All the 6+ damage that frost wyrm has taken has gone up from Puxiu snake. Although frost wyrm is intermediate now, the power of 4% damage bonus to snake monsters by relying on the blade of grass shovel is still very impressive. It is a move that greatly reduces the health of these snakes.

"The storm broke!" The star Wu Tianding’s heel saw that I had already sent out frost wyrm, and immediately he also displayed his special skill. The golden knife wave passed through 155, 1614, 1495 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
After my two skills of breaking frost wyrm and breaking the baptism of the stars and martial arts, all Pusshu snake parts were killed and a list of potions, gold coins and equipment were burst out.
"I can’t believe that a player broke into the three-layer knife of the Nuwa Temple to escape the meaning and the devil danced around the four windmills." Just at the end of the attack line of frost wyrm, a player wearing a hanging flying knife style armor was directing several flying knives to fly in the sky to make them combine.
Flying knives in the sky four or four merged all flying knives to form four windmills. They can’t stop hovering in the sky, and there is always an offensive posture. "Knives escape the meaning, enchants dance in the windmill." Flying in the sky, four windmills are hanging flying knives. The player’s spell is like negotiating that the general department will attack us
Star Wu Tian was taken aback when he saw four windmill attacks. He quickly showed his amazing posture and woke up while dodging the attack. "Boss, these players are Japanese and they are members of the Japanese Emperor Group. Don’t underestimate them."
"Stars China area how can appear, players? I remember that it takes less than 4 levels to cross the border? " I met these members of the Japanese Emperor Group in the first deputy, and I didn’t have much affection for them. I once thought about whether I would go to Japan to make a scene when I reached level 4.
"Boss, I heard that the Emperor Group won a quota of players crossing the border due to the completion of the special project. I think these players came from the Japanese region crossing the border." Star Wu Tian quickly jumped out of the attack range of Dao Dunyi, and then continued, "Boss, it is always a disaster for players to hide in China these days. Today, we took this opportunity to hang them up."
"Hey hey!" Controlling the knife-throwing day, the player smiled coldly and said contemptuously, "Hang us?" Is it because of you guys? Hum, it’s hard to protect yourself, and you’re still talking such big words. Hum, let you know that I’m a powerful knife, and I’m a whirlwind car. "
Just after attacking the four windmills, they circled up and actually combined into a golden bell with an iron wall, which surrounded the three of us. At the same time, all the exits were filled with four windmills. At the same time, the four windmills were attacked by a whirlwind at the iron wall. Although there were hundreds of points of damage, the number was too large. Even if there were white blood and medicine, the health points were still rushing away.
"Damn guy, you forced me." I said, "I quickly started the seclusion. When the bronze wall and the golden bell blocked the vision of Japanese players, I secretly explored the past with Japanese players. Hey, hey, the seclusion is unusual. Once it is started, it can cross all defense shields. This is why wizards are most afraid of assassins and thieves in the later period.
I immediately went to the Japanese players in the seclusion state, and of course, I checked it in sharingan before I approached. Hey, hey, I didn’t expect to be an acquaintance. The Emperor’s 7 men and 23 ninja swordsmen had a life value of 9% and a magic value of 72%. This time, it was really jealous of the enemy.
Ground fissures and spikes!
First, it can cause a 2-second stun attack, which can not only interrupt the Emperor’s 7-knife escape from the secret meaning, but also launch a follow-up attack. After that, it took advantage of the Emperor’s 7-knife stun to stab 37, 27 and 97 three times, and finally it was drunk and lying on the battlefield, which directly caused the Emperor to lose 142 points of life and the percentage dropped to 1%.
Emperor 7′ s dizziness was cancelled. Just when he was about to take the red medicine to drink, he saw the cold air gathering around him and waves of Xuan Bing appeared. Emperor 7 had frozen into ice before he could react. This move can be known without thinking.
Emperor 7 ate Xuan Bing’s 149 bright red numbers and floated out of him. The health value directly fell to the ground together with the ice. Around him, the potion exploded all over the floor, which was also mixed with several pieces of equipment. It seems that he was originally trained on the third floor of the Nuwa Temple, but he unexpectedly met us.
