But it’s just what Lian Fangzhou wants.

Because it’s really uncomfortable for Zhu Sangong’s cold breath emanating from his bones to shoot at people through his eyes, it’s too early to finish!
Even Fang Zhou’s head is quite stuffy. Did she offend Zhujiajian? It’s because he, the Zhujiajian girl, is shameless to seduce her man. She refuses to give up her wife’s position, but she’s guilty! Is the earth going to revolve around their Zhujiajian?
Zhu Sangong didn’t show his disdain and disgust for even Fangzhou. Even Fangzhou was too lazy to be polite with him and was straightforward. "What else can you do?" Besides your sister, Miss Zhu Liu, you Zhujiajians can’t have anything else to tell me! Zhu Sangong is waiting for someone else. If you are not so afraid, you will have to make a detour when you meet me! "
"You are somewhat self-aware!" Zhu Sangong’s eyes flashed with sarcasm, but even Fang Zhou’s words were honest and you’re welcome.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and raised the Yamba and said, "Of course! I don’t look like someone! I have always been very interesting, very self-aware, and I know how to advance and retreat.
You!’ Zhu Sangong was furious.
Her words are indiscriminate. Is that his sister Yinger?
It was Zhu Sangong’s anger that came and went quickly and dissipated in a flash, and he resumed his former indifference and disdained, "Even your wife has a good mouth!"
"Dare not dare!" Lian Fangzhou smiled and said with a sincere smile, "I was really happy to hear that Zhu Sangong’s talent was outstanding and few people praised me!"
Zhu Sangong told her that she was so angry that she almost wanted to smoke again. He severely pressed her heart and churned with anger. "Even the lady thought I was praising you?" Since you think so, it’s up to you! "
It’s really sad to be so ignorant!
Zhu Sangong despised it in his mind, but when he saw Lian Fangzhou, he really felt that he praised her, so she felt very proud and proud, and her heart was very uncomfortable.
"today I want to have a good talk with Mrs Lian about my sixth sister, General Li!" Zhu Sangong pressed his anger in his heart and simply said.
One day he will teach this stupid woman a lesson!
Even fangzhou took a white look at Zhu Sangong and said rudely, "I forgot to wake Zhu Sangong. My husband’s surname is Li. You still call me Li Furen!"! Zhu Sangong is so good at learning that he can’t even understand the simple truth of getting married and becoming a husband, can he? You’re not the kind of idiot who reads in a dog’s stomach! It’s not appropriate to even call your wife, is it? "
Zhu Sangong was so angry that he opened his eyes, his face was blue and his chest was white, and he was almost mad together.
He has never been so ridiculed since he was so big!
Don’t say that you haven’t seen it in person or behind your back!
What a bitch! Bitch, bitch! Bitch!
He just didn’t want to call her Mrs. Lian, as Li Furen called her, but she said so, but he had to change his mind. Otherwise, wouldn’t he admit that he is a fool who has read into a dog’s stomach?
Damn it!
Even fangzhou root when his ugly face is not calm and then added, "I think there is no one in Beijing who doesn’t know your six sisters’ mind, right? Even if it is a flower, I am afraid I have heard it in a few words! My husband is clean and white, but he is just my husband. I don’t know your six sisters. What can my husband say? Is Zhu Sangong mistaken? "
Zhu Sangong was angered by Lian Fangzhou, and he couldn’t keep his attitude of being high above and dismissive, as if looking at a grain of dust on the soles of his feet. His face was somewhat ferocious and he shouted, "Lian-Li Furen! Don’t play dumb! We Zhujiajian don’t care about you to a great extent. That’s your blessing! Otherwise, you will be afraid of you if you open the Zhujiajian! "
How dare he insult his favorite six sisters since childhood! How dare she!
Even Fang Zhou calmly looks like she is the one who is high above "I am playing dumb with you or are you playing dumb with me?" Isn’t my husband and I white enough? What else do you want from me? It’s really unnecessary! I really doubt whether this is what Zhu meant or what you meant. It’s mostly you, right? Your Zhujiajian family is really generous, and my husband and I have long realized it deeply. In fact, wake up! It’s a blessing that I can still be in front of you! Are you Zhu family afraid of me? It’s a big joke! "
Lian Fangzhou sneered coldly. "If you Zhujiajian are afraid of me, will you still talk to me like this in front of me?"
