As a result, it did happen.

However, it is quite dramatic and humiliating, not to help the people with soy sauce, but to be nine days later.
Because they sent a bucket of paste to Wang for nine days like this in the hero post.
That night, I was hysterical for nine days. Zuo Tangtang thought that she would probably never forget it for a generation.
Two days after this incident, although people always say that Jianghu people are forgetful, after all, there are many new things in Jianghu, but after nine days, their faces have been black and there is no intention to forgive the soy sauce gang. Even if they help the gang, they will consciously pull the dart for the first time in their lives, which will not make them feel relieved for nine days.
Playing soy sauce to help people feel quite wronged. Their hearts are soft like sister paper. Why would we do that on purpose? We just didn’t pay attention. Blame the first one who typed this word. We just copied and pasted it! If you ignore us again, it’s going to snow in June!
Although Zuo Tangtang is too lazy to kill in the game every day, which saves a lot of time, maybe she will accompany the soy sauce to help the crowd pull darts, but today she really didn’t.
Because the false mother came back.
On the day when there is no false mother, Zuo Tangtang thinks that the false mother is strict with her, but she is good. If the false mother comes back, she must be good to her.
However, when she just received the news, she really regretted that she had ever thought that way.
[Private chat] Qing Wan Li hoof hoof will check with me pk whether a technology has dropped.
Zuo Tangtang cried for half an hour and carefully replied.
[Private chat] What will happen if the pig’s trotters are stewed?
[Private Chat] Sunny Wan Li, then let’s still practice every day ~
Peat, you’re kidding me! Think about that time when the ghost lingered every day. That’s enough wool. You can still be so worried! No, I didn’t notice that little wave behind you!
However, Zuo Tangtang also dared to vomit in his mind. After receiving the news, he took Mu Mu to the Royal Guards to cram.
Right side of the Royal Guards Gate
After a brief exchange, Zuo Tangtang can meditate without blood. Looking up at one side, he didn’t lose blood at all and asked shamelessly.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed and bathed. Do you think it’s good for me to discuss and cut this time ~
Muyun’s idle talk can be seen by the fact that you are sitting now and I am still looking at it. I have been meditating for half an hour. Well, hoof-hoof, is this asking me to speak without conscience?
Before MuYun idle reply, a few people suddenly jumped out. Before Zuo Tangtang could react, those people directly rushed to MuYun idle.
MuYun idle at the moment also didn’t panic directly into a ball with them.
Mu Mu’s fighting capacity is very strong. Zuo Tangtang has always known this, but no matter how powerful a person is, he can win a group of people.
Mu Mu lost.
At this time, Zuo Tangtang has no excessive emotion, which is curious, surprised and puzzled.
It’s never a war to come to Zuo Tangtang. It doesn’t mean that if someone cuts a knife, they have to pay it back. She will find out why others killed her. Of course, some people only cut it once because of chatting. At this time, Zuo Tangtang got up calmly and left directly after his resurrection. What to say? Don’t care about others. Zuo Tangtang thinks that if there are many people chatting in this game, they will care about it one by one. Not only will they care about it, but they will also care about it. Just be bitten by a dog.
Call her bloodless. That’s who she is.
Zuo Tangtang is still watching all this next to Mu Mu. In her opinion, if you talk or kill these five people by mistake, you should leave at once. After all, Mu Mu killed three people in that fight and wounded one seriously.
However, I didn’t expect that these five people would not leave even though they were defeated.
Meditate beside Mu Mu’s body and wait for Mu Mu to revive and kill him again after returning to blood.
This is not manslaughter.
Looking at the game, Zuo Tangtang, who is releasing gorgeous skills to the enemy, hurriedly asked "What’s the matter?" What did they kill you for? Do you need help? "
Unexpectedly, in such an emergency, Mu Mu still answered her, "Go back to that one of them and kill me. I killed him instead. Today, it’s probably a vendetta. Stay there!"
"But you can’t beat them! There are five of them! " Zuo Tangtang said anxiously
"It’s okay. You stay by and listen."
Listen, Mu Mu calmly answers Zuo Tangtang, relieved and watching.
Mu Mu still lost this time.
"Stay!" Before Zuo Tangtang could speak, Mu Mu seemed to know what she was worried about and interrupted her directly.
once again
once again
Up to now, Mu Mu has been turned for five rounds.
Mu Mu is a real player. Although Zuo Tangtang is a little white, he also knows that the false mother can defeat the people with amazing fighting power, but Mu Mu can win the false mother. Every time he makes progress, it is more severe than every time. From the enemy’s dumping quantity and remaining blood, it can be seen that Mu Mu broke out and the damage value was high.
Even the fifth round can beat them.
But in the end, they joined another person.
Watching Mu Mu fall down again, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t restrain his anger and sadness.
The most powerful thing in her heart is that she is hurt by these people in this place and at this time!
He works so hard! He’s that good! He’s not wrong!
But what? What could be so trampled on!
If they fight each other, it will be a win! But with this despicable means, I insulted Mu Mu again and again, insulted the one that made me hide and bathe again and again, insulted the one that has been taking care of me, and insulted it again and again. I brushed it so many times, but I was too tired to tell me anything about Mu Mu!
Is this game so unfair?
This game can be completely arbitrary and?
This game can be so insulting and so good?
If so, then I don’t believe it! I don’t want to believe it!
There is black and white in this world. I don’t believe that black can be better than white?
Zuo Tangtang walked firmly in front of that group of people step by step, even though she was not skilled, she wanted to do so at the moment.
"Hoof hooves! Come back! " Mu mu is yelling in her eyes.
Hehe, gentle mu mu would be so yelling.
"Don’t worry about mu mu to see me" Zuo Tangtang said steadily and firmly in front of mu mu at the moment.
Until a long time later, Mu Yunxian still can’t forget Zuo Tangtang’s straight back in front of him at that moment of frustration and indignation.