If it’s blasting mode, it can also help the identity of the other side’s camp to find a way. For example, when the other side is The Infiltrator, then the other side will definitely attack, but it can ambush or lure the enemy deep in the middle of the road. If the other side is a defender, then try to take a blasting point and defend it first. There is still a chance to win until the C4 explosion.

Team competition mode makes these tactics work. Even if you stay in the base and wait for the other side to attack or ambush, if you can’t fight against the other side, then the other side dies and the horse pounces after the resurrection and your position has been completely exposed.
Team competition mode is the real test of the strength of the two teams, especially the ability of each player to fight alone, that is, their marksmanship and body awareness are the same as the variance, then one of them will be killed!
IC club has a unique leaf. Where can it hold the whole city to compete with a group of tigers? Besides, the other party also has a cold-blooded killer 7kg sniper rifle. When it rings, someone pours a bullet and kills a person. The efficiency is very high, which makes people shudder.
In order not to play the third map game, Ye Qing tried every means to make a comeback, and he himself was crazy. He generally slaughtered the other machine gunners and killed them all red-eyed, and the number of homicides really increased rapidly, but the other side still maintained the leading position in killing people by relying on the overall strength.
In the end, Ye Qing failed to stop the other side from winning. They lost the second map with a score of 120-150. The total score of the two sides was tied to 1-1. The victory and defeat of Qingcheng Competition will be decided in the third map. The strong strength of Qingcheng Competition was revealed in the second map, but the AG team also dragged the competition into the third map and finally lost the game. I wonder if Qingcheng Competition will repeat the same mistakes?
7kg breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, on the second map, they changed their strategy from time to time, or they would lose to their opponents. Now that they have tied the total score, they can play the annihilation mode without any burden. It is also a mode that they are good at. Anyway, they have to kill all their opponents to win the game, which means that both sides must show their opposition.
Are they afraid of IC clubs when the whole city competes against each other? How did the AG team lose the annihilation mode map 7kg? I never thought about it. You should know that the AG team not only has Even, a very awesome AK machine gunner, but also a very powerful sniper. It should definitely not lose to the IC club in the annihilation mode map!
Many people in the audience sighed, and the IC club felt it was a pity that the game was dragged to the third map. It was very dangerous to decide the outcome, which meant that they had no way out. Fortunately, they won a game in front of the IC club. Even if they lost to Qingcheng in the end, they still had a chance to enter the final, that is, to defeat the Tiger Brothers Alliance.
Chapter 746 Missing
Su Yanbing Coffee Shop’s melodious light music can’t help but relax. At this time, there are not many guests in the store. There are two tables of people talking in a small way. Su Yanbing looks at the road outside the store with his beautiful eyes. "What is that guy doing now?" Still playing? "
Before she devoted herself to her work, she didn’t have the heart to think about other things. Even in her spare time like now, she was thinking about expanding the influence of coffee shops. If she became bigger and stronger, she would not be idle when she returned home. Almost all of them were studying other flavors of coffee and experimenting over and over again, making the kitchen a laboratory.
Now that she has a career and the second branch has been opened, she can actually sit at home and count money, but she finds that she will unconsciously think of Ye Qing’s tall figure and warm smile when she is free. The thought of him is a beautiful picture.
There is a caring person in my heart who won’t talk so much in his spare time. If I think about it occasionally, that person will feel that life is particularly beautiful, as if the whole room is full of sunshine. I think about it many times and I can’t see that person. There will always be some thoughts about lovesickness in my heart, which is actually the most torture.
Su Yanbing has never been an active person. She took the courage to take the initiative to find Ye Qing, and she was also worried that it would make Da Mi unhappy. She was even more afraid that it would affect his training and playing games. She was so gentle and polite, and she finally believed that Ye Qing’s promise to her that night would be fulfilled. She had been waiting and never urged him.
"Sister Bing doesn’t have any guests now. Can I surf the Internet later?" Xiao Zhang, the shop assistant, gathered around Su Yanbing. Xiao Zhang just came to the store and is a young guy. He usually has no hobbies but likes playing games, especially CF and LOL.
I can’t play games in the store. In my spare time, Xiao Zhang likes to watch game videos online. Today, there is a semi-final match of Qilele Cup. He has already felt itchy. Finally, when there are no guests in the afternoon, he has the cheek to ask Su Yanbing to let him surf the Internet for a while.
Su Yanbing Coffee Shop is installed with 1M optical fiber network, which is very fast. This is also the reason why many customers like to come here for coffee. First, they can enjoy high-speed WiFi. Some people sit for an afternoon with their mobile phones and notes.
On several occasions, people who ignored the image watched the love story of the island country in the store. The keys were not yet wearing headphones, and the whole coffee shop sounded loud from time to time, which made some female customers blush. Su Yanbing couldn’t do anything about that kind of customers, but fortunately, after all, most people were still relatively qualified.
Hearing Xiao Zhang’s words, Su Yanbing looked at the two tables in the store. It seemed that there was no intention of continuing to order something, and no guests came in outside. She nodded and said, "Good."
Xiao Zhang was overjoyed. He immediately sat in front of the cashier’s computer and held the mouse. He skillfully typed the web page to find the live broadcast address of the semi-final of CF Qilele Cup. After that, he chose to watch the game between Tiger Brothers and AG team.
