Luky was flattered to see naban people, and it was a great gift to get them to give three places.

"I said, is this good for you?" A was also drunk, and the three candidates were aiming at the middle, which was simply insane.
In the end, the two arrays determined that the blue square lpl single Rambo, single robbery, wild emperor, and road hammer stone Verus double control well satisfied the Chen escape output explosion control body.
And Q 2 company accurately picked up the mantis, but at this moment, Ritz moved in the middle of the road and saw that his family was attacked in the wild, and the middle of the road must not be seen.
Helping mantis to escape from residual blood in Ritz, but buff is definitely hopeless. It is very helpful for the team to successfully curb the development rhythm of mantis.
"road lens road"
At the moment, fierce fighting broke out in the wild area, and the road did not fall at the same time.
At the same time, the hammer stone hooked the wind girl Verus, and then a wave of output made the wind girl suffer a big wave of damage and face a dying situation. Yan Liang did not hesitate to see the situation, and a flash decisively took the flat A output, but at this moment, the wind girl held it in her hand for treatment.
"Oh, shit."
Yan Liang said that the wind girl was almost dead, but a treatment still helped the wind girl to have less than 5 points of blood, but she still couldn’t kill it, and the third-level Virus carried two towers of blood and quickly reduced it.
"keep playing"
When Zhang Hao saw the remnant blood and wind girl, he was also rude to kill the queen of the wind for support. vn certainly didn’t dare to mix up the loss of a wave of experience, which would be much better for lpl in the future.
So I want to come to Zhang Hao and I am eager to kill Feng Nv and cross the line. Zhang Haoli’s e-skill doom pendulum has controlled Feng Nv’s attempt to take this guy away from Ping A, but na Feng Nv is not in a hurry. A Q-skill hurricane is almost instantly released.
"Ah, lying in the trough"
Zhang Hao is also a language. Seeing the hurricane hammer stone, it feels like it flashes and is blown to the enemy tower without flashing, and it is simply dead for a moment when there is still hate value.
However, Zhang Hao is still unwilling to give up and return to the battlefield. Ping A can’t hold on to the blood volume of Feng Nv.
"Oh, shit."
Zhang Hao’s second attack still failed to take the wind girl away. Because the wind girl had a shield, the hammer stone once again attracted the damage of the defensive tower and then bravely hung it on the defensive tower
"I blame me"
Zhang Haonai is still too impulsive, mainly because he wants to play an advantage too much. After all, Feng Nv really doesn’t even have 2 points of blood, but in the end she sent herself home, which is a bit inexplicable and tragic.
Chapter 45 One enemy and two is sex
"Is there any chance when the emperor comes?"
Looking at the situation, Sinoe also pays great attention to the fact that lpl’s wild emperor has arrived at Lufeng from Red buff at the moment, and he is still a little short of blood.
"Forget it, forget it, don’t be impulsive."
Looking at the tower wind girl Yan Liang finally chose to give up.
Xiliang Ma Chao also knows that the situation is not right. If you are strong, you will definitely lose more than you gain. You can return to the city with the hammer stone head by the wind girl.
"Push the thread."
Looking at vn and Feng Nv both returning to Yan Liang and Xiliang Ma Chao, there is no more good way to push the line, which will slightly hinder the development of the two people. If you change the line in a short time, you will not be able to play a little. Verus can say that you can play a little.
However, for vn, the inferior situation can be mixed with an assist, so the situation is acceptable. If that person gets the head himself, the situation will be really different.
As time went by, it quietly came to 5 minutes, and the wild mantis was also marching and quietly touched the road. At this moment, Rambo has reached level 5. A Rambo has formed a suppression for the stone man, because the stone man is facing the consumption of Rambo, but the amount of blue is not enough
The disgusting arson feast has made the stone man go home twice, and the level is a little worse. At this moment, it is only level 4, and mantis has to come to the road gank to attack mantis again and again.
The lines of the two sides met again, and the lines of the two sides approached the purple mantis slightly, and they jumped out of the grass and attacked Rambo.
"Ah, mantis has come to gank Road, but it may be difficult to kill if there is enough blood on both sides."
Adzuki looked at the mantis coming to gank and didn’t think much of it. After all, the mantis is only at level 3 at the moment, and the wave of red buff was greatly hindered by Emperor gank’s letting mantis fight wild.
"road attention"
Zhang Hao marked "A" and "A" meant "white".
It’s a pity that mantis jumped into a pile of battlelines. One situation is that the stone man is out of blue, but at most he can support him to release two skills. A slightly retreated and escaped the range of mantis’s jump and was not hurt, which turned to the Q skill arson feast.
"Wow, A is simply fierce. Instead of retreating, he chased Q when facing two people."
Snow, look at your eyes and shine, so that the list is a king-level list. 1v2 is fearless and skillful at the same time, so that one enemy and two feet can be worshipped.
A more important reason is that A Rambo has reached a high temperature at the moment.
The skill damage in the high temperature state can all be added. Rambo’s output at this moment is very sufficient. Instead, he is chasing mantis and stone man, and relying on small soldiers to output is not bad. On the contrary, without blue stone man, it is almost impossible to do much damage, which makes people very urgent.
"You are awesome."
Yan Liang looked at the road confrontation when he was on his way, and he had to praise the A in his heart, especially Rambo’s performance was actually very good
"Haha, it’s just that these two people didn’t output. Besides, the stone man didn’t lose his blue, otherwise I wouldn’t dare to go surfing."
After the high temperature, the heat value dropped rapidly. Rambo once again exported the superior conditions. A had no chance to continue the pursuit, and at the same time, he didn’t forget that A was stuck in mantis by a small soldier. No matter whether it was a stone man or mantis, it was half blood after playing against Rambo A. No one can believe that this is a 1v2 situation. Look at A and there are more than 34 blood.
"Seeing the old samadhi is really hot"
A was also beaten up and cooled down, and then it was another arson feast. There were not many stone hunters without shoes. When facing Rambo, the speed was very urgent, and he was chased with less ass but could not run.
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
A finally breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that all the posts recently questioned whether he could play Rambo or not. When Rambo was a scrap metal level, this time 1v2 was a good proof that A could play Rambo.
"Wow, Rambo is really 1v2, and the stone chaser flashed."
Snow’s eyes are wide open. I didn’t expect Rambo to play so hard. Instead, he was chased out of the flash play. It doesn’t seem to be written like this
But this is not playing. A is still chasing after the situation.
"I am still allowed to release a round of Q skills when I am still chasing, but I hope I will not be impulsive."
Black looked at Rambo dynamically to kill, but the risk of tower talk was not a little big.
"Die for me."
A drinks a lot, and then a flash rushes to the stone man’s side. Q skills are refreshed again. A igniting hook keeps hurting and burning the stone man’s chrysanthemum. Even a tin stone man can’t carry it at the moment. A guess a hurt and retreated with a smile. It is a deep fame.
After a wail, the stone turned into a pool of rubble and went home.
"Wow, killing Rambo really killed Rambo. Good job and high injury."
"It was 1v2 that killed a bloody stone man."
At the moment, the cheering commentary guys don’t know how to complete the killing with 1v2. This drama should hardly be performed in the Star Game, but it has really happened now.
"Holy shit."
In the end, should I luky that A is too strong or that na is too bad?
"Emma, it’s so refreshing."
A proudly said that the sword refers to a long way, which is a complete confidence.
"Come on, don’t be ridiculous. We all know you’re awesome."
So is Yan Liang. This ya belongs to the type that it will be brilliant if you give some sunshine. At the moment, it is playing a good game and naturally floating in the sky.