Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know!"

"Won’t she blame you?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It must have been strange at first, but she loved me so much that she soon forgave me!" "
Ha Ji Won  said, "I really admire Yuri for knowing that you have other women and she can forgive you!" With a sigh, she went on, "A shameful man like you can find a good woman like Yuri. You should know how to cherish it!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Of course I will cherish it and cherish it! I think of her and love her all the time. "
Ha Ji Won  said otherwise, "Don’t you think of Yuri when you are with Huibin?"
"Yes!" Zhang Chengyuan extremely sure way
"So you are not sincere to Huibin?" Ha Ji Won  is a little angry.
"Of course not. When I was thinking about Sister Yuri, I was also thinking about Huibin and other sisters!"
"Are you still preoccupied?"
Zhang Chengyuan is a little proud. "It’s my specialty to concentrate on more!"
Ha Ji Won  gave him a white look and scolded him in a low voice, "shameless guy!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister Hailin, I have to do this because I love so many women. Please understand me!"
Ha Ji Won  said, "You don’t have to love so many women!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s impossible not to love you and know that my sisters around me, including you, are so perfect. How can I turn a blind eye, not love them and not love you?" In the end, he looked at Ha Ji Won  with bright eyes, and his eyes were full of deep love, which could almost melt the hearts of all young Korean women.
Ha Ji Won  was very uncomfortable when he looked at him. He threw his head aside and said, "No one is perfect, there will always be a little flaw."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Strictly speaking, that’s true, but in my heart, you are perfect. I can take your shortcomings into consideration, and I hope you can also take my shortcomings into consideration. Don’t alienate me because of my lewd playboy, Sister Hailin. I always feel that you are always avoiding me!"
Ha Ji Won  said, "You always molest me every time you see me. If you talk to me politely every time like today, I will be very happy to meet you."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "But I don’t want this, because if I treat you politely every time, then we are afraid that we can always be limited to brothers and sisters!"
Ha Ji Won  said, "Isn’t that good? In my heart, you have always been a handsome, lovely and naughty brother. I like my brother best! I like it even more than my own brother! "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "But no matter how much you like it, you are still a younger brother! I want to be not only your favorite brother but also your favorite boyfriend and man! "
Ha Ji Won  sighed, "Seung-won, why do you have to let me be your woman? You already have a lot of women! " For Zhang Chengyuan stubbornly want to get her mind Ha Ji Won  feel a little nai.
Not only is she so practical, Zhang Chengyuan, but many sisters have the same idea.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "How many women do I have? One reason is that I don’t want to see that one day you will alienate me or even leave me! Only a generation of women who make you my woman can completely avoid this situation! " This is also one of the reasons why Elder Zhang Cheng tried his best to get all the sisters.
Ha Ji Won  asked, "What is your reason? Is it brother and sister that I will alienate you in the future? "
Zhang Chengyuan sighed, "Sister Hailin, when you have a husband and children, do you think I still have any position in your mind?" Maybe even this is not as good! " He gave a thumbs-up and flicked his fingernails.
Ha Ji Won  displeasure way "you also look down upon me, how could I be such a person? Rest assured that even if I become a family and have children in the future, I will treat you as my dearest brother! "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I’m afraid your husband may not think so in the future. Can he tolerate our being too close? I’m not your brother! If you want to hang out with me more often, I’m afraid he will immediately suspect that we are having an affair. You know how good I am and how attractive I am to women. I don’t believe that your future husband will not worry that I will take his wife away! Sister Hailin, sometimes men are more jealous and suspicious than women! "
Ha Ji Won  didn’t good the spirit way "you don’t praise yourself you have so good? Don’t worry, I will marry a better person than you, so I won’t be afraid that he will be jealous and suspicious of you! "
Having said that, she thought to herself, "It’s hard to find a better man than Seung-won, and even if I’m lucky enough to find him and marry him, there’s no guarantee that he won’t doubt Seung-won!"
After hearing Ha Ji Won ‘s rejection, Zhang Chengyuan was surprised that he was not annoyed, but was very happy, because he felt that if Ha Ji Won  really insisted on marrying someone better than him, he might never get married! In South Korea, it is rare to find a single youth who can be better than him, and Ha Ji Won  has a narrow social circle, so it is even harder to find such a person! And even if you are extremely lucky, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person will like Ha Ji Won !
When Zhang Chengyuan rejoiced, "Sister Hailin, then we have a deal. You can’t get married unless you are better than me!"
Ha Ji Won  quickly said, "I just said it casually. How can I take it seriously?" She has also realized that if she really does what she just said, then I’m afraid she can be a single noblewoman in this life!
Zhang Chengyuan walked over and said, "How can Sister Hailin go back on her word? You must do what you say, or I will do everything possible to ruin your relationship and let the men who pursue you run away when they see you! You should know that my means to do this can be said to be easy and will never be seen through! "
Ha Ji Won  dissatisfied. "How can you do this?"
Zhang Chengyuan smirked. "That’s what I want! Sister Hailin, you are waiting to die alone in your life, but don’t worry that I will always accompany you. Well, if you want to have a baby in the future, I can help you get rid of boredom! "
Ha Ji Won  was so ashamed and angry that he tried his best to push Zhang Chengyuan and Zhang Chengyuan easily dodged away with a smile.
