Talking Xiao Wen had already flown to the left of the three men, and he finally saw the elephant rider. The situation ahead was still nothing.

Xiao asked not disappointed, obviously this is not what he is looking for.
In that case, he can continue to fly in the direction of Linyue City, but at the moment he has brought the five ghosts in, and it is not good to take them out at once.
Soon Xiao asked more than the three people, but at this time there was another situation that he didn’t expect at the same time, that is, the three people didn’t all twist their heads to say hello to him, and Xiao Pang naturally didn’t see what the three people looked like after hiding his head on his shoulder.
I was trying to recruit, but I heard Xiao pang moan. When I slept with a child and rolled over, I often made a noise. It was no different. Then Xiao pang moved his head from his shoulder and put his arm around the jade neck, and then rested his head on the jade shoulder.
This chubby is not really asleep, is he? ! !
Xiao asked is dark scold that little guy in the heart has opened his eyes slightly to look at the direction of the three people.
At this time, Xiao asked if he didn’t know, but Jade could feel that the little guy’s heart was pounding "bang, bang"
It was the far right before, and now it’s the man on the far left. He has already seen it. He doesn’t know Xiao Pang, but he keeps aiming at the middle one. Just look at the far right one …
Xiao Wen suddenly felt a little finger poking him on his back, fast, urgent and so firm! !
Xiao asked where he would hesitate and suddenly turned around and turned back. At the same time, the right hand Guanghua flashed a huge latosolic red knife shadow and directly cut it back!
As soon as the fire cloud knife appeared, it formed a fan blade with a length of more than ten feet, just able to reach the leftmost person among the three people in the rear!
If this incident suddenly happens, the people who are prepared will definitely suffer a big loss, but those three people are prepared!
The black light flashed a top coat and the black shield flew out from the leftmost hand and was in front of the tip of the fire cloud knife!
At the same time, neutralization and the man on the right also made a long virtual shadow at the same time, from which the man flew out toward Xiao’s questionnaire, while the man on the right offered a small print of gray Se to see the wind and became long enough to ask Xiao to cover it!
"Choke! ! !”
Huoyun Dao hit the dark shield in one place first, and the blade bounced back slightly, but the dark shield directly hit its owner!
There was another bang, and the man was directly hit by the big shield and fell heavily to the ground!
At this time, I saw that the other two attacks were going to Xiao Wen’s side. Xiao Wen’s feet, fire, boots, and flame suddenly sprayed outward. At the same time, Guanghua, the wristband of the fire, suddenly lit up, and his body moved sideways like a fish, just to avoid the long virtual shadow!
But at this moment, the huge lithograph is a pledge, and all three of them can be smashed into paste. Xiao Pang was so scared that he screamed for a while and then simply closed his eyes and didn’t dare to look again.
Xiao asked the hand Guanghua to flash a red cloud and suddenly flew out in an instant. It turned into a three-foot-long shape like a cloud, but when flying, it sent out water and pumped it from the side to the lithograph.
That hongyun looks light when it hits the lithograph, but it sends out a "bang", which is not only powerful, but also clever in angle. It turns out that the lithograph immediately deviates from the original flight track, although it is not much, but it has already missed Xiao Wen.
Then listen to "shout" rang and the lithograph almost flew past with Xiao Wen’s body, but Xiao Wen didn’t look at it. His eyes stared at the man who had just climbed up from the ground, and the fire cloud knife turned into a huge knife and chopped it again!
The man is still waiting to block, but his only shield has faded. When he wants to hide, the knife has already been cut near!
"Cut! !”
For more than ten feet, the knife shadow split the black shield in half and continued to cut back from the man like tofu!
"ah! ! !”
The man let out an inhuman cry and broke up.
Two knives and Xiao Wen will kill one person!
In an instant, the other two people finally reacted. Their roots were not Xiao asked the opponent to send a shout and immediately fled in two directions!
Shaw asked after is intuitively pegged to the ride like guy chased to this time also don’t have to hide what directly drink a way "I am Ming jian zong xiao asked! Hand over the child and I will spare you! "
As soon as the word "Ming Jianzong" came out, the elephant rider shivered, but the speed didn’t decrease at all. "I don’t know what you’re talking about! Aren’t you afraid of a long mouth when you Ming Jianzong kills the koo like this? My companion will escape … "
"Shut up! If you hadn’t done anything wrong, if you could react so quickly. ! The horse lifted the felt on both sides of your belly and let me see what’s inside! "
Xiao Wen didn’t react until now. Although there is nothing on the elephant’s back, its belly is covered with felt, which is definitely enough to hide a child!
Ps ate a bad belly this afternoon. As soon as I woke up, I got a headache when I saw the screen. Did J and jīng go to sleep again … This chapter is even later. Let’s make this chapter for the time being. It’s not too late to get passionate again next month.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine The mighty
When the man saw that the root could not hide from Xiao’s question, he saw that the little elephant trunk rolled up to the belly and then lifted it to the middle, and there was a coma child!
There was more than a figure in the trunk. Although it was more than ten feet away, I couldn’t see the real jade, but I immediately cried "Qiaoer! Please let my Qiaoer go! "
That chubby also cried out in a hurry, but he asked Xiao, "Uncle, uncle, please help Qiaoer!" "
The evidence has come out, and Xiao Wen is even more worried, but suddenly he is one leng.
His eyesight is much better than that of Jade and Xiao Pang, but he is the only one who can see the child’s appearance clearly. At this time, if you look carefully, it is a boy with his trunk curled up. It can’t be Qiaoer! !
The elephant rider yelled at this moment, "You must retreat quickly or my horse will kill the child! ! !”
"How do you treat children after I do to you! ! Let me go or I’ll spare you! !” Xiao asked immediately yelled back.
"Hum! Then don’t blame me! " The horse elephant suddenly interrupted cold way
Xiao asked suddenly remembered a guy who smelled this kind of child abduction. He was ruthless and would not frown if he did cruel things!
Is consciously Xiao Wen fire cloud knife suddenly toward the elephant split in the past!
The shadow of the knife crossed more than ten feet, and it was about to split on the elephant. The elephant was able to throw its silver nose and hit the fire cloud knife.
"Choke! ! !”
After the impact, a small figure flew directly from the elephant trunk. Xiao Wen hurriedly changed direction to pick it up.
It was a blink of an eye when Xiao Wen caught the child, and before he could look closely, he saw that the silver light was taken as a pledge, but the little elephant took the opportunity to sneak attack!
Xiao Wen can actually feel that the child is injured. After drinking a little, the fire cloud knife directly turns into a big path to take pictures of the man, while his body hides away by the explosion of fire elements.
The man obviously didn’t expect Xiao Wen to be so cruel. He is a man who cultivates the offensive and defensive ability of the animal way and the elephant’s interest rate. At this time, the elephant’s defense against him is very weak
The man at the head of the crisis actually pinched a trick and drank a "broken ice!" "
A thick ice curtain suddenly appeared in front of him to protect him.
But how can this semi-hanging defense tactic stop the fire cloud knife even if it is strong? !
The fire cloud knife went straight through the ice curtain and flew past the man’s side with a swish!
"ah! ! !”
The man’s left arm flew out in the pain roar!
"I want to kill you! ! !”