"Eldest brother really deserves to be the boss’s split spike and Xuan Bing’s flow cooperation. I’m afraid that the knight class’s high blood prevention and high occupation can’t stop this overwhelming attack." The star Wu Tian said enviously, "If I can also have this powerful combination skill, I will be able to kill the quartet."
I smiled and raised the grass shovel sword, practicing swordsmanship and killing snakes, and said, "If the stars make the skill combination strong, it still depends on how you make it. For example, outside players seem to break the rules of Xuan Bing and frost wyrm. Actually, when it comes to the double skill combination, I personally think that it should actually split and stab and Xuan Bing flow the most."
But what outside players will think that Xuan Bing Stream and frost wyrm broke it? That’s because they are all deterred by frost wyrm’s great power. Compared with frost wyrm’s great power, it is much smaller, but all players have forgotten that frost wyrm needs to gather together. "
"frost wyrm broke 3 seconds?" This information has been the topic of online forums, so the stars and Wu Tian also know something about it
I nodded and said, "Well, it’s frost wyrm who broke 3 seconds and said that it’s not long or short, but it’s often in this instant that the outcome of the confrontation with the master is not short. Can you wave this for 3 seconds? Compared with the ground fissure stab, that is, you make the other person dizzy for 2 seconds, and its effect is incomparable with frost wyrm’s break. "
Speaking of which, I paused and said cautiously, "And even if you break frost wyrm, there is still one main problem, that is, frost wyrm breaks the attack range. As you just saw, frost wyrm breaks a straight line attack. Isn’t it easy for those players who know the attack mode to avoid the attack range in three seconds?"
The stars bowed their heads and thought for a while, and suddenly suddenly they bowed respectfully to me and said, "Thank you, boss. The stars have benefited a lot here."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Sword Art ()
After solving the Emperor 7, the three of us will practice our skills in the Nuwa Temple. To be honest, I will tickle when I look at the stars, the sky, the golden knife waves, the crystal Crysal, and the blue arrow feathers. Alas, we practice passive skills, and now we can increase our proficiency sword by sword.
"Xiaolong, hurry up. Look at you. Now you are not as fast as the stars." Crysal, a crystal, complained about my speed of killing monsters while shooting arrows.
Aunt, I’m here today to practice swordsmanship, not to upgrade, but to complain about the speed at which I kill monsters. Hum, if I practice Xuan Bing Liu and frost wyrm to kill monsters, it’s better than the stars breaking violently.
Of course, what’s on my mind naturally won’t be spoken out, which will divert Crystal Crysal’s attention. I pointed to the snake king Puxiu in the third floor hall and said, "Crystal, you and the stars kill me here and go inside to solve Puxiu snake king."
Quickly started the seclusion, walked past groups of Puxiu snakes and came directly to the front of the snake king. The sword fell from the sword. 64 bright red numbers floated from the top of the snake king’s head, and I also glared at Puxiu snake king because of the attack.
Pussus, the snake king who was attacked by me, was furious and immediately opened his mouth and bit me. Pussus, the snake king who was guarding me, also opened his mouth and attacked me, and the snakes danced around. I’m afraid that’s the effect.
I didn’t pay any attention to the attack, but the snake’s blade quickly pierced and brushed, which caused the snake king to lose 3 injuries. At the same time, the snakes finally bit it. Although Puxiu’s snake attack was not high, it only caused 2 injuries, but many ants even killed the elephant. What’s worse, it was a poisonous snake?
After some attacks, although I relied on agility to avoid the evasive effect of xiao yue Waltz skills, I still lost 5 points of damage. It seems that I have bitten at least 3 poisonous snakes. Looking at the bright red numbers of 15, 15 and 15 floating from my head, I knew that I had been bitten by Pusshau snake venom.
Puxiu snake venom may be very scary in the eyes of other players, but it is barely acceptable to me. After all, my health is now over 4, and with the holy horn flying horse blessing therapy, I can barely resist this fierce toxicity by drinking red medicine constantly.
Since the toxic toxicity has been resisted, I naturally practiced swordsmanship with Pusshau Snake King. Hey hey, if it is an ordinary Pusshau snake, I’m afraid I can’t afford to fight with seven swords. But if it is Pusshau Snake King, it will be very different. After all, the life value and defense of the snake king are not comparable to Pusshau snake.
