kill those insects, although it’s not a good thing, but it’s nothing to do on Sunday; Then Sunday will have a chance to kill those worms by looking for their weaknesses. On the contrary, if he hadn’t trusted his intuition and ran past those worms in melee the previous Sunday, maybe even Sunday has a nine-turn Xuangong to increase its defense, and it will still be born to die in the end.
If I had known the specific information of those insects; That is, if you kill Sunday, you won’t take the initiative to provoke such difficult little guys, but no matter how you regret it on Sunday, it’s already a matter of who let Zhou Tiangen not know when those bugs face these bugs; Before thinking of specific solutions to those bugs, what Sunday can do is just escape from defeating those bugs, and now Sunday really can’t think of an effective solution.
Soon; I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to deal with those insects on Sunday. When those insects have eaten all the food around them, they immediately climbed towards Sunday …
See those worms move; Sunday didn’t run away to let those bugs get closer. It is estimated that Sunday will definitely be a life-and-death situation. Even so, you can’t escape those insects on Sunday. Their reproductive ability is so fast that they will be solved in this place. The final number of these insects will become more and more. These insects only pose a certain threat to Sunday, but when they form a worm sea, not only born to die will be there on Sunday, but even the whole world will be there. I don’t know what they’re going to destroy.
Even if Sunday is not a good man, it is impossible to watch his world environment be destroyed by these insects in such a situation; When facing those bugs; Sunday is the natural way to escape; Can think of some way to kill them.
Although it is not clear about the most effective way to deal with those insects on Sunday, even if you don’t know the phase information, you already know that the element attack is effective for those insects. Although you dare not say that you will be able to defeat those insects on Sunday, you feel that you want to control the development of those insects at least. There should be no more problems.
In such a situation; On Sunday, he just hesitated for a moment. When the insects crawled towards him, he immediately took out a lot of jade symbols and threw them at the insects.
Although those jade charms are not big, on Sunday, I still have a lot of time to face those worms now after knowing the benefits of jade charms before I attack the elements. It is found that if the element attacks, they can be killed regardless of the strength of the element attacks. It is natural to prepare those jade symbols on Sunday and bring them into play.
Even if those insects are very scary, even when they are on Sunday, they are very afraid of them. However, in the attack on those insects on Sunday, it is still very easy to reduce the harm of those insects.
No matter how powerful those worms are; Those bugs are afraid that the weakness of element attack is a change of law, and just because such a weakness exists is enough to help Sunday win the final victory
If those worms really give them enough time to reproduce according to their abilities; It’s not impossible to destroy the world. At that time; Even on Sunday, when the friar meets the worm sea, he has the root to run for his life, but it is impossible for them to confront each other head-on.
However, although those insects have strong talent, their number is still too small now. When the number does not reach a certain level, the threat of these insects to Monday can really be said to be quite limited
Although Sunday is afraid of the ability of those insects, those insects in front of the eyes on Sunday do not mean that they can pose a threat to Sunday and attack it constantly on Sunday; Although those bugs also want to attack on Sunday, they depend on their strength; In the end, they naturally failed to attack what was attacked by Sunday elements, and they directly killed those insects.
It’s one thing for those worms to make Sunday scruple, and it’s another whether they can really pose a threat to Sunday. Even if those worms really pose a threat to Sunday, it’s no longer unbelievable that they have not reached that ability and let Sunday find the right way to attack them.
Although I feel a little surprised that my eyes can kill those insects so quickly, I feel a little surprised on Sunday, but anyway; The fact is the fact that on Sunday, after a week of induction, it was found that those insects were really killed by themselves, and then those insect corpses were burned together. On Sunday, it was only at that time that it turned back and once again returned to the entrance of the underground passage.
Sunday would like to thank him for his effective perception. If he had quit from time to time, Sunday would have become that pile of worm food with his eyes on himself. No matter what, I have won the final victory in the struggle of those insects, although it is because those insects failed to give full play to their talents that I easily defeated them. Victory is victory. After the attack of the elements on Sunday and chasing them out on Sunday, the worms are already dead without them. Sunday also can rest assured to enter the underground passage.
It’s time to bend down into the passage again; On Sunday, although the nervous breakdown was tight, I didn’t feel that kind of danger as before. I found that there was no such bug, and on Sunday, I continued to go deep into the underground passage.
