Ruyan was full of complaints, and Haikui smiled. "The name is just a code name. Ruyan is also good, and Lingyan is also good."

Ruyan glared at Haikui, then said with a full face of sycophancy, "We’ve been talking for so long, should we go further?" Said, stretched out his hand and touched it toward Haikui’s chest, and directly pressed it on Haikui’s purse in her arms.
Haikui reached out and pressed her hand. "Don’t worry, it’s still early!"
Ruyan has touched those hard goods, smiling more brightly, and sitting on Haikui’s lap, "Uncle, I fell in love with you at the first sight." She leaned her head against Haikui’s shoulder and rubbed her chest against the hard goods in Haikui’s arms, and she didn’t think gold was her own.
Haikui changed from a little shy at first to a little bold. In this place, other men and women are openly touching each other in their clothes, and his shyness will be different. The atmosphere is very important. In this atmosphere, no one says anything about Haikui’s hands and feet, and there is a little excitement. If you are on the bus, it is uneasy, but the woman on the bus can’t let you touch it casually.
Of course, you have to have money. If you don’t give money after touching it, you will definitely get a fat beating.
If Smoke teases Haikui with his body, Haikui will respond in a crude way. Before, the gentleman who fought between heaven and man said that he had abandoned him, there was only one voice shouting: love, pain, sadness and emotion. I will enjoy what life has given me, and don’t miss every earthly fireworks.
Just as Haikui was about to be completely hanged by smoke, the sound of a gong’s vibration and the sound of a pound made Haikui excited. She stopped her hand that was raging in her chest and turned her head to look. She saw Master Diao standing on the platform in the middle of the lobby. The platform was one meter high and three meters wide, and the thief smiled nervously. She shouted to the people below: "Tonight, Miss Ling Yan wants to be with a young master."
Smoke also stopped rubbing on Haikui, a full face of disdain.
Haikui turned his head and asked Ruyan, "Is it right for the highest bidder to see Lingyan?"
"You want to meet that bitch, too?" Ruyan said with displeasure. She is a bitch like us, but she is an expensive bitch. If you have money, you might as well find more people like me and treat you comfortably. "
Haikui saw that she cursed the bitch-son for her taste, and even scolded herself, and smiled unconcerned: "I just wonder what kind of woman she is!" "
Smoke reached out like a green hand and gently squeezed Haikui’s little brother. "Men are cheap!" "
Haikui was about to surrender when she pinched him. He shivered and turned his head. He had never been so tempted as a good citizen before.
Master Diao put down the gong on it, wrapped his sleeves and shouted, "Gentlemen, let’s start bidding!" "
The following was a little quiet just because of his gong, but now suddenly generate’s chirping voice, someone shouted: "Fifty taels of silver!" "
Then there was a burst of disdain and ridicule.
Master Diao smiled and said to everyone, "Fifty taels of silver, who wants to bid again!"
"One hundred and twenty!" It has doubled.
Master Diao rubbed his nose and didn’t answer.
"Twelve taels of gold!"
This price has gone up very fast!
Haikui wiped his arms. The gold given by Dr. Wu was one tael of gold, and the gold given by Master Zhang was a gold brick, one tael of gold. Now he has kicked three taels of gold in his arms, one tael of gold, which is a little bit of gold. Haikui still wants to meet this Lingyan. See what’s strange about her, and it can only be expressed in the sentence of smoke. Men, it’s all mean!
As soon as the twelve gold coins were exported, they immediately became quieter. Many people were weighing their own weight and calculating the money in their pockets, and many people had weakened their arrogance.
From one hundred taels of silver to twelve taels of gold, it turned ten times, but the expression of Master Diao was not too satisfied. Instead, he glanced at the men below. "Gentlemen, twelve taels of gold, waiting for your bid!"
"Twenty taels!" A fat man with a fat back shouted slowly, confident.
This is quieter, Haikui thinks. It is estimated that he is hopeless today. Before listening to stories, it was raining in Mao Mao for those black sheep in ancient times to visit a kiln for several hundred taels of gold. Now, it is almost reaching his bottom line without * *, unless we go back and bring the remaining pieces of gold bricks and bars that were left in the tavern owner’s house, there will be some drama.
"I heard that the boss of your building is Master Zhou?" Haikui chatted casually with Smoke.
Although Ruyan was very jealous of Lingyan, she was also very concerned about the bidding. After listening to Haikui’s question, she nodded. "Yes, Zhou’s family is the largest in the town, and Master Zhou is very rich."
"I also heard that Master Zhou is lewd. Why didn’t he win Lingyan?" This question is what Hai Kui, a gossip, wants to know most. Since it is so good in legend, is there anything he doesn’t eat?
Ruyan smiled and said in a low voice, "Ling Yan despises last week’s young master, and would rather die than follow. The Zhou family’s grandfather once saw Ling Yan and told him that unless Ling Yan likes it, he is not allowed to use force. He thinks she is a strong woman, so she is taken care of!"
After all, they are all women who make a living in a place like this, and there are some melancholy when they talk about it.
Haikui exclaimed, "Why didn’t Grandpa Zhou just let Ling Yan go?"
"You are stupid. Grandpa Zhou has a high prestige in this town. If Ling Yan leaves here without Grandpa Zhou’s protection, he won’t be torn and eaten by you smelly men?" Smoke gave a haikui amorous feelings of eyes.
Haikui gave Ruyan a thumbs-up. "Ruyan girl’s analysis is that she can be taught!"
Perhaps speaking of being in the same boat, Ruyan’s aversion to Lingyan gradually faded.
"Twenty-one taels of gold!" After twenty taels of gold, a few seconds later another voice shouted.
Haikui and Smoke’s attention were sucked back into the field.
Master Diao moved his shoulder and shouted, "It’s twenty-one, is there anything to continue?"
There is silence again below, as if everyone is counting pockets.
The master who called for twenty-one taels of gold wished that no one else would shout, and hurriedly said, "No one is bidding. Today, I saw Miss Ruyan!" As he spoke, he pushed forward and wanted to go to the stage of Master Diao.
"Twenty-two taels of gold!"
It seems that most people have been cautious, and stopped asking for 120 taels of gold. Some people hesitate to add one or two taels.
The twenty-one buddies who were pushing forward shouted angrily, "Damn it, who’s going to crush me?"
Haikui touched his chin.