Looking at each sword attack at 6+, I can’t help feeling that the special effect of the grass shovel sword has 4% damage to snake monsters, so even the snake king monsters, I can hit 4% damage and add 5% bonus to the swordsmanship, which is not comparable to ordinary people.
"The storm broke!" As soon as the skills of Star Martial Arts cooled down, they immediately released a burst of violence. However, the target of this attack was Pusshau the Snake King, which is me. It seems that he also wants to help me relieve the pressure. After all, the snakes around me are surrounded by a circle. It is unlikely that he will be able to provide remote assistance if he wants to break in.
Where the golden knife wave passed, 14+ came out on the head of Puxiu snake group, which hurt their boss, Puxiu snake king, and 79 bright red numbers floated on his head. Hey, hey, I have to say that the 4% damage bonus of the blade of grass shovel to snake monsters is not very severe. My ordinary attacks are almost catching up with the stars.
"psst!" It seems that it was influenced by the violent attack. Puxiu Snake King vomited and vomited. A pair of snake eyes stared at me closely, and the snake scales turned into sharp needles and rushed at me like a storm.
I had to take evasive measures when I looked at the dense snake-scale needle. At the same time, I couldn’t help muttering in my heart that the snake king attacked you as a star, not me. Even if you want to get angry, you should go to the stars for trouble.
Although I am agile and high, the sharp needles of snake scales are still stuck in my body for dozens of times. Fortunately, the damage of snake needles is not high. It seems that each needle attack is only 1 point of damage, plus snake needles and 5 points of snake venom. All snake needles add up to 5, and the damage is barely acceptable.
"But if the stinking snake doesn’t kill you today, I won’t be surnamed Wang." Although the snake scale needle didn’t hurt much, it stung me into a hornet’s nest, which made me angry. With a brush, the shovel sword quickly stabbed Puxiu, the snake king, and now the snake king can calm my heart.
The swordsmanship is worthy of the introduction to the professional foundation of shushan swordsmanship. Although the 5% damage bonus root is not too much, it is important that the original feeling is a little clumsy, and the body is much faster because of practicing swordsmanship, which makes the sword feel more flexible than before and has been able to reach the level of mind-triggered.
If it is said that it is poor to make the sword feel like a big sleeve fluttering sword move freely, then before practicing swordsmanship, the swordsmen’s rule will become a rigid wood dynamic-rigid ratio
After our constant attacks, the life points of King Snake in my elegant swordsmanship and swordsmanship were finally slowly exhausted. Finally, potions, gold coins and equipment were all over the place, and we picked up the gold coins. Unfortunately, this time the luck didn’t seem so good. The equipment was all very small and elegant.
I’ll take a brush from a nearby monster after I’ve solved Pusshu’s snake king and continued to practice swordsmanship.
"Little dragon, when did your attack style become so handsome? What an elegant feeling! "Just when I was experiencing the sensitive touch brought by the swordsmanship, the crystal Crysal sound entered my ears. Even Xiao Ni couldn’t resist the sword feeling, and I’m afraid it was not far from longing for love.
Waving a shovel sword to attack Puxiu snake and continuing to practice my swordsmanship "Crystal, I think this should be the basic entry of swordsmanship for swordsmanship. It is said that it can increase the proficiency of swordsmanship. I think what I will feel elegant now should be the increase of swordsmanship."
"ah!" Crystal Crysal said disappointedly, "If I had known that the Sword Fairy profession had such elegant and handsome attack methods, I should have made the token for changing my job by myself. It’s a pity that such handsome swordsmanship can be sold well if I can also practice it and shoot it in the shadow."
As soon as I heard Crystal Crysal talking about movies, it suddenly occurred to me that I had a discussion with my gold coin about money cinema. I wonder if I love gold coin to get the cinema done these days. Well, I’d better send a message to my love gold coin for consultation.
"Do I love gold coins?" Do it when you think of it, but sending messages won’t wave, so I don’t care about anything when I play strange games.
(You need to take out the com to send a message. Although taking out the com during a fight will reduce damage per second and you will be strangled by strange people if you are not careful, I don’t care much. Now I have killed the snake king on the third floor of the Nuwa Temple, and the screen is full of Puxiu snakes, so it is even more impossible for me to hang up if I don’t look at it.)