Then he went on to say, "After the first batch of us came, some people went directly into the elf forest, but the next day they found the bodies of those people lying in that place, and there was a line in that place. Anyone who entered the elf forest died! You know, there are two blade master inside. Oh, my God, that’s a strong man in blade master. It’s actually fallen! That was the first time I saw blade master. The strong man actually saw two cold bodies. "Say that finish, the man’s tone still contained a panic.

HuangFuZhanTian after listening to the in the mind a surprised, he didn’t expect that two blade master strong men had died here. blade master strong men appeared in front of the world very rarely and rarely heard that blade master strong men fell due to accidents. At most, the life span of blade master strong men is long, and blade master’s fighting is not hard. After all, reaching this level in blade master means that they are different from ordinary fighters. They are all trying to break through the shackles and reach the level of Sword God in their lifetime, so that their life span can be increased again for a long time.
Since all the strong men in blade master are dead, it seems that things are not optimistic if it is the elf queen.
The man obviously wanted to see Huangfu Zhantian’s expression, because his speech was not small, but he talked loudly. Almost everyone around him could hear some late comers, and listened attentively to his words. When he heard the fall of two blade master, the crowd around him suddenly took a breath, and the man obviously enjoyed this feeling of being taken seriously, so he went on, "Although there has been a fall of the strong in blade master, the people who came later didn’t believe this, and then a group of people broke in, but they didn’t come to us first." I followed them until the next day, when a pile of bodies appeared in that place. I watched those people who were alive and kicking the day before break into it and died the next day. All of us panicked. blade master’s strong roots didn’t let go of gold fighters. At this time, we realized that this elf forest root was not as easy to break into as we thought. Few people went into it again these days, but even so, some people came from behind to maintain their strength and others broke into it, but they all ended up dead the next day. No one dared to go there again. "
Speaking of which, the man paused for a while and then said, "Just yesterday, a group of people broke in, but there was also a strong man in blade master and many gold fighters in that group. I don’t know what happened to these people, and those people should come back."
The man had just finished when he heard a burst of noise, followed by a few shadows falling from it. Before that, the land fell with these figures. "This is the second time if anyone enters my elf forest again, I will kill them." Then the sound disappeared.
A bunch of people such as Huangfu Zhantian changed their faces after hearing this sound, because the sound appeared in their hearts and they were not allowed to resist. After the sound disappeared, everyone looked forward and fell from the elf forest, followed by a breath. Because those figures were just before entering the elf forest, those strong people did not expect to die [
"Bruce is the sage of Huanglong. Bruce didn’t expect his abnormal soil defense to die here." An exclamation made everyone look at the man. After finishing, he arranged a panic and then said, "This Bruce is a middle-ranking blade master in the soil. Even many high-ranking blade master may not be able to break his defense. I didn’t expect to die here overnight."
After listening to this man’s words, everyone was silent, because no one thought they could match this Bruce. Now that he has fallen, they can go in and die.
"Haha, it’s just an intermediary blade master. I’m willing to be a striker in Shengfengshan. Is there anyone who will follow us to make a trip to this fairyland?" A shrill voice when everyone was silent. Section 866: Gather together for 5
Hearing this sound, the face of the hat in Huangfu Zhantian suddenly turned again, and the body Raytheon’s true qi was running rapidly, and the body energy was transported to surprise Henaan next to Henaan. At the same time, he held the hand of Huangfu Zhantian and shielded the energy fluctuations emitted by Huangfu Zhantian.
Huangfu Zhantian was caught by Henaan’s hand before he woke up suddenly. He quickly calmed down his body’s churning Raytheon qi and scattered his energy fluctuation outside.
"Xiaotian calm down and don’t show signs. At this time, it is not appropriate for them to argue and compete for the golden fruit. There will definitely be a chance when the time comes. Let’s find a chance to make moves." Henaan sounded to Huangfu to fight heaven.
Any suspection.i Zhantian calmed down the surge in my heart and said, "Well, I know, don’t worry, I won’t show any flaws." Say that finish, any suspection.i Zhantian gently shook a Henaan’s soft little hand and then looked at a group of people with cold eyes.
With the sound, a large group of people appeared in the sight of everyone. This large group of people has a common feature, that is, they are dressed in black and then covered with a black mask from their eyes, which makes people unable to see what these people really look like, and the leader is a short middle-aged man who walks away from the black men with a bright smile [
Presumably, this short man is the second master of the Shengfeng Mountain War Hall. I think so, but I can’t see through what strength he is. It seems that his strength is less than two orders higher than his own, and I’m afraid he is sensitive. I’m afraid there is not much chance of winning against him alone. I’m afraid I’ll have to fight with Henaan then.
"Ha ha! Qi Feng, since you have come in person, my Wizards’ Guild will join you in breaking into this elf forest, but you should be careful not to be slapped to death by that elf queen. At the beginning, this elf queen was your Shengfengshan people. "Just when this Shengfengshan people first came to everyone, a hearty smile appeared in the sky. With this smile, there appeared about dozens of magicians wearing magic robes in the sky.
"Oh, my God, this is the Magician’s Guild. I didn’t expect this Magician’s Guild to be four great care teachers at first hand, and the rest are all wind care teachers."
"No, you see, there are a large group of care teachers behind you. God, these wizards are really crazy. If these wizards make moves, I’m afraid there are not many of us alive."
