Rand dragon roared and finally broke out. Qinglong wisely gave up his skill. He turned over to the middle school with a perfect height. Dad wrapped him in an energy ball just right.

Rand dragon saw that he had such a powerful skill that he didn’t kill a person. He flew into a rage and lost his ability to fly. As soon as he lifted the faucet, he took flying sand and stones with a powerful dragon breath and sprayed them all.
Chapter 25 Land Dragon-Earth Power ()
The dragon’s breath hit very fast, and everyone was drowned by the dragon’s breath before they came to escape. The beautiful daddy and the Qinglong back energy ball protected them and didn’t receive any harm. God and Coca-Cola were riding on the back of the sky, but they were complaining.
"Coke, please try to hide behind me, my skills …" This is the last sentence that Coke heard before the dragon’s breath came.
"God bless Wu Shen! 」
It’s a very pleasant thing for Coca-Cola to release powerful defense skills to guard two people and one beast, and watch the dragon’s breath hit before Wu Shen’s blessing. It’s hard to hold the waist of God-eater tightly at the thought of his hands. "Give me a break, you pervert." God-eater roared.
When the dragon’s breath was over, everyone finally regained their sight, but the scene in front of them completely frightened them. A hill flew towards them, and the Dilande dragon was still brewing another hill. It seems that this unformed hill will fly towards them again in a while.
"Flash which ~! ! !” Coca-Cola shook Tiancong Yunhu hard, but it didn’t seem necessary for Coca-Cola to say it. Tiancong Yunhu quickly dodged and hid in a cloud, and the hill flew far away.
"If you weren’t a burden, I could fly faster …" Tiancong Yunhu didn’t look back and flipped his eyelids to stimulate Coca-Cola. This sentence made Coca-Cola almost spit out blood.
In other words, Xianjian has recovered his injury forever, and now he cherishes his leg so much that he dare not run too hard, in exchange for coke and ice.
At this time, the spokesman of death suddenly pointed to the sky and shouted, "Wow, what is that? Is it a dragon that big?" ? ?” It is a skill to draw out the light and dark Excalibur forever.
"Wan Jian definitely! 」
Several energy swords flew to the black shadow. When everyone saw it clearly, the spokesman of death grabbed the immortal sword forever, and Bo Ling dragged him and flew up. "That’s a mountain. Are you killing yourself?" ? ?”
When the hill the size of a villa landed, several people took a deep breath. They looked at the hill like a UFO and said, "Who is the guy who doesn’t pay attention to environmental protection and litters?"
But before she finished her words, she heard the sky whistling again, and the four of them quickly dodged around. As expected, a mountain that was even bigger than just now landed on the top.
Do you know that you are scared and beg for mercy? "Buddha, please bypass me. I am not a monkey ~ ~"
Before she finished talking, everyone decided to leave this place quickly. It was terrible that mountains fell from the sky.
"No, we’re going to fight. If we let it go like this again, it will hit us sooner or later …" Qinglong shouted at the peerless daddy. This light ball not only has good defense but also has a particularly good sound insulation effect. Qinglong had to adopt this extreme contact method.
Tsing lung made a landing movement towards God’s two thumbs and then rushed towards the ground.
The ball of light suddenly dispersed, and the dragon shook its body in the middle, and then the body appeared behind the Rand dragon’s body. Coca-Cola launched thunder magic in front to attract the dragon’s attention, but it did not attract the dragon’s hatred.
"Anger split Huashan! 」
Tsing lung’s statue of the dragon in his hand gave off a dazzling red light. First, he cut off the head of the Rand dragon with a horizontal knife, and then he took up the dragon horn, and then he pulled the statue of the dragon with a red light and split it from the head of the Rand dragon.
Just landed in front of the dragon. Coca Cola and the peerless daddy were startled by the dragon. When the dragon lifted a hill over his head again, his mouth was wide open and he did not move.
