Looking down, the rose has turned into a civet cat, and she is looking at her very much.

Fang Xiaoyin got a fright and quickly let it go.
"I didn’t see that you still care for small animals."
Leaves come slowly with the wind.
Chapter 434 Ye Huang wake up
Fang Xiaoyin was even more angry when she saw the leaves coming with the wind.
Without even saying hello, I turned around and gave him the back of the head.
"What’s the matter?"
Ye smiled with the wind and changed into a chair.
"Are you here to supervise me as a murder suspect?"
"Help yourself"
"Don’t take offense at my humble abode."
Fang Xiaoyin said with his back to the leaf in the wind
Leaf with the wind can’t help but smile.
"Don’t be so let the right one in."
"I’m here to protect you from that thing."
Fang Xiaoyin turned my head.
But then she grunted, "I don’t believe it."
"Men are liars."
"You just doubt me and think I killed those people."
Ye shrugged his shoulders with the wind.
"In fact, strictly speaking, you did it."
Hearing this, Fang Xiaoyin jumped directly from the swing surface, blushing and looking at Ye Fengfeng angrily.
"You are a dirty lie!"
"I have a grudge against them. I don’t even know what to kill?"
"I’ve never done anything unnatural, and I can’t even bear to hurt some ordinary animals."
"If you doubt me, you must recognize me as a murderer."
All grievances are written in Fang Xiaoyin’s face and she is about to cry.
Ye hurriedly waved with the wind, "No, no, no, I didn’t mean that."
"The objective killing is you, but the subjective killing is actually another guy."
"You have something dirty."
Fang Xiaoyin suddenly froze and almost shed tears from her eyes.
"What dirty thing?"
She wipe away her tears.
"Ghost Bai"
Ye said with the wind, "It is estimated that a ghost watched you when I was in the dead domain, and secretly came to the holy land with you."
"Those dead brothers think it should be Jay."
Ye Fengfeng didn’t ask that sentence at the crime scene.
The dead brother Blanche may not have seen it, but Ye Feng can see that there is indeed a very subtle dream power left.
And there is Fang Xiaoyin’s breath.
But Fang Xiaoyin can’t do these things, so there is an answer.

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