It’s strange and cold, with a bit of horror. The red moonlight on the black background flashes quietly. It’s an arc-shaped chord moon instead of a full moon. From the perspective of difficulty and skill, Du Sikang has completely surpassed Ji Dong Jiuyang Ling at this moment. What he has done is more complicated and more difficult than Ji Dong Sanyang Jiujiuyang Ling.

Although he used his own magic, he needed strong control, fast hand speed and precise control to complete such wonders, but he did not reach the peak.
When the blood moon comes to cloud nine, this magical hand presents a moment. Ji Dong and Du Sikang almost raised their heads and looked at each other at the same time.
They all clearly saw that Ji Dong’s eyes were still calm and clear, while Du Sikang’s eyes were full of admiration. At this time, Du Qian told himself that everything was true. At present, the young people’s bartending ability of the enchanted teachers’ association has definitely reached the master level. Looking at Ji Dong’s stunt of Jiuyangling, Du Sikang could not help secretly admiring that he was twenty years old, even when he was thirty years old, he could never reach the height shown by Ji Dong at this time.
However, these thoughts flashed through Du Sikang’s mind in a flash. Although he had a new understanding of Ji Dong’s bartending ability in his heart, he was very recognized, but he also knew that he had won the first single bottle of bartending. The winning and losing competition was a multi-faceted decision, and his skill was completely superior to the other side. What’s more, he still had the other side’s ability to make ice, and it was impossible to lose to the other side. Winning was the core.
From Du Sikang’s eyes, I can already see the pride that belongs to Dionysus.
The blood moon came to the ninth heaven, and the hijackers even put it to the limit. Round after round, the moon fell quietly like one by one, and the moonlight flashed with nine red lights, and finally the bartending table ended. All the darkness came at this moment, which fully showed the dark feeling that the robbery of the ninth heaven shattered the world. If Du Sikang was allowed to evaluate himself, he would definitely answer the question of this bartending perfectly. In the last five years, this was his most hearty bartending, and it was also his best skill. Ji Dong and the source of life brought pressure to him to bartending again.
However, Du Sikang’s nine-round string-and-moon cocktail table overlapped, and the only rapidly rotating middle-mixed flask gradually stabilized in his control, giving off a faint chill, while his eyes suddenly froze, because the nine-round sunny sun controlled by his opponent opposite him changed.
Du Sikang’s biggest mistake is to underestimate Ji Dong Jiuyangling, which is not the end of technology but technology for Ji Dong.
Du once again saw the magical scene.
Nine high dragons sounded almost at the same time, and in the cadence, the nine dragons resounded with different tones. Every tone was so clear as if there were really nine dragons gathered here. However, every bartender in the field knew that it was not dragons, but the sound produced when the hip flask vibrated.
At the same time, Ji Dong’s body was neatly arranged around nine rounds of sun, and it moved at the same time, and it was half-Chinese and nine dazzling red streamers. Every red streamer was so eye-catching, and the crystal lights on the roof shone with dazzling brilliance.
Long Yin became more and more passionate, and a red round bead appeared in front of Ji Dong in Long Yin, and nine red bands of light brought up by nine rounds of sunny sun flew away at this moment, and at the same moment, dragons danced around the red round bead.
Du Sikang’s eyes are glazed over. He has finished his bartending in the first … competition by hand, but Ji Dong’s magic hand made by Jiuyang Linghua Jiulong Opera Beads has just been shown in Guangzhou.
Yes, Jiuyang Ling can’t compare with Du Sikang’s blood moon arrival, but when Jiuyang Ling adds Dragon Play Beads, San Dusikang’s forehead is already covered with cold sweat. You know, everything that Ji Dong has put on display at this time is done by hand! But is this really what humans can do?
Du Sikang, the god of wine, can beat his hands and fingers 30 to 50 times a second less, and he can break through 60 times when he reaches the limit, just as he can reach this level at the most * * moment before he finished the blood moon arrival.
But how high-speed hands do you need to support the display of the Dragon Play Beads? What’s more, 60 times per second is supported by magic, so that you can play the effect of mixing wine with nearly 100 beats per second. However, Du Sikang is not sure that he can complete the hand complexity of Ji Dong’s pearl player at this time. It takes only a look at Du Sikang to have no thought.
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It’s too complicated to play the pearl in the Kowloon Opera. Before Ji left, every dancing dragon looked so clear, and you could still see the halo like scales in a faint way. Du Sikang’s white sheet alone required less rhythm than 200 times.
And this is his root French enterprise, but Ji Dong did it without coordinating magic.
Du Sikang, who saw Ji Dong complete the Dragon Ball Play, has always realized that there was a radical subversion. He always believed that the combination of skills and magic is the real peak of bartenders, which is also where he argued with his son. Although Du firmly believes that pure skills are the king of bartenders, the entry threshold of bartenders should not be linked with magic, he is a six-star bartender after all, and he can’t come up with strong evidence to say that Du Sikang, but at this time, Ji Dong has achieved what Du Sikang saw for the first time. There is no doubt that Ji Dong’s hand speed at this time has reached his imagination.
If it was a past life, it would be impossible for her to do this. This trick of playing with pearls in nine dragons and doing more in his past life was already his peak at that time, but now he is different! The snake tortured him, and it was not a problem for him to have the toughness and flexibility of ordinary people. What’s worse, he added swelling to this technique! The snake flashed some secrets and reached the limit of the speed of both hands.
Once, he failed at the last minute when he played the Dragon Ball in front of Du Fu, but this time, God was finally able to keep up with the finger speed. How could he fail again?
Finally, when the nine red dragons pounced on the central red bead in the same posture, all the light converged at the same time, and Ji Dong’s hands and arms finally appeared at this moment.
Halo solidification wave, a few fine silver powders scattered and turned into a silver halo, just like the red light bead shining.
The flagon is broken? Everyone was surprised at the same time. Even if the bartenders of the Bartender’s Association were expecting the victory of President Zikou, they would never want such a magical scene to end in failure.
But for a moment, their eyes almost fell out of their sockets
That’s right. Ji’s hip flask was indeed broken, just like once. This crystal hip flask was finally overwhelmed by Ji Dong’s high-speed tactics. It was quietly broken at the last moment, but this time it was not scattered, but spread evenly. There is no doubt that Ji Dong was in control.
How did this happen? How did he do it? Although the hip flask was broken, there was not a drop of wine out of Ji Dong’s control. The red pearl shone in his hand, and the rich mixed wine was filled with ten kinds of changing smells. Every bartender could not help but gulp and breathe when he smelled this fragrance. Is this wonderful taste really midnight sunshine? Can those five materials be modulated?
They can feel that the fragrance of wine they smell with each breath is constantly changing.