Rand dragon’s blood volume dropped another big chunk, but it didn’t reach the point where it would die after the meeting. Qinglong came running from behind the dragon, and then the dragon returned to normal. When he turned around, his eyes hated and stared at Qinglong, and the hill was smashed to Qinglong.
It is not so easy to avoid this hill on the ground. Although Qinglong has too many hills, it has been hit by a hill and buried in the ground with dust and stones. It is an uncertain life and death.
The Rand Dragon doesn’t seem to be going to give it up. Obviously, it’s not enough. The huge dragon foot stomped on the ground and cracked the crack instantly, which is spreading towards the place where Qinglong was buried.
Seeing this fierce battle, MVP Qinglong will die and devour God like this, but he is still not as fast as the peerless dad, who said when he passed by, "You should deal with it quickly and I will save Qinglong."
With dad’s words, they were relieved that a lot of Coca Cola flashed in their hands, and Raytheon flashed a few thick flashes and rushed to the head of the Rand dragon.
"body blow! 」
However, no damage can exceed 5,000 at a time, which makes Coca-Cola very unhappy. Anyway, this is also his powerful stunt. While swallowing God, he comforted and said, "Land magic is more defensive than thunder magic, and this damage is normal."
Coca-Cola failed and took a look at the god-eater, but he was startled by him. Now the god-eater’s hair is standing on end, and his breath is as strong as that of a super Saiyan coming out of him in generate.
"Panlong nu! 」
The dragon elephant on the face of Panlong Excalibur in God’s hands has gained life. Only when the eyes emit dragons can it be domineering and turn into red light and fly around, and then it will go into a stampede and bite Excalibur to the ground. A halo will stir from the ground and rush towards the blue dragon body. A golden dragon will spew out from Panlong Excalibur and bend into a V-shape in the middle. A sacred oriental dragon will rush towards the Rand dragon and directly penetrate the Rand dragon body to kill it … Panlong Excalibur’s super meaning will consume all the mana to maintain magic. His blood volume is about half.
God-eating fatigue directly collapsed to the ground. Coca-Cola just wanted to celebrate with him, but he remembered that Qinglong had not been rescued and rushed to the peerless daddy. It’s hard to say whether Qinglong had fallen. Now daddy has lost his confidence just now, too many rocks have fallen, and the first attack of Rand Dragon just now made the ground very strange and it is difficult to effectively excavate.
"Dad, don’t you have a tracing skills? ? ? Why not take it out? ? ?” Coca-cola suddenly had a flash of excitement and said to the beautiful dad, this is also a wake-up call. The brain is getting confused.
"The light shines to save! 」
But when dad’s skills were all over the rubble, he didn’t find the dragon. Is it unlucky that the dragon really fell into a deep ditch? If it did, it would be declared dead. No matter how powerful dad’s resurrection skills are, it is impossible to be so powerful that he can resurrect a corpse-free person … Qinglong, you disappointing guy …
Chapter 26 The extreme world of blood melting purgatory
Chapter 26 The Limit World of Blood Melting and Purgatory Everyone feels as if his body is entangled with something, and even his breathing is a little noisy because of the powerful strength of the town hall BOSS.
"Monster, show your true self quickly. We have destroyed you so that you can hurry!" According to the dragon soul’s understanding of him, this guy is giving himself courage to stop being so nervous.
"Hey hey hey you really want to see me? ? ?” The wretched voice said, dragging a long dragon soul and feeling that a cool thing passed by his spine from beginning to end.
A sharp claw scratched the ground, and all the people blocked their ears. A huge body was slowly crawling out from the shadows deep in the palace.
"sharingan! 」
Sharingan, the dragon soul, finally saw the whole body of BOSS clearly. If it is a bit similar to Fuxi’s feeling of hunger at best, it should still be regarded as a person. It’s hard to say whether it is a snake. * * * It’s hard to say whether it is a snake. * * * Even the bust is covered with scales. The arms are not unified. It turns out that two black giant snakes are flashing red light, and their hair is long on the ground with a blood stain behind them.
