Chu Dai ‘an stepped back awkwardly, and Shen Menglu’s eyes were too warning to make him feel at a loss.

At this time, Yan Ruyi came back with dining tables. "Miss, the food is ready to eat. You haven’t eaten well recently. You can have a delicious meal today." Yan Ruyi had obvious joy.
Chu Daian’s eyes lit up and the savior came! He took Yan Ru’s box in the first two steps and told the driver behind her to "bring my oak barrel!"
Shen Menglu patted Shen Mengyao on the back. "Don’t cry. The crying face is not beautiful. Come and dry your tears. We have dinner."
"Well" Shen Mengyao should be a looked up from Shen Menglu arms.
Shen Menglu raised my hand to dry her tears and jokingly pinched her nose. "The little white rabbit’s eyes are red" Shen Mengyao smiled through tears.
"Come on, let’s eat! It took me a lot of effort to keep this dish intact. "When Chu Daian saw that the two sisters were in peace, his eyes also smiled. He took Shen Menglu’s hand in the first two steps." Come and sit down! "
Shen Menglu’s eyes flashed and he secretly squeezed his fist. You are a Chu Daian who really took care of my sister Shenyang at home!
"Dream, taste my newly brewed beauty." Chu Daian filled a glass of red wine obsequiously. "See what it tastes like?" Chu Daian is full of expectations.
Shen Menglu cast a glance at the oak barrels at his feet. This red wine has been shipped all the way here. What a lot of thoughts! "Look at your heart!" Shen Menglu gave him an uncomfortable stare.
"Xie Shencai is grateful!" Chu Dai’ an chuckled, "I’ll punish myself for my mistake at the beginning!" Said the end of the table red wine to drink off.
"Pig ring!" Shen Menglu took a look at him and swallowed such a rare red wine like a pig giving up ginseng fruit. What a good thing! Chu Daian smiled awkwardly.
Shen Menglu gently took a sip of this red wine, which tastes better than the second moon tower. The aroma is rich and the lips and teeth are sweet. "The craft is better!" Shen Menglu praised.
Chu Dai’ an smiled happily. "The raw materials are good! Enough time! You love to drink the full moon building so much that you are welcome to visit every day when you go back! "
"Cheapskate! Why don’t you send a few barrels to my Shenfu and miss the full moon building! " Shen Menglu joked.
"Yo yo heaven and earth conscience you miss shen hand how dare I accept money! I keep a penny and don’t take it with me! " See Shen Menglu no longer pursue Chu Daian in a good mood.
"Yao son heard this but at the beginning of Diane said to stay back to Beijing after we Ceng rice to the full moon floor every day! See if you can eat him! " See Shen Mengyao stuffy silence Shen Menglu tenderly her cloth dishes.
"Thank you, big sister, for listening to big sister’s arrangement!" Shen Mengyao’s eyes are full of joy if he is surprised.
"Little white-eyed wolf!" Shen Mengyao, who stretched out his hand and teased Chu Dai, blushed shyly.
Shen Menglu calmly looked at Chu Daian’s actions! You little sample!
A meal was enjoyable. Shen Menglu was hungry for half a month, and the stomach worms were greatly satisfied. Shen Menglu arranged for Shen Mengyao camp to have a rest.
Traveling overnight, Shen Mengyao’s eyes were obviously tired, and Shen Mengyao nodded obediently. Shen Menglu collapsed and was familiar with the taste, so that Shen Mengyao could sleep peacefully.
Seeing her asleep, Shen Menglu told Yan Ruyi to turn around and leave next to him. Chu Daian looked at her and followed her closely.
Shen Menglu stopped when he reached a crowd. "Why are you here?" She didn’t think Chu Daian was here to deliver red wine.
Chu Dai’ an looked around warily to make sure that four people changed back to men. "It’s too interesting that you sent someone to send the first letter. It’s too close to me. It’s too suspicious of my identity. I’m blessed by other countries. I’m missed by your great grandfather."