After a while, Ha Ji Won ‘s anger almost disappeared. Her temperament is always like this. No matter how angry she is, it will disappear after a while. Zhang Chengyuan has always been not afraid to make her lose her temper. Sometimes she thinks her temper is cute and deliberately annoys her!
Ha Ji Won  sat down again and Zhang Chengyuan sat back beside her with a shy face and put his hand in front of her and said, "Sister Hailin, if you still have angry words, pinch me hard!"
Ha Ji Won  patted his palm lightly and said, "You didn’t let me fight just now, and now I’m angry and you’re pretending to be clever!"
Zhang Chengyuan laughed, "Who let me be your brother!" After a delicious meal, he began to smile primly. "Sister Hailin, what I just said is by no means a joke. Please remember this! I reiterate that I will never let you go unless you meet a better man than me! "
Ha Ji Won  displeasure way "okay, okay, I know! You don’t need to say this again, it makes me unhappy! " She knew that Zhang Chengyuan would never change her mind if she argued again, and she was too lazy to argue with him again.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "Well, I won’t talk about it later, as long as we know it!"
Ha Ji Won  looked up at the wall clock in the living room and said, "It’s almost eleven o’clock, and I should go back. Let’s call it a day!"
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "Sister Hailin, we still have one thing to do. How can you leave at once?"
Ha Ji Won  wondered, "What is it?"
Zhang Chengyuan smiled slightly. "Didn’t you say that every time you meet me, you will be molested by me? Didn’t I molest you today?"
Ha Ji Won  airway "You are looking for a fight!"
Zhang Chengyuan suddenly stretched out his right hand and put his arms around her waist, then gently pulled her into his arms, and then put his arms around her and whispered, "Sister, you are wearing a skirt today, which perfectly highlights the curve of your hips. I am already drooling. Let me rub it!" Don’t stay Ha Ji Won  promised that he had been shaking his bust and dawdled gently.
Ha Ji Won  quickly struggled to get up and shouted, "You bastard, let me go! You’re going too far!"
Zhang Chengyuan said softly, "Sister Hailin, we are still wearing clothes. It’s just a few rubs and it’s not true love! If you don’t like it, shall I touch it? "
Ha Ji Won  said angrily, "What’s the difference between that and now?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It doesn’t make much difference, Sister Hailin. Just be patient and let me rub it for a few minutes, and then I will let you go. I mean what I say."
Ha Ji Won  is a little unhappy, but no one can take advantage of Zhang Chengyuan’s stubbornness and feel that he has a way to be rubbed by him for a few minutes. Surely nothing will happen and he will acquiesce. Besides, even if she refuses to Zhang Chengyuan, won’t she continue to go?
A few minutes later, Ha Ji Won  was blushing and shy, but she was quite sober. She took a deep breath and glanced at the alarm clock and said, "It’s been minutes. Won’t it be enough for you? Let me go! "
Zhang Chengyuan kissed her gently on the right side of her neck and then let her go reluctantly. "Sister Hailin, your hips are really soft and elastic. It feels so good. I really want to eat you now. Why don’t you be my woman today? Anyway, you probably won’t find another man in my life!"
Although there was no skin contact, he was fascinated by the charming feeling, and he was greatly disappointed that He Zhiyuan didn’t cooperate with him in the whole process.
Ha Ji Won  turned around and glared at him and said, "You want to be beautiful!" Suddenly seeing Zhang Chengyuan still standing up high, he spat out a "pervert!" Then he added, "Seung-won, if this bad thing is against me again, I’ll kick it off!" Then she immediately turned and left!
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and stared at her leaving figure. "Sister Hailin doesn’t seem to be very sensitive, so if you want to tease her, you have to step up your efforts."
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Comfort?
After seeing Ha Ji Won  off, Zhang Chengyuan went to Lou Lin Zhixiu’s apartment to find Hui Bin and chatted with Park Xuanying and Li Zhien for a while. Before Lin Zhixiu came back, Zhang Chengyuan would not stay much. He hugged Hui Bin’s waist and left. He was in a hurry to make out with Hui Bin.
Watching Zhang Chengyuan leave Park Xuanying pouting, he said, "This uncle is really a big pervert. Yuri and Ji Xiujie are not satisfied, but they also cheated Hui Binjie!"
Li Zhien way "can’t HuiBin elder sister also into yuan elder brother woman? Sister Xuan Ying, how can you tell? "
PiaoXuanYing way "must be! You see how casual and natural he is when he hugs Hui Bin’s waist. Hui Bin’s sister is not surprised or difficult. Obviously, she has long been used to uncle treating him like this, and her eyes are full of warmth and tenderness. At first glance, she knows that she loves uncle very much! "
Li Zhien way "XuanYing elder sister I didn’t see it? Maybe you guessed wrong! " She was particularly grateful to Zhang Chengyuan and consciously defended him.
Park Xuanying touched her head and said, "You are too young to see it without love experience!"
Li Zhien asked curiously, "Sister Xuanying, are you very experienced?"
PiaoXuanYing sighed, "I have no experience! It’s all because of that uncle that I haven’t had a boyfriend yet! "
"What does this have to do with Cheng Yuan? Didn’t he let you fall in love? Sister Xuan Ying, if that’s the case, I think Brother Cheng Yuan is hello and you should listen to him. "It seems that she just decided that Zhang Chengyuan is a good man anyway."