One of the cruelest things in the criminal law of hell is to push people into the lake of hell. This lake is called the most horrible water area. Once life enters, it never comes out alive, and it is the most painful way to die. Thanks to this monster, it is the Lord who guards the lake of hell. He has the strongest resentment, creates chaos and control psychology and is good at level 1 BOSS.
Dragon Soul is not a little upset to see this guy’s information. This monster is the meanest and most evil monster dedicated to alienating people from manipulating human psychology. Although this BOSS’s fighting capacity is not very strong, its powerful psychological manipulation ability is really the most hated.
"Guardians, I really don’t understand your distribution. Ah, don’t we don’t know anything. In fact, we Yanlong adults know your whereabouts like the back of our hand. You are divided into several groups. Hey hey … do you feel wronged? ? ? Stars and sky? ? ?” BOSS, disgusting mouth overflows with disgusting saliva from time to time, but the smile hides the knife and stares at the stars.
Star Wu Tian didn’t think that BOSS would point the finger at him first. Not surprisingly, the dragon soul knew that BOSS wanted to show psychological oppression tactics to Star Wu Tian.
"teleport! 」
Dragon Soul doesn’t intend to let the Ghost Lake Monster succeed, and teleport to it directly. The left hand sword is severely chopped at the BOSS’s head, and he can’t wait for a sword to solve the rose-purple behind the battle. Seeing that Dragon Soul has acted, the horse has also launched skills.
"Water shackles! 」
Two water magic shackles almost reached the nether lake. Before the BOSS blocked it, it was two ordinary silver water strips, which were close to the nether lake. The nether lake monster split into several water lines in an instant, and wrapped its body around the nether lake monster. When it tried to break free, it met the dragon soul and launched a strong blow.
"The dragon right hand! 」
The dragon soul’s right hand instantly turned into a dragon’s right arm, and the hand also turned into a dragon’s claw. It rushed to the body of the lake monster in the nether world. The powerful destructive power of 17455 caused great damage to the BOSS. The dragon soul did not intend to leave a chance for the BOSS to fight back. Raise the dragon’s right arm again and grasp it at the lake monster in the nether world.
"titicaca avenger dragon soul I will be so easy to catch twice? ? ?” The monster in the nether world smiled grimly. Suddenly, his body flashed and his skills flashed out from the rose-purple water shackles.
"Magic dun art! 」
"titicaca titicaca you can beat me as simple as that? ? ? Tell you that you are more likely to defeat Yan Long’s adult. Don’t fantasize and let you know a strength gap. "
"Ghost baby crying! 」
In an instant, the sound seemed to come from hell and reverberated in the whole palace. The dragon soul felt that its head was going to crack. It seemed that a child who was covered in rot was screaming in his ear with his mouth open. Generally, several other people were not much better. They were all holding their heads in their hands and groaning in pain.
This is a good opportunity. The Ghost Lake Monster is flaunting two serpents’ general arms and attacking the dragon soul. The dragon soul is still suffering from that miserable scream in his head. Now it is simply torturing his nerves. He usually rolls up his nerves like a twist and then stretches them hard … "Dragon and ghost dance! 」
Two snakes turn into arms, although they may not follow normal arms when they come to work, but if they are fighting, these arms can be said to be perfect fighting weapons. Two black snakes spray venom outward, while the other keeps biting at the dragon soul.
The dragon soul can benefit Xuanyuan Excalibur in his hand, constantly resisting the attack of the lake monsters in the nether world, and still enduring the pain of twisted nerves in his body.
Suddenly, a poisonous snake bit the dragon soul, Xuanyuan Excalibur. At first glance, this seems to be a good opportunity, and the arm of Xuanyuan Excalibur is sideways to the poisonous snake.
However, he underestimated the ability of the ghost lake monster. The snake-like arm suddenly became very long, and the whole snake coiled around Xuanyuan Excalibur Jianfeng.
"True frost wyrm broken! 」
At this time, the dragon soul felt that the baby crying suddenly disappeared, and the body couldn’t help but feel as if it were a natural awakening, and a kind of comfortable eyes were released.

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