Although I don’t know where the Blood Shadow Sect got the worm, it is estimated that it should also let them guard something important according to the ability of the worm after finding a way to control them, and it is certain that it is based on the situation of the Blood Shadow Sect now. Those blood shadows teach the monks to be afraid that it is really possible to hide in this underground.
At that thought of this possibility; Sunday eyes can’t help but come up with a cold light …
Sunday knows that some things can’t be arranged by the blood shadow monks, but I have to admit that if it weren’t for Sunday’s faster movement and prior induction, Sunday would have died in the hands of those bugs. It’s impossible to say that Sunday doesn’t blame those blood shadow monks who caused this situation and want to know it.
On Sunday, it was already doomed to write such an account on the head of the blood shadow monk; On Sunday, it is absolutely impossible to go with those blood shadow monks. Now I don’t need to say that I just experienced it. If you let Sunday find those blood shadow monks, then he will talk about it; Should not let them go.
With the deepening of Sunday; Finally, on Sunday, I didn’t find those blood shadow monks, but after continuing to go deep into a certain situation, suddenly on Sunday, I once again had a feeling of palpitation.
Without hesitation; Don’t say that your perceptual ability saved Sunday’s life not long ago, but that Zhou Tianshen can’t believe that his perceptual ability is in such a situation; I just found out that it was wrong on Sunday, so I quickly retreated and made a decision to drive back directly.
Yes; When Sunday turned around, he immediately found that there was no wormhole, but he climbed out of it again. On Sunday, he saw the result. At that time, it was a stay to know that I was careless and seemed to accidentally calculate those single-celled creatures.
The retreat was cut off. Although I can go out again on Sunday, who knows if there are any other bugs in those wormholes when I rush out like this? It will be a crisis for Sunday to lose a few bugs. When it was found that the number of those insects exceeded their imagination, Sunday immediately gave up the idea of driving back at that time
If you can’t retreat, then you can move forward naturally …
It was when Sunday just had that idea; And ready to continue to go deep into the channel, Sunday suddenly found himself in the way since it was full of that kind of insect all around; Sunday seems to have no feasible way.
It was in this situation that the worms attacked Sunday at the first time, no matter what Sunday thought; Anyway, in the eyes of those insects, Sunday is their food, since it is food; I want to know what attitude those worms will have towards Sunday. Don’t say that they don’t have that ability, even if they do. Afraid of also won’t have the idea and Sunday talkative.
On Sunday, when they found themselves surrounded, the worms directly attacked Sunday …
It’s still like those bugs I met last Sunday. Those bugs know to crawl to Sunday’s location, but they don’t show any long-range attack ability. Even if it’s just that, the performance of those insects is still enough to worry about Sunday’s own safety.
Although he was able to kill so many insects outside last Sunday, there were many factors that helped him, whether it was the right time or the right place, if not; It is impossible to kill those insects outside on Sunday.
But the eye is in such a narrow tunnel, and in this case, it is attacked by those insects. Even on Sunday, I know that I have to deal with those insects, but now it is easy for Sunday to be touched by those insects because of the small activity area. If they touch it on Sunday, it will be a real death result.
Want to escape can’t escape; I want to retreat and face those bugs step by step; All I can do on Sunday is to watch the insects keep approaching, and it was long after those insects threatened that I came up with a way to deal with them.
Direct jade operator attacks himself.
The Sunday method seems to be difficult to understand. Generally, you attack yourself in the face of danger. Naturally, this kind of thing is stupid to do. As far as the situation on Sunday is concerned, it is really the most appropriate way to do this relative to Sunday.
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Insect nemesis
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Insect nemesis
Those bugs can pose a threat to Sunday; It is because of their horrible reproductive ability and swallowing ability that they perceive from Sunday; Sunday can feel that those insects can bite their own defenses; Swallow oneself directly
But in addition to threatening yourself; Those worms don’t have any strong vitality or defense, even a small fireball can kill them. Now, because Sunday won’t attack the elements, those worms pose a threat to him. Otherwise, even Brother Sunday, if he knows the weaknesses of these worms and makes moves before they develop, he should be able to destroy them easily.
On the contrary, although those insects pose a certain threat to Sunday, the strength of Sunday at this time has not been reduced. As far as the strength of Sunday is concerned, the general attack is such a situation that it is impossible to pose any threat to it. When a large number of Yu operators attack themselves on Sunday, it is naturally impossible for those elements to attack Sunday, but it is; On Sunday, on the contrary, when those insects don’t have the same defense ability in the face of those element attacks on Sunday; Even if they can pose a threat to such a strong man as Sunday, it is really necessary to get too close; They are, and still will be, killed.
