When Zhang Xue looked at him, his eyes were confused and a little uneasy.

How can this balance Zhang An’s heart and make him feel uncomfortable?
Chapter 174 Don’t
Although I feel uncomfortable in my heart, Zhang An can also bite his teeth now and can’t have any dissatisfaction.
God knows if he acts unhappy now, he will lose points in front of Zhang Xue and won’t let him be the housekeeper
On the contrary, he now wants Lingyun to help him say that Zhang Xue agreed to take him in.
Zhang An is also white. Now Lingyun needs to say something in front of Zhang Xue, so Zhang Xue won’t pay attention to him. Lingyun said, "Zhang An is not bad. Leave it to you as a slave." Zhang Xue agreed 90%.
Ann Zhang is a little upset. If I had known, I should have said something to Lingyun first.
Actually, Zhang An came without telling Lingyun before, and he was also worried that Lingyun would make a false arrangement so that he could not see the real situation of Zhang Xue’s life.
But now I see Zhang Xue smiling when Lingyun appears, and Zhang An knows that Lingyun didn’t lie to him, which is even better than he thought.
If Lingyun really abused Zhang Xue or turned a blind eye to Zhang Xue, Zhang Xue would never show that sincere smile when he saw Lingyun.
It’s not surprising that Zhang Niujiao came here to Lingyun. If Zhang Niujiao doesn’t come to Lingyun, he will think that Zhang Niujiao has other ideas.
Lingyunlai wanted to bring Zhang Niujiao as soon as things were handled, but I didn’t expect Zhang Niujiao to be so impatient and come alone when he was no longer there.
For Zhang Niujiao Lingyun, I am still very grateful to him. Without Zhang Niujiao and Montenegro, the root of thieves would not be destroyed so soon.
For Zhang Niujiao, he asked Huang Pusong to write in the grand report that he had died in Lingyun’s heart.
But for Zhang Niujiao, running to the backyard without telling him, Lingyun was somewhat uncomfortable, and Zhang Niujiao stabbed Yan with one gun, which also made Lingyun unhappy.
When I was in Montenegro, Lingyun wanted to knock Zhang Niujiao, but after learning that Zhang Niujiao had already retired, Lingyun was not going to argue with Zhang Niujiao about Yan Yan again.
But now I see that Zhang Niujiao ran to Lingyun in the backyard without talking to him and changed his mind.
Lingyun doesn’t know what Zhang Niujiao thinks, but Lingyun feels that if Zhang Niujiao continues to go like this, he may make other things that make him uncomfortable in the future.
Go to Zhang Xue’s side and Lingyun said to Zhang Niujiao, "Zhang An, you go out first, and Zhang Xue and I will say something later."
After Zhang An walked out of the yard, Lingyun and Zhang Xuejin entered Zhang Xuefang, and Zhang Xuefang’s close-fitting little maid Tweety continued to stay in the courtyard.
Walking into Zhang Xuefang Lingyun and feeling what’s the problem, Zhang Xue is a little nervous, holding her skirt in her hands. This is the first time that she and Lingyun have known each other for so long.
Zhang Xuefang, like many girls, has a delicate fragrance that makes people smell very comfortable.
Lingyun was greedy and took a few deep breaths and said to Zhang Xuedao, "Just now, the man’s name is Zhang An. This is his pseudonym. His real name is already a dead man. I won’t tell you his real name."
Zhang Xue listened quietly and didn’t ask Zhang An’s original name curiously.
Lingyun glanced at Zhang Xue and saw that Zhang Xue didn’t ask. "This man turned out to be a black mountain thief and worshipped your father very much. Now that the black mountain thief has been destroyed, he wants to be a slave with you."
"I don’t want him by my side," Zhang Xue whispered.
Before Zhang Niujiao, Zhang An’s appearance is not good-looking. Although he doesn’t look like a wicked person, he is also a bit fierce
Although Lingyun said that Zhang An was an admirer of her father, Zhang An was a stranger to Zhang Xue and was an enemy of Lingyun at the beginning.
Zhang Xue, a weak female with little self-protection ability, doesn’t want to have such a person around her.
In Zhang Xue’s view, Zhang An’s worship is that her father has nothing to do with her, so let him follow her. Zhang Xue doesn’t have much sense of security in his heart.
If Zhang Xue had just arrived in Xindu, she wouldn’t refuse. At that time, she was embarrassed and it was good to have someone who worshipped her father to follow nature.
Now, although Zhang Xue’s identity has not changed, she has lived in the state animal husbandry house for these months, and these two feelings have faded a lot in Zhang Xue’s heart.
And Zhang Xue has set Lingyun as his own man, although he hasn’t said it yet, but in Zhang Xue’s heart, he has naturally taken the initiative to draw himself closer to Lingyun.
If it weren’t for Lingyun, Zhang Xue might default to this arrangement, but for Lingyun, Zhang Xuexin didn’t want to say it naturally
She recognized Lingyun’s lack of preparedness for Lingyun.
If it is Huang Pusong who comes to Huang Pusong, what can Zhang Xue say at this time?
Although Huang Pusong took great care of her, Zhang Xue was worried when she faced Huang Pusong. She didn’t know if she would be dissatisfied with Huang Pusong if she didn’t agree, and whether it would affect her life now.
"Why don’t you want him with you?" Lingyun asked
Lingyun really didn’t expect Zhang Xue to disagree
Zhang Xue whispered, "I don’t like him." Say that finish, I quietly glanced at Lingyun with my eyes as if I were worried that Lingyun was unhappy.
"I really don’t want him to be very strong." Seeing Zhang Xue or shaking his head, Lingyun continued, "If you don’t want it, don’t. It doesn’t make any difference if you have him or not."
Say that finish lingyun want to go out here, after all, is Zhang Xuefang lonely man few female stay for a long time is not good.
"and so on" see lingyun turned Zhang Xue low nervous said.
Lingyun stopped and turned to look at Zhang Xue. After a while, Zhang Xue didn’t talk, so he asked, "What else?"
"Nothing, nothing" Zhang Xue stammered.
"Then I’ll go." Lingyun is bound to go, but his eyes are always looking at Zhang Xue, so Zhang Xue makes him want to get her and care for her.
"Don’t" hear lingyun Zhang Xueyi urgent tone is much bigger than before, but also stretched out his hand and took lingyun skirts.
But see lingyun face that ponder smile didn’t move that exists feet Zhang Xuema Bai Lingyun is lying to her.
Face a red Zhang Xue quickly put Lingyun skirts took a step back.
Although Zhang Xue has experienced many things during this period, she has grown a lot.

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