Zhu Sangong’s cheek muscles were severely pumped and evenly breathed, and he tried to suppress his anger and bite his teeth. Almost word for word, "Only women are hard to raise!" I’m not arguing with you. I invited you here to tell you that it’s not good for you to join our Zhujiajian family! My sister has paid enough for General Li. As a brother, I can’t watch her live a sad and unhappy life! Even fangzhou, I’m not discussing with you now, let alone asking you to agree. If you are smart, please leave Beijing by yourself! General Li’s wife can be my sister! If you take the initiative to leave us, Zhujiajian will offer you a large sum of money to ensure a prosperous life for half your life, otherwise! Hum, I’m afraid the consequences are unbearable for you.
Although even Fang Zhou knows that dogs can’t spit ivory out of their mouths, although she has been psychologically prepared for it, she is still so angry that she can’t control the trembling when she hears Zhu Sangong’s remarks. She hangs on her side and clenches her hands into a fist before she can control the trembling.
She felt a chill behind her, as if a cold wind was blowing.
Zhu Sangong’s remarks, although she was not afraid of him, still felt chills.
This man is really cold! There is coldness in the bones!
"Then I also tell you" Even Fang Zhou stared at Zhu Sangong’s cold face and spoke slowly "No way! I never try to rob others. If Li Fu gives him an engagement, even if I have married him, you will leave, but no! So I won’t leave him! When have you been polite to me in Zhujiajian? What Zhu Sangong wants to do might as well have a try! I want to see how you are determined to win and how you get what you want! "
With these, her eyebrows pick "goodbye! Zhu Sangong! I have brought the silver ticket you asked for. Please give me the receipt. I have to leave with the princess of the county! "
Even Fang Zhou sighed in his heart, Jane, Jane, you must come back from the war quickly and help me. This Zhu family is crazy!
Zhu Sangong stared at her with dribbling eyes, silently sneering for a moment.
Even fangzhou is angry and pulls a fart! Is the champion great? Is the Zhujiajian great? It’s amazing to rob a man with her as a village woman!
"I said Zhu Sangong, do you want a silver ticket? If you don’t want a silver ticket, I have to have someone! "
Zhu Sangong glared at her coldly and shouted, "You can take away your silver ticket and get out!"
Even Fang Zhou was slightly surprised to ask her to bring a silver ticket, but she didn’t want it? Just meet yourself?
She felt that she had always been fond of caring for others, and she absolutely denied that Zhu Sangong didn’t want her silver ticket because she had no money to spend and couldn’t bear to correct her.
Then there’s only one possibility left. People don’t want money from people like her!
Lian Fangzhou hooked his lips and smiled. "Thank you very much!" Disdain!
She turned and left generously.
Zhu Sangong was a little fidgety and pulled the neckline, but he didn’t think it was too tight at the moment, which made him seem to be out of breath.
That damn woman is really-
He suddenly felt a little regretful about confiscating her silver. His disdain meant nothing to others. So what’s the point of his disdain?
It’s not like someone else gave him a gift, and he will be sad for a long time if he doesn’t accept it.
What does this woman know about shame?
So Zhu Sangong felt a little sorry that even Fangzhou was not well educated.
What a wink!
Even Fangzhou went straight out, and the guide guy was still waiting at the gate of the hospital. What a big rule!
"Let’s go!" Even fangzhou coldly said two words.
That guy "oh" saw Lian Fangzhou scurrying with his head down in a cap, and there was no point in talking, so he closed his mouth and led the way.
When Lian Fangzhou came to the hall, Luo Guang immediately greeted him and said with a sigh of relief, "Madam?"
Lian Fangzhou nodded at him. "Don’t worry!"
Speaking in men’s clothing, Princess Liu County and Mammy Jing also came.
The princess of Liujun is beautiful and young, but this dress is vivid. The middle-aged footman dress of a handsome young man can’t be complimented!
Especially at the moment, Mammy King’s face is really ugly and black, and he will drop ink.