In such a situation; Although Sunday’s move seems strange, it’s time to make it anyway. That’s a really good effect. When there are all kinds of elements around Sunday, the reason why they are attacked by those elements, no matter if those insects want to get close to Sunday again; In the end, it all became fatal.
When I saw those worms approaching me again; Sunday face immediately Lu out of the smile anyway; Eyes can stop those insects so that they don’t come near him anymore; He can slowly consider countermeasures, and on Sunday he won’t believe that he can’t find a solution when the time comes, depending on the weakness of those bugs.
Even if it weren’t for the fear that you might be surrounded by those insects when you come out, you would have had the idea of hiding directly on Sunday.
Although Sunday dare not easily move his final card because of the worm’s ability, no matter what; Zhou Tianyan still stopped those insect actions from threatening the situation temporarily; On Sunday, I believe that I can also get rid of those insect parts. There should be no danger here on Sunday for the time being.
Yes; Although I have such an idea on Sunday, many things can be done like Sunday if I don’t think about it on Sunday. It’s only here on Sunday that I am relieved that those insects are blocking things, and those insects are taking action. Is another let Sunday will heart up.
In Sunday’s view; Those bugs are not too much of a threat, even if they are to be touched; Even you may die in their mouths, but don’t forget; Those insects can easily kill the eyes on Sunday or just be restrained by those insects, otherwise; On Sunday, if there is an element attack method, even it has already been to kill these insects.
However, the performance of those insects is to let Sunday know; It’s inconvenient for those bugs to see only a little ability.
Because of the special environment, the general elements attack Sunday, although they are not afraid of being hurt by it, but because they can’t last long, it is unlikely that Sunday will be protected by the fire wall technique, although it is not a type. Although Sunday said it was a little hot, compared with those worms, it might end up with consequences. Sunday still had a good impression on those fire walls
But when those bugs were blocked by the fire wall, it was less than ten minutes; At the same time of giving Sunday a lesson; Also let Sunday know about those insect abilities; What’s at stake?
Even if it is blocked by the fire wall; Those insects have never given up crawling towards Sunday and decided that even if they keep getting close to the fire wall, they will be burned to death, but those insects just won’t stop. They know whether to move forward or die, but they are still crawling towards Sunday in batches.
In such a situation; When I didn’t pay attention on Monday; Those worms are slowly dying like that, and at the same time they can get close to the fire wall, and the distance is getting closer and closer, and finally they don’t know when; Now that those worms have become able to come out of the fire wall on Sunday.
When those insect fire walls touch and are not burned to death; On Sunday, at that time, I immediately discovered those insects. When I found that situation; It’s impossible to be alert on Sunday. After all, it’s no ordinary danger for those insects to get close to Sunday, even if they are weak again, they dare not despise them on Sunday.
In such a situation; Sunday was already going to change the way to deal with those bugs, but before Sunday really took action; Those bugs are the first step on Sunday and they have already responded.
Sunday probably wouldn’t have thought that those insects didn’t lose a special ability of biology since they had that kind of interested talent; That is evolution.
Organisms will gradually evolve according to environmental changes, making it easier for each individual to adapt to the environment at that time, and this process may be completed in a single generation, but it may take hundreds of generations to continuously improve. The way those insects divide makes them evolve without the long time for humans to change slowly, although in order to achieve the goal, those insects lost a lot of members on Sunday, but they died so many members in those insects; In the end, it has evolved to be no longer afraid that nòng’s coming fire wall will hurt you on Sunday. Sunday’s cloth defense is naturally meaningless.
Although Sunday is not without other means, it depends on the situation at that time; God, you may think that since those insects will evolve in such a short time, they will eventually be hindered by their own fire walls, but they will adapt themselves directly to the environment and no longer be afraid of their own fire walls
Such an unexpected thing happened in such a short time; It is impossible to react naturally on Sunday when those insects casually climb into the fire wall; It’s really important to react on Sunday even at the first time; Zhou Tiandong is still slow for half a beat in such a situation; According to those bugs’ terror ability, even on Sunday, there will be no chance to enter, and they will be eaten clean by those bugs.