Speaking of this, Chu Dai ‘an couldn’t help complaining, "You’re too bold to write in English-are you afraid that others won’t know that we are abnormal people of the same kind?" Just a piece of paper, just two sentences, and he was almost betrayed by his grandfather.
Shen Menglu’s quick laugh was a special situation at that time. She didn’t think so much on the spur of the moment. Besides, she didn’t expect the letter to be delivered to Chu Daian at that time, but she believed that Chu Daian could cope with Grandpa.
"It’s too bad for you, isn’t it?" Shen Menglu looked at Chu Dai ‘an with beautiful and charming eyes.
"It’s not * to put away your evil little thoughts, but there are many doubts about you. Pay more attention to yourself. whispers’s identity is not a joke." Chu Daian’s eyes are serious
Shen Menglu’s eyes flashed, "Don’t worry, I have my own discretion." She consciously told her that it would not harm her.
Chu Daian saw through her mind. "Be careful to sail for ten thousand years! You shouldn’t tell people that you don’t know how to protect yourself? " Chu Daian said that the blame floated in his eyes.
Shen Menglu was slightly ashamed of her identity. She told Cai Zhong about it, but she believed that Cai Zhong was not the kind of person who was not tight-lipped.
"The windtight wall! You can’t say anything to your husband and son, let alone others. "Chu Dai’ an has a serious expression." There are dead people who can keep secrets! "
Shen Menglu looked suspicious. "How do you know that I told people about my identity?"
"You should ask your sister how she knows your identity." Chu Daian lightly chastised him for denying that the trusted person in Shen Menglu’s mouth would be Shen Mengyao.
Yao Er knows her identity? Shen Menglu frowned. "Does anyone else in Shenyang know my identity?"
"I don’t know about this. You have to ask your good sister. I didn’t know until I listened to her talking." Chu Daian shook his head
Dreaming? Shen Menglu looked coldly at "Chu Daian, you really took care of my sister!"
Chu Daian was embarrassed by her cynicism. "Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to take care of her like a little sister."
Little sister? Shen Menglu snorted coldly. "No matter how handy it is for men and women to play the role of Chu Dai, don’t forget that you are a seven-foot man. In case she knows that you are a man, how can you get married after you let her?"
Marry? Pull this far? Chu Daian couldn’t help laughing. "You think too much. Don’t worry, I won’t let her find out my identity and it won’t affect her future life."
"The sky is impenetrable!" Shen Menglu responded to Chu Daian with a cold hum.
Chu Daian laughed. "Come on, you should get rid of the gas this time. Let’s be serious. Did you find a way to crack the colorful hoses and sleeping beauty poison?"
Shen Menglu shook her head. Both of them are intractable poisons. She also found a breakthrough. "Is there any news for you to find the doctor of Yanmen?"
Chu Daian’s eyes flashed. "Without Yan Men, it’s always elusive and it’s hard to find out for a while."
Shen Menglu felt dejected when she was infected by colorful hoses, and she was afraid that she would not be able to find a solution one day less.
"Real people have their own lives, and if you solve miasma, the emperor will not blame you, but also praise you. Colorful hoses have always been a medicine to solve it. Don’t be hard on yourself." Looking at Shen Menglu when you are sad and worried, Chu Daian is very sorry. "When miasma patients are cured, the emperor will lift the plague warning and then you can return to Beijing."
"How do you know all this?" Shen Menglu was suspicious of the imperial decree that ordered her to cure the plague. Just this time, Chu Daian found out the news. This time, it was even more exaggerated. He knew before the emperor’s will. This Chu Daian was not well informed.
Chu Daian panicked and quickly recovered his look. "I heard Taidian say," but his face flew over the panic but didn’t escape Shen Menglu’s eyes
This Chu Daian has something to hide from her! Shen Menglu’s heart sank slightly. "What makes you come here?"