He is a die-hard fan of Bare. When he didn’t work in a coffee shop before, he watched Bare’s game almost every time without landing, and he also went to the scene to support Bare. He liked Bare’s passionate play, and his posture was elegant and smart. The speed of the gun was very fast, which often shocked and killed people. It was exciting.
The cashier’s brain is usually used to manage the business situation of coffee shops and play music bases. There is no earphone in other ways. Su Yanbing heard a gun coming from the brain speaker and Xiao Zhang was watching a gun fight film. She was afraid that it would affect the guests in the store and leaned over and said, "Be smaller and watch a quiet movie!"
"Ice elder sister, I didn’t watch the movie watching the game. Do you know CF? It’s just that crossing the line of fire is a well-known gun battle game. I usually play it, but the technology is not so good. I envy those professional players. They are all so powerful that they can play professional games. "When Xiao Zhang talks about CF, his interest is simply endless.
Su Yanbing paused and then looked at the brain screen and said, "Which two teams are you watching?"
"Hey? Sister Bing, do you still know about the team? Do you also like watching CF games? " Xiao Zhang was a little surprised. From the first day he came to work in the store, he felt that he had a distance from Su Yanbing. Because Su Yanbing’s intolerant fireworks temperament made him dare not look at her and dare not think about it as respect.
He has never seen Su Yanbing surfing the Internet or paying attention to sports news. Even playing mobile phones is a kind of love elimination. It is hard to imagine that a beautiful woman like her would like CF, although there are quite a few beautiful women playing CF.
Su Yanbing smiled. The smile was like the sunshine breaking the ice, which made Xiao Zhang look crazy. She was embarrassed to tunnel, "Actually, my boyfriend is a CF professional player. I know a little about it. I once went to the scene to watch him play."
"Male … boyfriend! ?” Xiao Zhang’s heart was struck by lightning. The goddess already had a boyfriend. Although he had no idea about Su Yanbing, he also regarded her as his own goddess. He didn’t want the goddess to be desecrated by other men, but today he realized that the goddess already had a heart.
"Wait, you mean your boyfriend is a professional player?" Xiao Zhang suddenly found a key point that can make him forget his sadness for a while. After all, he is more interested in professional players.
"Yes! He seems to be quite amazing! " Su Yanbing doesn’t know much about CF, and she doesn’t know exactly what the level of Ye Qing is. It was that time that she played with Ye Qing once. CF thought Ye Qing was quite fierce because she was always killed by others, but Ye Qing could kill others.
"Where is his team? Do you know the name of the team? " Xiao Zhang is a little excited. He really wants to know a professional player. It is a great honor for him to be friends with professional players. In this case, professional players all know each other, and some professional players are good friends with each other. Maybe he can get to know idols because of this.
"I saw it once, and it seems that IeCream is the ice cream team." Su Yanbing’s English level is very good and she can speak fluent spoken English. Her pronunciation is very pure and very European and American, which makes people admire the center of the earth.
Xiao Zhang looked at the list of matches, glanced over the face of ICVS Qingcheng Competition and shook his head. "It seems that this team has not participated in the Qi Lele Cup and may have been eliminated …"
This silly fork obviously didn’t think that IC was the abbreviation of IeCream, and even if her eyes glanced over the two letters of IC, she didn’t pay any attention to it. Su Yanbing was a little disappointed when she heard this. She also wanted to note an IC club game to see if she could see Ye Qing in the video.
"Ice elder sister, do you want to watch the Tiger Brotherhood and AG team game? I’ll tell you that the Tiger Brothers sniper is bleak. That’s awesome. His sniper rifle method is too handsome. If you watch his game, I’m sure you will worship him! " Xiao Zhang is very excited tunnel
When you have an idol, you can’t wait for everyone to like your idol and others to say that he is not. This is the so-called brain powder. Su Yanbing smiled and said, "One of my idols is my boyfriend and I admire him."
"Oh, well …" Xiao Zhang was just about to watch the Tiger Brothers League game and suddenly saw the score of IC Qingcheng Competition. I couldn’t help exclaiming, "I can’t believe that Qingcheng Competition was even tied by this IC team?"
Where did he know that the truth was not that the whole city was tied by the IC club, but that the IC club was tied by the whole city? Su Yanbing was hooked by the word IC. Isn’t IC the abbreviation of IeCream? She quickly came over and took a look at her brain screen and said, "You show me the game."
"IC hits the whole city?" Xiao Zhang asked doubtfully
"Yes!" Su Yanbing nodded affirmatively, staring at the screen all the time. Obviously, he really wanted to watch the game. Xiao Zhang hurriedly ordered the live video of the game.
At this time, the game just went to the third map, and it was the first round. The picture just switched to the facial expression lens of each professional player and swept the faces of the contestants in turn. Xiao Zhang was very excited and pointed to 7kg. "See that Xiao Pang is a sniper who is just as famous as Xiao Ran. He is also one of the best snipers in the country!"
Su Yanbing ignored him. She has been looking for Ye Qing’s figure. Finally, the camera passed Ye Qing’s face in turn from the IC club. That determined face appeared in the camera. Su Yanbing immediately surprised and said, "See if that’s my boyfriend? Their team has not been eliminated. I told you that he is very powerful!"
Her words are full of pride, which makes Xiao Zhang jealous of Ye Qing, but he is a professional player. He has a faint tunnel: "Your boyfriend is really good at reaching the semi-finals, and the teams are very strong. His team is even with such a strong team as Qingcheng Competition. Wait, there should be a game in the afternoon. Let me see how they play in the afternoon!"

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