As soon as the Wizards’ Guild appeared, Huangfu Zhantian looked at the second man flying in the sky and suddenly felt a little short of breath. Because that man was not others, he had not seen a small fish for seven years. Although it was very long in seven years, the appearance of the small fish did not change much. The former tender face was a little mature now, but Huangfu Zhantian recognized the small section 867 at a glance: Gathering in 6
I didn’t expect Xiaoyu’s realistic power has reached the level of the great care teacher. I’m afraid Xiaoyu has encountered some adventures in recent years. Otherwise, Xiaoyu’s qualification may not have risen to this level so quickly, and it is obvious that Xiaoyu’s position plays an important role in the Wizards’ Guild.
Henaan knows Huangfu Zhantian very well. When these people appear, Huangfu Zhantian’s mood is somewhat wrong. It seems that there are people in that group of wizards who know Xiaotian.
"Xiaotian? Do you know anyone here? " Henaan asked softly.
Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and tried to tell Xiaoyu impulsively. "Well, the man in the blue magic robe behind the old man with white beard is the one I know. I don’t know if he remembers me. It’s been seven years." After that, Huangfu Zhantian shook his head with a wry smile. After all, he saved his life for Xiaoyu and introduced him to the Wizards’ Guild, he never cared about him again. I’m afraid it’s just those days of friendship. Now the strength and status of Xiaoyu are completely different. I don’t know if he remembers himself.
Henaan was surprised. "That’s the great wizard. I didn’t expect you to know such a genius. You’re already a great wizard at such an age. I’m afraid his position in the Magician’s Guild is not low. But since you know each other, why don’t you say hello?" [
HuangFuZhanTian wry smile way "forget it, we still don’t go now. Let’s have a rest. Now I’m afraid our past words will be recognized by you, and I can’t guarantee that Xiaoyu still remembers me."
Henaan listened to the words of Huangfu Zhantian and immediately became silent.
I don’t know how you’ve been here for seven years. I don’t know if you remember me. Think about the stubborn young man Huangfu Zhantian who suddenly laughed. He also prepared something for Xiaoyu. I don’t know if there is any chance to give him a chance. Forget it. Let it be natural.
"Jie Jie ….. turned out to be rox. You’re not dead. Don’t worry, since I dare to come, I’m not afraid of the elf queen …? You actually recovered? " It is said that the perch phoenix is the short man who spoke in front of Shengfeng Mountain. After seeing those people, the perch phoenix smiled brightly. Suddenly, he was somewhat reluctant. He found that Rox’s strength had actually recovered at this time, which means that Rox is almost the same as his eldest brother’s strength now, so he must be able to stop him.
"Habitat phoenix, your mouth is still so fierce, but this time, the competition for the golden fruit is not just a fierce mouth." Say that finish, Rox led a group of wizards to land on the ground while the group of care teachers gathered around Rox.
"Rox, since you have recovered, we are more sure this time. Now let’s not talk about the competition for the golden fruit. Let’s work together with Qi Xin to get through this." Qifeng resumed that brilliant smile. Section 868: Gathering in 7.
Locks gave Barnabas a hug and laughed. "Don’t worry, we’ll wait for those old guys, but they haven’t shown up yet. We’ll be more sure when they come."
After listening to Locke’s words, Qifeng nodded noncommittally and stopped talking. Instead, she sat cross-legged and closed her eyes to practice.
Looking at the cultivation, it’s a little difficult to cultivate him. It’s hard for this phoenix to think about cultivation all the time. How valuable it is. It’s no accident that he can achieve such achievements. But even if you have such strength, I’m not afraid that you will meet you now. I can’t beat the big deal. I’ll go back after I get out of Leigu purgatory.
However, this sorcerer’s guild and the people of Shengfengshan don’t seem to be able to deal with it, but this is exactly what Huangfu Zhantian wants. After all, if their two organizations unite, it will be difficult for them to make moves. After all, it is very terrible for magicians to unite with these killers. What’s more, there are small fish in it.
As the people in Shengfeng Mountain were quiet, the people around them stopped making a big noise and talked a little [
Before talking to Huangfu Zhantian, the man spoke to Huangfu Zhantian in a low voice. "I didn’t expect this golden fruit to make the long-unborn Shengfeng Mountain come. It seems that this time there will be a lot of fun. Let’s see if this elf queen will spare this Shengfeng Mountain people."
After listening to the man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian wondered, "Is this sacred peak a feud with the Elves?" I guessed a little before listening to the conversation between Rox and Qifeng, but the details were not clear.
The man laughed. "Do you remember the war between humans and elves in history? It was the holy peak that originally wanted to invade the elves, but they didn’t expect the fairy queen to personally make moves. At the beginning, the holy peak was not very strong. After that incident, the strength of the holy peak was greatly reduced, and the holy peak faded out of the mainland to live in seclusion. This time, they actually took the initiative to come over. It seems that this holy peak should still have a cause. Otherwise, it is not enough to look at it alone."
Huangfu Zhantian looked at this man with a little surprise. I didn’t expect this man to know so many secrets. These secrets have never been heard by himself. It seems that this man’s background is not simple. I’m afraid he is also a member of a big family and his status is not low. But he has no bad feelings for this man. Instead, he has some good feelings. After all, no one will tell himself so many things when they meet for the first time.
Huangfu Zhantian laughed. "You know a lot. I dare to ask your name. My surname is Huangfu Zhantian."