Even though we are in danger, we still haven’t cut off the endless vitality.

It seems that it is difficult to support for one more second, but in fact it is tight and loose. It seems that it is on the verge of collapse, but it is faintly impregnable. Although the number of human beings is small, even in the face of such poor pressure, they can stubbornly support and seek the last chance of life.
"Is this just a painting?" Li Feiyang asked
Mani smiled unfathomably. "It’s not a painting, Li Feiyang. We hope you can dig out your potential. We … need you."
"You?" Li Feiyang stunned. "What do you mean? Who? "
"Ha ha ~ ~" Sweeney didn’t answer Li Feiyang’s words. He said noncommittally, "Well, when the beast tide comes, it’s as tragic as this painting. You should be prepared."
"Is this painting a beast tide?" Li Feiyang gasped and said, "Is it so terrible to sacrifice God to the sun?"
Mani didn’t answer Li Feiyang, but walked out first. As he slowly shook and disappeared, Li Feiyang got a fright and quickly followed him and went out.
Outside, it’s still the Huangsha Wan Li Temple. Sweeping Mani is just around the corner, but it has disappeared.
Li Feiyang finally shook his head and turned and walked into the temple.
The big mani is still the kind of eye stick. He seems a little unhappy when he sees Li Feiyang coming.
"How long has it taken the messenger of God to wait? Your heart is not pious enough for God."
Li Feiyang didn’t good the spirit. "I don’t feel anything about this god when I come. Stop talking nonsense and call me here?"
Big Mani’s face passed away without warning. "The Great Drought God has a new guide for you."
Big Mani’s hands are stretched out and he reads obscure spells. It’s not long before the statue of the Great Dead Sky shines again.
The lively scene appeared again and again before, and this time, the pattern of the sand table was unexpectedly a ferocious black dragon.
Li Feiyang trembled and gaped at the shrinking black dragon in the sand table. There were a pair of scarlet eyes, which reminded Li Feiyang of the night before the big Mani appeared.
The virtual image slowly disappears and becomes larger.
Looking at Li Feiyang’s purple pupil, there was a strange look "Go find the black dragon"
Li Feiyang’s mood is finally no longer so calm. He frowned and asked, "Is it ancient magic dragon? Is this thing really there? "
Big Mani obviously doesn’t want to talk to Li Feiyang more lightly. "The Great Drought God can’t be wrong."
Li Xin wondered more, "What am I going to do with ancient magic dragon?"
Big Mani shook his head. "If you go, you will naturally know the wishes of the Great God."
Li Feiyang knew that he was unwilling to tell himself, so he no longer reluctantly asked another question, "Who is Sweeney in front of the temple?"
"What sweeping?" There is a surprise in the words of Big Mani. "There has never been such a position in Mani."
Li Feiyang said coldly, "Don’t play dumb. Did you sweep the fine sand at the door?"
Big Mani laughed. "There is no dirt, dust and wind in front of the Great God."
Li Feiyang was even more surprised to hear what Da Mani said.
Doesn’t this big mani even know that Shomo is here? What? But if not, he has no reason to lie to me. Strange, "Li Feiyang, do you have anything else to ask?" Big Mani saw Li Feiyang thoughtfully for silence and felt a little strange and surprised and asked
Li Feiyang woke up and never looked back to the outward aisle "it’s okay"
When he came to the door, he turned around and asked, "One more thing. Someone asked someone outside the Dark Forest to kill me. Can I fight back?" Don’t tell me what rules have been killed. I can’t bear it. If the temple can’t come to my side to test any big drought, I won’t accompany a sacrifice. Mani, whoever likes to do it. "
Big Mani quietly looked at Li Feiyang for a long time without saying anything. When Li Feiyang was guilty of trying to take back his words, he was weak. "I want to murder the Mani people, but the temple enemies are abandoned by God."
Li Feiyang smiled slightly "I’m relieved at this sentence. I’m leaving"
Looking at Li Feiyang’s back slowly disappearing in the distance, Da Mani spoke for a long time, and after a long time, a black shadow appeared beside him in a flash of light and shadow.
This man is an old man with a white face and a cold face, but with a hint of sadness, he turns out to be a white man, blade master Qin Dao.
Big mani light mouth way "unexpected? I can’t believe you didn’t kill him. As I said, our method is not feasible. This kind of interference "they" will not sit idly by. "
Qin Dao frowned and said, "If you hadn’t interfered, I would have killed this little one. So it seems that we can’t do it. We still have to think of other ways, but I’m curious. Will you let him go to magic dragon and" they "not interfere?"
Big mani sneer at a way "how do they interfere? Tell him to go to magic dragon and tell him to kill magic dragon? I didn’t say anything. Whether magic dragon wants to kill him or let him go has nothing to do with us. This is a fixed rule and I didn’t disobey it. "
Qin Dao shook his head. "Do we have to do this? Why can’t we talk about it? Everyone has the same goal. "
"Shut up," Dani reprimanded angrily to Qin Dao, and the other party suddenly trembled and stopped saying a word.
"This is the result that I discussed with JiZheng. Now you say you want to regret chess? This small can be killed by magic dragon. Of course, if he can survive, he will pass our test, and even "they" will have nothing to say. "
Qin Tao frowned. "I still don’t understand why everyone will put the decision on Li Feiyang."
Big Mani said lightly, "It’s nothing to be surprised about. It’s fate. Li Feiyang is a person who has merged with the blood of the" Beast King ".Besides, he is far from being immortal. He is just a person. Who else is this potential? If it weren’t for him, it wouldn’t even be hesitant. "
Qin Dao took a deep breath and said, "I really don’t understand what material this little one is made of, and how so many strange tricks are there?" Didn’t you notice that he was strange? "
He snorted coldly. "It is precisely because no one can see through him that we pay more attention to him. We have been struggling for so long, so how should we end it?"
When Da Mani finished, he turned and walked towards the corner of the hall. His cold voice floated up. "If Li Feiyang rises uncontrollably, it will be fine. If you kill him, you will be allowed to make taboo."
Qin Dao was suddenly surprised. "Is this against the rules?"
Big Mani’s footsteps are faint. "Rules are dead. People who make rules are the masters."